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PNB UITF First Impression

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When it comes to investing vehicles to ride on, I am so proud that I chose a mutual fund first and foremost. It gave me such a big experience and big foundation to all the other bigger investments that I will be committing in the future. I felt so excited to grow my savings and open another investment every year for I know that investing is one way that I let the money work for me. Passive Income all the way!

Anyhow, today I’ll be reviewing an investment product from one of the well-known bank in the country. I accidentally found out about this when I was researching for a new blog post to create. I saw the website and the video and the explanation convinced me to research more on the said financial product. I am talking about Philippine National Bank’s Unit Investment Trust Fund.

Budget Friendly Summer Destinations Around the Metro

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And the heat is finally on.

Happy month of April everyone and welcome to the hottest month of the year. This will for sure continue until May and then rain will start to fall by June. Oh my, just how fast the days go by. I can't believe summer is already here.

I am not a traveler. It was my eldest sister whom I admire the most when it comes to conquering cities. She had been to Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu and outside the country like Nepal and Malaysia. Whenever she have a new travel plan I am a silent supporter encouraging her. But as 2015 became nearer I also became obsessed with the idea of solo-travelling. I haven't started yet for I do not know and how to but I am eager to take on 21 and more destinations before the year end.

Financial Literacy: The Key To Growing Your Money Unknowingly!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When in doubt, ask.

That's the golden rule in the company where I am working right now. You can't just do the work you didn't understand for if after everything turns out to be wrong then you will be are the one to be blamed.

Same with our finances. Whatever financial decision we commit must undergo a long process of assessment. You choose the best financial vehicle to ride and you must create financial goals that could lead you to the independence you wanted.

And on top of that, not everyone has been blessed to gain enough financial knowledge in life. Looking back we weren't taught on how money works, how to save, how budget and how to invest when we were young. You grow up nd have your first paycheck only to realize that "money" will play big role in your adulthood. It can make or break your dreams.

Financial literacy is important. It is by the lack of knowledge when it comes to money management that problem occurs. It is the first key to growing and achieving financial freedom. The more you know... The better you will be when it comes to your money.

15 Smart Ways to Earn Extra Income

Monday, April 13, 2015
Never be satisfied with just one source of income. This is not just a tip but rather a command. Nowadays, having additional income just opens better opportunities on your finances. Once you generate additional income, your savings will increase thus the amount that you can freely invest will also increase. And there are far more smart ways to earn extra income that you may not know of.

The goal of this post is to help you earn more for 2015 and encourage you to take advantage of your spare time. Maybe you are a student and needs to save before school days begin again. Or you have your full time job but wants to know what you can do part time that really help boost your cash flow. This is also a shout out to all Mothers out there that are thinking of helping the household finances on  the side. Whatever category you are as long as you need to earn extra income then this post is for you.

15 Smart Ways to Earn Extra Income

1. Sell a product.

Selling has always been the easiest and smartest way to earn extra income just as long as you have enough capital and you have the right market. I have an officemate who started earning additional income only by selling  delicious cake jars. She posts her ads on Facebook and tag everyone she knows as way of marketing.

Are You Ready to Ride? Here are the Investment Vehicles You Ought to Know

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last week I showed you valuable information on how banking works. It is a two part blogposts where Part 1 shows the basic information while the Part 2 is more of choosing and protecting your money in the bank.

If you want to save then go to the bank. In my Emergency Fund article I gave a tip that a savings account in a trusted bank is the most ideal home for your emergency fund. However if you want your money to earn then investment is the key.

Save and Invest, remember?

Now our parents may have taught us that saving in banks will make our money grow. On the day of your retirement you go to the bank and withdraw your savings finding your savings enough to live for the rest of your life. But, today is a different era. Banks offer too little of interest for your money to grow.

The Daily Idea Dump: A Secret Productivity Booster

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One great tip that I always say to people around me is the importance of “Idea Dump”. Idea Dump is basically throwing all of the things that’s bugging your mind either via pen and paper or  through your digital app. Think of brainstorming. You undergo a process of just going through with all the thoughts and the solution for your problem.

I love Idea Dumping. It is easy, effortless and it will really ease your mind. I most commonly brain dump for my blog especially when I badly needed new ideas for my next posts. I also do some idea dump when I go grocery shopping and also when I think of how my next month will be.

If you want to be successful in your career then you ought to know the value of idea dumping. I know most don’t even realize the benefits dumping their ideas will be but if you are constantly feeling stressed and depressed in what you do then maybe this solution is what you’ve been waiting for.

Things You Will Need:
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Paper or Notebook

The Rule of 72: The Classic Computation every Investor Must Know

Monday, April 6, 2015

One of the financial computation that I find hard to understand is the idea of Rule of 72. I first encountered the concept in other financial blog and I did try to understand it but I failed.

The Rule of 72 shows the future computation of your money. It simplifies how to determine when will your investment doubles with just a given fixed annual rate. The formula is just division. It says that as long as you divide the number 72 to the fixed annual interest rate then you'll get the number of years that your money (investment) will double. 

Reader Question Part 2: How to Manually Compute for Your Mutual Fund Earnings

Friday, April 3, 2015
I have posted Sir Jonathan’s series of question before and I know I promised that I will update the Part 2 as well as Part 3 of our conversation. If you missed the part 1 then just click Reader Question.

Here is the second part of his question.

sir jonathan

And this is my answer:

All About Banking in the Philippines Part 2

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Yesterday I gave you an introduction on how the banking system works. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and you learned a lot. Today is a continuation of Part 1 where I will give you some caution on how to choose the bank you will park your money at as well as how you can safeguard your money in the bank better.

I know that the most common financial institution that we know is the bank. They offer a whole lot of option in how to safe keep our hard earned money and they even have products for investment. Though I still believe that banks won’t do any good in terms of growing your money because of the low interest, I am a believer that we all need a bank to house our money.

All About Banking in the Philippines Part 1

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
It was my Mother who gave me my very first experience with a bank. She motivated me to open my very first bank account in college. I believe it was her own money pa nga and I only deposited a handful amount back then.

I never quiet understand the importance of a bank. Why will  a person trust a bank for the money he/she earned via hard work?! How does a bank generate money when it offers loans and even encourage us to loan pa more.
The it hit me. There’s much to bank and banking that we have no idea of.
For the two days I’ll dedicate a Financial Lesson post focused on All About Banking in the Philippines.