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How to Apply for BPI/MS Travel Personal Insurance

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
You might be confused why I write mostly about BPI. No, I am not affiliated with this bank. I am also not being paid to make these first impressions. It is just that this is the nearest bank to the office and most of the transactions done for the office is through this bank so I always have knowledge about some of their products.

Anyways today’s topic is all about the BPI/MS Travel Personal Accident Insurance for those who are applying for Schengen visa or just a regular traveler who would want insurance.
This particular product from BPI/MS Insurance Corporation is accepted for Schengen (European Union Member Countries) and non-Schengen (Asia, America and Other Non European Union Countries). The benefits as well as price are also different because of this.

The main goal of applying for insurance is to travel at ease. For non-schengen visa this is an option while for schengen visa this is a requirement. If you have extra money and you may want to apply since this insurance does not just cover accident or death but also include missed flight, lost suitcase and other unwanted occurrences that when you don’t have a reliable travel insurance might cause to ruin your travel plans.

See this table for the comparison of both benefits and price list.

This means that the amount you will pay depends on how long your stay will be.

To apply all you need to do is visit the nearest BPI branch to your place and ask to whom you can talk about the travel insurance offered by BPI or you can visit the BPI MS Insurance Corporation office at:   11th, 14th &16th Floors, Ayala Life-FGU Center Bldg., 6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 and apply directly.

Make sure that when you go to either of the said places you have with you a filled up form that you can easily download in the BPI/MS site.

Print this form and answer it according to the needed information and attach a photocopy of your passport. Also take note that before you apply for this said travel insurance you have to first have a plane ticket because it is needed in a section of the form. 

After submitting the form and the photocopy of your passport you will have to wait for the approval of the application. You may either be informed through call or will ask to go again to the office. After approval is the payment for the chosen package and the day after the payment has been made you can get your insurance. These processes are all based on personal experience. It may vary to the branch where you go or the person you have talked to. 

Hope this post is helpful. Comment below for your opinion and for sharing your own experience.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Another way of budgeting that i had learned to use is the notebook style. This style of budgeting is highly applicable to those who does not base on salary alone for their source of income and has other way of earnings like a sideline and so on.

In the Notebook Style all that you will need is an old or any notebook that you don't use and a pen. You can also opt for a mini notebook so you can easily bring the said "Budget Notebook" anywhere at anytime.

So on the notebook that you have you can simply follow the format that i use or you can opt to create your own format. 

  •  Top row you can write "Expenses Breakdown" and write the month of the year.
  • Create 6 columns and divide each column to as follows: Day of the month, Total Cash-in, Expenses, Actual, Remarks.
DAY OF THE MONTHS refers to the date you received a certain money or income. 
TOTAL CASH-IN refers to the amount you received.
EXPENSES refers to the item to which you use your money.
ACTUAL refers to the amount you allot for each item expenses
REMARKS refers to whether you succeeded to stick on the budget of not/.

  • Every time there is money going in for you write the date to when you received it, total amount and budget that said money to the different expenses  that you have. In this type of budget you can be more specific. See example below.
  • Always put a check if you were able to do so in sticking to the budget so you will have a harmonious relying on the notebook budget. Also always note that the total amount in the actual must as always be equal to the total cash-in.
 I do hope you find this post informative. Good luck in budgeting!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

One of the early budgeting techniques that I used is envelope style. It is a kind of budgeting wherein you will rely on envelopes with written specific kind of expenses to which you use your income or money.

Before I go into details how envelope style is done I would like to begin by defining the word BUDGET. Budget according to online dictionary is a quantitative plan for a period of time. It is an allotment you make for something that you have and dividing it to portions. In a budget the total must always be equal to the division that you make. 

Now that you have the idea about BUDGET I will then tell you about ENVELOPE STYLE.
The materials that you will need are envelopes and a marker. 

The idea about the Envelope Budget Style is in the each of the envelope you will write the item to where you spend your money at. In a common budget items will be the following, FOOD, TRANSPO, PERSONAL, SAVINGS and the one thing you should never forget to allot, TITHES.
Every pay day you will divide the money that you get to the following. You can follow the 10-20-70 principle where in 10% goes to tithes, 20% goes to savings and the 70% will be divided into three. 20% transpo, 20% personal (cinema, makeup, new clothes etc) and the last 30% will be for food.

In a month you receive 11,000 pesos in a month.
10% of 11,000pesos will be for TITHE ENVELOPE:                      1,100pesos
20% of 11,000pesos will be for SAVINGS ENVELOPE:                2,200pesos
20% of 11,000pesos will be for TRANSPO ENVELOPE:               2,200pesos
20% of 11,000pesos will be for PERSONAL ENVELOPE:             2,200pesos
30% of 11,000pesos will be for FOOD ENVELOPE:                      3,300pesos
                                                                                 TOTAL:               11,000pesos

Keep the envelope in a safe place and only get the envelope when you need it. For example since you have 2,200pesos allotment to TRANSPO and let us say that you work 5 times a week meaning 20 working days in a month. You may divide the 2,200pesos to 20 working days giving you 110pesos a day. So the main rule for you is to get 110pesos from the TRANSPO ENVELOPE every day of work so you will easily know that you follow the budget. You can also do this trick to FOOD ENVELOPE.

PERSONAL ENVELOPE can either be spent one time, big time if and then you have your needs like personal cosmetics and lotions and hygienic products that you really need. Or what you can do is save the half for an investment item like a branded bag or a branded perfume and just satisfy your personal needs with the other half. 

SAVING ENVELOPE is important and must not be spent if and then there are no emergency situations. This serves as your emergency fund. You may deposit it to your saving account if you have but if you don’t have then just leave it in this envelope.

TITHE ENVELOPE can be given when you go the service at church. This is 10% of your actual income. This is called giving back to God. I, myself will always put tithe first in my budgeting.

I do hope that you learned something from this post. Again this is called Budget series meaning I will have another posts concentrated to ways of budgeting your money.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013
Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the support you are showering to my humble blog. Today's post is about the different things that you can do to be able to earn money before turning 20 years old. This is basically for those who are teenagers.

Being a 20 year old professional i am proud to say that i got to do a lot of things in my early years that helped me a lot financially. I am a type of person who will work hard to buy the things that i want. My family is not rich and in an early time i have learned the value of MONEY.

Anyways this are all based on my experience and experiences from others close to me. You may comment below this post if you know other means. I will be very glad to read.

  1. Sell goods to your classmates.
      • During my high school years i have been a fan of selling things. I started buying a pack of Hany bars ( 1 pesos peanut-chocolate bar) and sell it to my classmates. There is also  one time that i sell choco-choco, stick-o and safari. All chocolate snacks will be a good item to sell because ONE, they are food, TWO, the class maybe boring so eating something is ideal. 
      • I have one classmate who also sells pulvoron, pastillas and the crinkles.
      • If you love creating crafty items like friendship bracelets and anklets you can also sell these items.
          • You can start with 100-200pesos budget and buy assorted packs of Hany. Choco-choco and so on in the wholesaler store and sell it with a mark-up.
     2.  Typing and Printing job
      • If you have a  computer at home and a printer you can offer you typing service to your classmates for book reports and other type-written needs. You can also do printing to earn more.
          •  Typing service starts at 15pesos per page and printing starts at 5pesos per page. 
    3.  Sell cellphone load
      • Almost everyone has cellphones nowadays and selling load is one of the fast way to earn money. You can market to your classmates that you sell load and eventually the rumor will just spread to the whole school. You will be surprised because one day your teacher/professor will buy load from you.
          • Investment to this is quiet high since you have to buy different loading sim cards and some phone either have one slot or two slots for sim card. Prepare 1500-2500pesos though for the initial loads
          • You can also invest in One Sim All Load type of business. You will one sim card that can load to all networks for greater convenience. For more information PM me here 09274358925.
    4. Sell your preloved items online
      • and Instagram are great source of income for those who loves selling things. You can share your preloved items and make an advertisement to either one of the shops i mentioned. 
      • If you want since i have a great following in my IG shop @theashoppe you may PM me at 09274358925 to advertise what you are selling. 
    5. Develop your talent and earn from it.
      • My event hosting career started at 16 years old. I was very brave to post an ad in about my hosting. I have earned a lot and able to buy gadgets, makeup and new clothes through my earnings. Not only that but i also got to meet a network of people that i know i will have a long relationship to. 
          • Making an advertisement is free in
          • If you know that you are good in speaking and have a good rapport to people BUT LACK EXPERIENCE and LEARNING you can PM me at 09274358925 for ONE on ONE workshop. I will also bring you to any of my gigs so you will have a personal look about what event hosting is all about.
      • If you love art and creating drawings and sketched you can also sell your talent and earn. Mention to your classmates that you do drawings and sketches per request and you can give your ideal rate.

Hope these FIVE SAMPLES/TIPS will eventually help you. Start young and be adventurous in the right way. See you age as your greatest advantage.

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BPI-PHILAM Savings/Protection First Impression

Friday, November 22, 2013
Lazada Philippines

Last Tuesday I was in Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) to pay something over the counter when I noticed this spot that says BPI-Philam Insurance. I was eager to know and to learn something about Philam products because I heard a lot of good things from blogs and forums.

 I also know that insurance is something that I am planning to avail next year so as to start my emergency fund. 

The beautiful lady in the desk told me that for me who is earning minimum wage but also have gigs and online business alongside that can add to my income I should go for BPI Philam Savings/ Protection under the Build Plus Peso.

It is a type of invests that provides earning potential for your peso investment and has a guaranteed life protection. This means that you are not just saving a portion of your money but also you will earn a life insurance. 

The great benefits of this plan are the following:

  • ·         You may choose to diversify your investment to maximum of  three types of funds in the following lists:
o   BPI-Philam Peso Bund
o   BPI-Philam Balanced Fund
o   BPI-Philam Equity Fund
o   BPI-Philam Odyssey Bond Fund
o   BPI-Philam Odyssey Balanced Fund
o   BPI-Philam Odyssey High Conviction Equity Fund

  • ·         You can do top-ups or simply means you can save more than what the initial investment says. This will also create a better investment return.
  • ·         You will have a guaranteed life protection coverage of 500% of the annual premium you invested plus 125% of top ups less 125% of each partial withdrawal or they call as a percentage of the Account Value to which is higher than the two.
o   You can also have your beneficiaries up to 2nd to 3rd degree and not other plans that will only allow your parents (if you are single) or your spouse (if you are married).
o   You have the life protection valid until age 100 as long the plan is in force
o   You have guaranteed premium bonus when you continuously pay and no withdrawal will be made, that is equal to 5% of the annual investment at the end of the 10th year.
o    You will also have accident and health coverage until the age of 72.

  • ·         You will also have additional optional riders like medical reimbursements and weekly income riders that they will explain further.
The only sad factors I see on this plan are the following

  • ·         The product is at ₱ 50,000 minimum investment.
o   THOUGH, you can choose to pay quarterly meaning every 3 months you will pay 14,000 pesos. But with this type of payment that we can call partial payment the total annual will be 58,000 pesos that will count as a partial due.

  • ·         You are only allowed to withdraw after the 10th year.
o   Please check this matter because this is my understanding to what the beautiful lady said to me.

  • ·         You are required to have a BPI account.

 Also take note that though BPI and Philam are partners all financial products of BPI-PHILAM Life Assurance Corporation are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation and are not guaranteed by Bank of the Philippine Islands. Also note that all investments have risk factors so please ask about all the details.

If you are from ParaƱaque, Macapagal Ave and nearby area you may visit the BPI Aseana Power Station Branch. The beautiful lady I got to talk to is Ms. Ria Orit. Or you can visit the nearest branch to you.


Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan mo? Book Review

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book Title: Kuntento ka na ba sa KAPERAHAN mo?
Authors: Vic and Avelynn Garcia
Pages: 124pages
Price: 120pesos

I bought this book when I went to National Bookstore last April 2013. Ever since I started hosting for events at I became more aware about financial education. I know that books are good investments since knowledge is power.

I love the fact that the price of this book is budget-friendly. For only 120pesos I get the chance to own a book that is worthy to read. I also rely on books that are made by fellow born-again Christian like me because of course the same principle like tithes and so on applies. This book is written in a taglish form so it is easier to understand.

 I also love the fact that the authors gave beautiful and reliable examples in pointing out their views about a topic. Also included in the book are sample forms for budgeting, income and expenses and so on that are helpful for the readers.

The authors are also able to share stories like the Two Kinds of Old Age and the Kurot Principle that I find amazingly written. I also find the ability of the author to add humor to the book very good. 

This book is only limited to personal budgeting and finding out how you can manage your income well. It does not give points and information about investment and how to actually grow your money. This is a nice start up book for those who are still beginning their journey towards financial freedom. 

You can buy this book in National Bookstore nationwide.