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My First Year Anniversary working in Makati

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Today, February 26, 2015, I am celebrating my first year at work. I still find it amusing that I am now living the employee world as I still feel just like yesterday when I graduated.  I can still remember how nervous I felt when I was interviewed by the HR Manager as well as the day when I stood in front to present myself to everyone in the office. We have this talent portion and I sang Nicky Minaj’s Superbass including the rap portion.

For 365days I was able to meet a new people that turned out to be family for me. I treat the company as a second home as I do genuinely feel at home.
Today as part of my virtual celebration I will be sharing the lessons, highlights and some pieces of advice that was shared to me and/or I discovered now that I am n the four corners of the office.

Small Business for 20-something

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Becoming a young entrepreneur may be hard for there may be judgements on your age. I remember the time when I started hosting for weddings and debuts, I was 17 and in my second year in college. I felt like most clients show doubt whether I can really do it because I am too young, no experience on love and relationships as well as haven't had my own debut, yet I want to be an emcee. 

But since I believe in this talent that God had blessed me I stood firm and make my way to success. After a year I gained an award as the. 2013 Wedding and Event Emcee of the Year and was able to host more 100 events.

5 Biggest Sweldo Mistakes Employees Commit and How to Avoid Them

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Akinse or Atrenta… Sweldo is the question.
Whenever its payday there is just light in the eyes of every employee. After days of working for hours you can now finally enjoy your accumulative earnings.
You may remember how I shared to you guys the Things That Ruin my Savings and I felt like many totally relate with my situation. Now as an employee you may find yourself sharing the same sentiment too only that today's focus will be the 5 Biggest Sweldo Mistakes Employees Commit and I am going to teach you How to Avoid Them.

My Life, My Job, My Career and the 6 Success Tips that Helped Me

Monday, February 23, 2015
Woot! Woot! The month of February is almost over. I still can't believe that we are on the 3rd week already of the shortest month of the year. How did your Valentine's Day go?! 

I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved one. Though I may be single (Read here to know Why) I am not bitter or anything sa Araw ng mga Puso. It is a nice and fine day to realize that out heart deserves a special day. Let your heart be happy (kahit isang araw lang hehe). And if you feel really alone... realize the many people who loves you!

Anyhow, today's post is all My Life, My Job, My Career and the 6 Success Tips that Helped Me. I just thought of this blog topic one time while at work. I guess it is nice to really let you know more about me. This is also a shout out for those who enjoyed the 21 Facts About Me I posted on my birth month.

Reader Question: What do you think are the best FUNDS in FAMI that I should start with?!

Friday, February 20, 2015

For the first week of February I have received questions from Sir Jonathan all concerning investing in FAMI-SALEF. I asked him if I could share his question as part of this month's Reader Question together with the answer I personally sent him. Glad that he agreed as both us know that there may be others who have the same question in mind but don't know how or whom to ask.
Anyhow here's the full message of Sir Jonathan.

This the answer that I gave:

Lessons Filipinos Can Learn from the Chinese

Thursday, February 19, 2015
In celebration of this year's Chinese New Year I thought of dedicating a particular blog post for the nation of the Land of Opportunities.
During my school days I have been taught about how well Chinese are in terms of finances. They have been the owners of some of the biggest businesses in the country. They are also known for their natural frugal living and how well they spend their money.
I don't remember where I first heard about this line but has always been in my mind ever since.
"Ang Pinoy ang sinasabi "Anak magaral ka ng mabuti para pagnakataposka makahanap ka ng magandang trabaho" and Tsinoy ang sinasabi "Anak mag-aral ka ng mabuti para pag nakatapos ka makapagtayo ka ng negosyo.
Chinese goes a level higher with their target goals. A business over a job which is true. That's why most of them save their money during their days in school so that as soon as they graduate they'll be able to have their first investment happen.
They also pass that knowledge to their younger generations same as with how they deal with their businesses… always incorporating the family members as part of the organization.
Another quick story is that I hosted a 90th birthday before and I didn't know that it was for a Chinese Family. I was actually not late but let's just say almost all the guests were already in the venue which means as the emcee, I have to start already. Since I am used to the Filipino Time I didn't really take notice of my arrival. That made me conclude of one great value of the Chinese.
  1. They value time so much. They go much earlier than expected.
  2. They are family oriented. I love how they take care of the family ties
  3. They value commitments. When they say they will come to an event or to the place or a meeting, they will be there.
Some of the Chinese Businessmen You that will Inspire You
Henry Sy
  • Though born from a poor family in Xiamen, China, Henry Sy immigrated to the Philippines and started selling rejected and overrun shoes in Tondo. This business grew and is now known as SM Supermall. His net worth is about $12 Billion as of September 2014 and considered as the Philippines richest man.  Sy is considered as a tai-pan or  a top-class businessman. 
Lucio Tan
  • Lucio Tan once worked as a janitor in a tobacco factory to pay for school but now owns Asia Brewery, Philippine's second largest brewery. He is also dubbed as one of world's largest rum makers. He owns University of the East, Philippine Airlines, Eton Properties, Philippine National Bank, Allied Bank and many more.
John Gokongwei
  • Though born of a rich Chinese background, John straggled upon the death of his father. He strive hard to earn  a living for his family by peddling items along the streets of Cebu from his bicycle. Then he earned his mark in the entrepreneurship by manufacturing through a corn milling plant called Universal Corn Products now known as Universal Robina Corporation. His assets diversified from telecommunication, financial services, power generation, aviation and livestock farming. His net worth was over $5 billion.

Filipinos can learn a lot from the Chinese not just financially but also on the right attitude about life. They take risk and are courageous enough to grow their money. They love new learning as well as networking with great people that could be potential source of information. If God will bless me with a Chinese husband, I would be very thankful as I know I will marry a man I can trust with our finances. :)
Happy Chinese New Year and how lucky are we Filipinos to be celebrating Two New Years in one year.

Owning a Home for 20-something

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whenever me and my younger sister have misunderstanding and my Mother will of course be in favor of my younger sister (even if she is wrong) I will have this thinking that I want to move out.
I really wanted to move out even during college days. Not moving out in a bad way but moving out to experience independence.
Owning a house and turning it into a home for just a 20-something may sound impossible. How could you possibly own a home when you are just starting to get a stable career.  A property nowadays cost 3 million. Could you possibly live owing the bank 20,000pesos a month?!

Is a house in your 20's a good investment?!
I do believe that owning a house in your prime years when you have all the energy to spend working is a genius investment.
  1. A property appreciates in value. If in time you will need to sell the house and lot you'll sure to be happy as the market value increases instead of decreasing over time.
  2. A property is an extraordinary achievement. Buying a house, owning a home is a good sign of a self-made individual. Someone who is secured of his/her future.
  3. A property means comfort of living in your own space. Nobody to scold you when you still haven't washed the dishes or when you forgot to turn off the lights.
Things You Need to Consider when You Buy a House in Your 20s
  • Assess your financial capability first before putting all your heart and mind on buying a property.  Remember that buying a house will sure have hidden charges. Most computation will be Downpayment + Monthly Payment + Lumpsum. You will also need to save an amount for maintenance and other emergency payments.
  • Think long term. Always put the effect of your decision in a long term. For example, will you buy a house now knowing that you have a pending mortgage?
  • Save As Early as Possible. If you are 21 today and you see yourself buying a house in 5-7 years from now then start saving for it. Put aside a portion of your income to this goal.
Additional Tips
House and Lot that are on pre-selling tends to be much cheaper. Maximize this opportunity in your 20s.
Always research for you may encounter a bad developer just like what happened to the Globe Asiatique.
A rent to own could also do the trick because you know that you are paying for something that will be yours in the future. Nowadays there are more and more properties that do this service.
Think of buying a house as an investment wherein every investment has a corresponding risk. You study the risks and make sure that you only invest on things that will be beneficial for you in the future. Think wisely in your decisions.
Last week's For 20-something post: Buying a Car for 20-something

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Turning Your Salary to Income

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
If you've read my last week's financial lesson blog post entitled All About Sweldo in the Philippines then you might have an idea on my do's and don'ts towards the end. Thank you for making it one of the most viewed post of SavingsPinay.
Anyhow, today I will teach how you could turn your salary into a potential income. Now you might be asking what's the difference between the two. Your salary is the money you get out of working for a regular basis while income is the total accumulated money you can generate out of the many resources you have including your salary.
OK, let me elaborate more. I, for example gets a monthly salary out of my office job. However my monthly income includes my salary, my freelance writing payments, my blog income and my events.
My expenses just includes the following:
  • Monthly fee for the house
  • Monthly fee for my parents
  • Monthly Transportation
  • Monthly Food Allowance
  • Monthly Mutual Fund Investment
  • Monthly Savings
  • Miscellaneous Fees
With all modesty aside, just my salary alone, I believe I can manage. I am single and with my parents as my sole dependency. I am fortunate too to have parents that prepared for their life well.
But then I maximize my salary and slowly turned it into income. And not just one source of income but multiple streams.

The Result?
1, I was able to try investing at a young age. I know 21 is still too old for an investor nowadays but still… without that assurance on my multiple income resources I won't even try the world of investing.
2. My savings doubled in just a short span of time. I was able to come up with 3 Envelopes such as a Financial Goal Fund, Fun Fund and Emergency Fund.
3. Manage to stay out of debt. I am proud of being debt-free since birth. I  guess that's another reason why I have a positive net worth… because I stay out of liabilities and try harder to just invest on more assets.
You can do the same too!

Turning your salary into income is no magic. All it takes is awareness. Yes I've discussed how the big word A-W-A-R-E-N-E-S-S will make you better in your finances. You can read it all in this link: The Ultimate Secret to Save Money.
Now that you are aware of the current situation you will have a better motivation to move on and take a stand.
Here are the follow up steps that could turn your salary into income.

  • Save. From the first salary that you could ever receive in your entire career life…start saving. The goal is to make saving as a habit of yours. Make it automatic if possible so there will be no reason for you to forget your savings.
  • Find your talent or skill. I know that this step is easy said than done but I have my full belief that we are created with our own gifts from God. There will as always one thing that could make us unique. I have found mine in the field of hosting and used that to create additional income.

  • Manage your Time. You may not notice it but a person who manages his/her time well has a definite advantage in managing their finances. Remember that what you earn in your salary depends on the time you have spent on the work this means that if you fail to manage your time well, you could possibly have much lesser salary. Another example is how my life is before I had sorted my time through My Ideal Week. I wake up late that led me to go to work late too. Not only that there were times when I was forced to take a taxi or habal-habal just  to keep up with my time. Imagine how much money I've wasted over the months of being irresponsible with my time.

  • Take a risk. If you have a talent, earn from it, if you have an idea, develop it, if you have extra savings then invest it. Take a risk in your money and let it grow. Always think out of the box and become much better in handling your many resources.

  • Believe in Yourself.  You have the mighty power to control your life in accordance to God's plan. Choose to be the better version of yourself every day. Believe that everything is possible and that everything has its season and reason.

I hope that this post convinced you that there is still a hope to turn your salary into income. The only limit in life is your creativity and how much you are willing to persevere.

Are you ready to turn your salary into income?!

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SavingsPinay's January Quick Recap

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi everyone! Today I decided to give a Quick Recap and Announcement since the past week has been all out. I also couldn't find a time to post this one since we've already begun the 14 Day Productive Living Challenge but I do hope you still enjoy this January Quick Recap. I want to extend my thank you for reading my blog and being by my side.

Here’s a list of what happened last month on SavingsPinay!

  1. We hit 27,000++ PAGEVIEWS!!! When I started SavingsPinay last October 2013 I get almost 20-40 pageviews a month but now it’s like an average of almost 4000 pageviews a month! Again, my sincere thank you!
  2. I shared my 2015 Personal and Financial Goals. After reviewing how my 2014 Goals went I knew I wanted to  be better this year. I set my expectations high for this year’s goals.
  3. My blog post Revolutionize Your 2015 By Knowing How to Be Productive was published once again in Coffee Bean’s BrewYourBestYear website. If you are stuck in your life and wanted to be productive and to really get things done then I hope you can check the said blog post I created.
  4. The SavingsPinay Subscribers are growing!!! If you really love reading this blog then I encourage you to subscribe via RSS. Not only will you get updated on the blog posts that went live. You will also get them straight in your inbox. Till now I am providing the copy of Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook plus Templates as a thank you for signing up.
  5. I created a SavingsPinay Community in Google+. My goal here is to really connect with others through my blog so when I noticed how well Google Communities goes in terms of reaching out to others I decided to create one. You can follow the SavingsPinay Communities now. LINK!
  6. I created a SavingsPinay Pinterest! I am obsessed with Pinterest just like what I revealed in my very first post for 2015 in IzzaGlino where I shared my Style Inspirations. Finally, I had the time (thanks to the long vacation here in the Philippines for the Papal Visit)  to create my SavingsPinay board. There are fresh pins from my blog there that I’m sure you will like. LINK!
  7. I was invited to the Freedom Event for Law of Leverage book by Mr. Rane Panaligan hosted by MFT Groups and it was an AMAZING, AMAZING moment. I love event invitations and it makes me happy how this event in particular opened my mind and my heart in a total law that could boost my financial freedom as early as I could imagine. 

Click HERE if you want to know what happened to the event.


I love to do this quick recap on a monthly basis and add this as part of my blog. It’s like a quick way to tour you on what happened in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading this kind of blog post.

How did your month went?! Did you enjoy January?! Hope you are pumped up for the coming month!