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My Pampanga 2D+1N Itinerary and Expenses

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This post is long overdue. I have shared my travel diary almost a month ago and I am so sorry that I will only be revealing my itinerary and expenses today. March has been a very off and lazy month for the blogger in me.
Again My Pampanga Travel Diary is live on IzzaGlino so if you are looking for what happened during my 2D+1N in Pampanga with side story on the recently concluded 20th Hot Air Balloon Festival go over my personal beauty and lifestyle blog.
Here at SavingsPinay I will be sharing how our itinerary turned out to be as well as the how much the cost of the trip. I hope this could inspire you to relax and have your own weekend getaway. Pampanga is a very nice place to enjoy a quick and affordable vacation.  

Our Itinerary + Expenses

Day 1

6:30am: Leave Manila. Our first choice was bus from Five Star Pasay but when we went to the station we were told that there are no bus anymore who will drop off at Dau. Instead we rode a Philtranco Bus which turned out to be a great option because the bus left early. 

Bus Fare: 150pesos

Drop Off Point: Dau Pampanga Terminal is our drop off point. It is where most bus going and coming from Manila stays.

9:30am: Breakfast at Jolibee Dau. We left the house with empty stomachs so the first itinerary of the day is to have breakfast. As much as we like to start experiencing the Kapampanga cuisine, we were really tired and not to mention it was a humid day so we went to Jolibee Dau instead. This is walks away from Dau Terminal and you need to cross the street too.

Breakfast: 99pesos

10:00am: Bayanihan Park Terminal

I mentioned on My Travel Diary that the Bayanihan Park Terminal is one of the main terminal that will help you get around Angeles, Pampanga. This terminal is near SM Angeles and Bayanihan Park. Our itinerary for Bayanihan Park is to go to the Balloon Fiesta venue. And there is an epic fail situation that happened here which I revealed on my travel diary. 

How to Go to Bayanihan Park Terminal from Dau Terminal?

From the side of Jolibee Dau ride any jeepney with signage SM Angeles. Tell driver to drop you off at Bayanihan Park Terminal which is evident with the big salakot. From there you can ask around for jeepneys going to Balloon Fiesta. 

Jeepney from Jolibee Dau to Bayanihan : 8pesos

Jeepney from Bayanihan to Balloon Fiesta: 10pesos

12pm: Tune Hotel Angeles

This hotel is a nice place to stay if you are planning going to Pampanga for a weekend trip. They offer a very affordable price and the place is very nice. I will be doing a review about this hotel pretty soon. 

How to Go to Tune Hotel Angeles from Bayanihan Park Terminal

Once you are at Bayanihan Park Terminal you need to walk a little and cross a street, Don Juico Avenue. You will see another terminal called Friendship Terminal. From there you can ride a jeep going to Tune Hotel or walk your way. We opted to walk because we wanted to sort of experience the Pampanga Downtown scene. And though its tiring I still love the experience roaming around Pampanga Downtown. Pictures here >>>

3:00pm: Museo Ning Angeheles

We visited Museo Ning Angeles as part of our afternoon itinerary. It was well-recommended by one of my manager in the office. We rode a tricycle going to Museo Ning Angeles which is a big no-no if you are in a budget-travel. But being the place is super sulit na din cause we had amazing time roaming around the museum and taking photos.
Photos here >>>

Tricycle from Tune Hotel to Museo Ning Angeles : 150pesos

5:00pm: Aling Lucing Sisig

I think I went to Pampanga just to finally have a taste of Aling Lucing's sisig. And no doubt, Aling Lucing has the best sisig ever! It is not oily, greasy and doesn't need mayonnaise to taste. Love it! I mean even if its already a month since I went to Pampanga I still remember the taste of the Aling Lucing's Sisig.

How to Go to Aling Lucing Sisig?

Aling Lucing Sisig is situated in a complicated place for me. We went there after our Museo Ning Angeles trip. We walked straight from the Museo ng Kasaysayang Panlipunan ng Pilipinas which was sadly closed when we went. We actually followed Google Map to guide us where to walk. Then we rode a jeep with signboard C-Point. 

TIP!!! It was late for us to realized that there's a direct jeepney going to Aling Lucing's Sisig from Friendship Terminal or Tune Hotel. Just ride C-Point. 

Jeepney: 8pesos.

Our Orders: Sisig 180pesos
                  Tokwa 100pesos
                  Ensaladang Mangga (forget the price)

Their menu is good for 2 by the way.

7:00pm: Quick Stop at SM Clark

From Friendship Terminal again you will just cross to go to SM Clark. We bought some snacks and toiletries there and had some milk tea too.

Day 2

5:00am: 20th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

From Tune Hotel all you have to do is ride a jeepney going to Friendship Terminal. Now from Friendship Terminal you need to walk towards Bayanihan Terminal. Make sure to leave early because you will surely be caught in a traffic on the way.

Jeepney from Tune to Friendship: 8pesos
Jeepney from Bayanihan to Balloon Fiesta:  10pesos.

To read more on my Balloon Fiesta Adventure click HERE.

11:00am: Binulo Restaurant

I regret dining in Binulo just because I didn't enjoy their food. This is actually the only time we spent so much for food. Our total bill over Aling Lucing is just 400pesos while here at Binulo we spent 1,200pesos ++ and we didn't enjoy at all. 

1pm: Going back to Manila

Then we are all set to go back to Manila!!!!  Of course we have to check out first before anything else. 

From Tune Hotel to Dau

Again ride a jeepney going to Friendship terminal then walk a little over to Bayanihan Terminal. You can walk your way to Dau Terminal (which I don't suggest by the way) or ride a jeep for your convenience.

Bus going to Cubao: 139pesos.

PS. I hope you can also read My Travel Diary in IzzaGlino!!!

How to Invest Your 5,000 Pesos

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I am so excited for today's blog post because finally I will be covering an investment topic. All of us want to get rich one day and a step you can take to secure a better finances tomorrow is investing today. 

But how can you invest with just 5,000 pesos?

I chose the magic 5,000 pesos for a couple of reason. One, it is the easiest amount of money you can save. Two, a lot of investment vehicle offers this initial money option perfect for beginners. In today's post I will be revealing the investments you can make with 5,000pesos.

But first, what type of investor are you?

I think it is important to assess the type of investor you are before any investments. Determining this will guide you on the kind of investments you'll make that will maximize your potential income. 

There are basically three types of investors namely those who are conservative, balanced and dynamic.

Conservatives take low risk when in comes to investing their money. They love to invest on a portfolio that provides steady income with low risk. They get easily afraid of losing money and so they give a very firm financial decision at all times. 

  • A good investment option for persons who are conservative will be a time deposit, special  savings account and some government securities. 

Balanced people are on the medium risk tolerance. They like capital appreciation but knows it will take time. They also have enough money on their special savings account or emergency fund that they don't need return of investment in near future. 

  • A good investment you can make with your 5,000 pesos will be trying out direct stock market but investing only on blue chips stocks. These stocks are from long established companies that will remain in 10-20 years and has proven track record.

Dynamic People are described as the type who take the highest risk when it comes to their investment choices. They love focusing their wealth on emerging markets like those who manage small and young companies. 

  • A good investment is stock market but doing the whole trading process.

How to Determine What Kind of Investor Are You?

Below are some quick questions you can ask your self to successfully determine what kind of investor you are.

How old are you?

People who are young will have a lot of room for risks in the investment world while older ones will surely need to be careful in where they invest their money. 

Up to how long are you willing to wait for your investments to grow?

Some can wait up to 5 years, others 10 years while there are others who can wait until retirement to harvest their investments.

What level of risk are you willing to risk?

Are you the type who's on always on the safe zone or someone who love to take some risk and do rare financial decision?

Now How Far Will Your 5,000 pesos Go In Terms of Investing?

  1. Invest in your first mutual fund account
Mutual Fund is a perfect starting point for beginners. You basically let a private financial institution manage your money and do all the stock trading for you. I got my first personal experience in investing through FAMI-Save And Learn Equity Fund. Below are some posts that can help you:

Other Mutual Fund You Can Check:

  •           Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund
  •           ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund      
  •           ALFM Growth Fund, Inc. 
  •           Philequity Fund
Feel free to download/copy this image
  1. Invest in a UITF instead

UITF are like Mutual Fund but unlike a private financial company, your money will be managed by the bank of your choice. I made a couple of blog posts about UITF investment you may want to check:

I have yet decided to diversify my investment through UITF but you can check out the following accounts:
  • BPI Unit Investment Trust Funds consisting of BPI Investment Funds and Odyssey Funds. More detailed blog post soon.
  • PNB Unit Investment Trust Fund. Click HERE for my review.
  • Security Bank Unit Investment Trust Fund. Click HERE for my review.

          I also like to add the BDO Unit Investment Trust Fund but starting an account requires 10,000 pesos instead. Click HERE for my review.

  1. Invest in a Direct Stock Market

If you like a hands-on experience on how stock market works then try investing directly without any private company or bank managing your money. The government encourage every Pinoy to invest so the initial money required is just 5,000 pesos. 

Below are platforms you can try:

  • COL Financial, which is the most famous online platform available. 
  • BPI Trade which has no minimum investment amount needed but of course you need to fund your account in order to start trading. 
Feel free to download/copy this image
  1. Invest in a Life Plan
My parents started investing on a St. Peter Life Plan by courage. I am so proud that they have finished paying for their accounts and now investing on a memorial lot. All of us in the family are now investing in a St. Peter Life Plan. READ: Is St. Peter Life Plan a Good Investment.

  1. Invest in a Health Insurance
A health insurance is an investment you can make for yourself, your family and your future family. The amount you'll pay depends on your age and profile but nowadays company have the best options to suit your budget. If you have an HMO under your company then you are blessed however if you want a better health care or you want one for your family then you can start investing with 5,000 pesos. 
  1. Invest in a Business
5,000 pesos is still a good amount to start a business. You can make a BBQ store if you live near the sidewalk. You can also sell other street food that children will surely like. READ: 3 Business Ideas You Can Easily Start

Other business ideas include direct selling through Avon, Natasha or Sophie. You can also start investing in Multi Level Marketing as long as you know the risks it will take. READ: Tips on Joing Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
  1. Invest in Yourself
Something that I always include as part of good investment is the one where you will benefit much on a personal level. 5,000 pesos can be used to enroll in a class for your advancement. You can also use the amount and start traveling and experiencing life and its wonders. READ: 7 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself


5,000 pesos is everything you need to start your journey in the investment world. Make sure that in everything you do you have full research and knowledge on the risks. There's no easy and quick way to become rich not until you take action and try for yourself. It will always be nice to start as early as possible when it comes to investing.

Are you ready to invest your 5,000pesos?


All About Searching Jobs in the Philippines

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This blog post is very timely especially since it is the marching period. I hope before reading the rest of this post you have already checked out my timeless tips for new graduates HERE and HERE.

Today we will be talking about job search and specifically in the Philippines. From How to Find a Job, Job Search Engine That Works, Strategies That Will Make Search for a Job Fast and more. I will also share a personal experience on how I find my current job. 

I hope you'll enjoy this post. Don't forget to share it to others.

Searching Job in the Philippines

Hunting for a job is one monumental task. To begin with you have just gotten out of a previous employment or a fresh graduate finding your little space in the professional world.

Nowadays job search is becoming harder and harder. The new technology is rich that makes the competition very stiff. Those finding their new jobs are getting more and more afraid to fresh graduates while the new breeds are getting more anxious on a stricter and higher standard of employment. Know that it is a whole different experience finding a job after you got fired, after you resigned and/or after you graduate. 

Now let's laser focus on how you will begin looking for a job in the Philippines. Let's talk more about a plan which will make the job search much simpler for you. 

Basic Job Search

  1. Find Out What You Want in Life
Now the first step in job search is a thorough investigation on what you really want in your life. What do you want to do and what career path you want to follow. You've finished what?! Are you going to  follow the label and become the engineer or teacher or journalist OR you have another plan for your life. I encourage you to read and ponder upon a post I created a year ago entitled Finding Out What You Want in Life : A Short But Meaningful Guide. Think long term here. Envision the career that you want in the next 3-5 years.

  1. Resume + Cover Letter

Of course these two documents will be the very paper that can speak for yourself during the job search. A resume includes a summary of your profile, your education, your skills, your job experience and your reference. A cover letter on the other hand is addressed to the company you are applying with. It is a letter you give as part of your application stating why you are best fit for the job you are applying. In summary, a resume is your qualification while your cover letter express your interest in the position. 
  1. Job Specifics

Next we'll have to go on the specifics AKA filters. These items will streamline the jobs available for you and speed up the search job process in the Philippines as well. 

  •  The type of the job. Are you looking for a full time or part-time?
  •  The environment of the job. What industry do you want? Is it related to your field, your course or something new you want to try.
  •  The location of the job? Do you want to work in place near you or somewhere far with better opportunities?

Job Search Engine that Works

Now I'll work you through some of the job search engine sites here in the Philippines that are easy and definitely work towards your advantage.

This is the leading search engine site in the country today. Jobstreet offers an account you can use to apply on top companies. You can filter the jobs that you wish to apply and click on the Apply Now button, write a 300-word cover letter and your application is good to go. There are countless success stories in Jobstreet too. Usually you will be contacted by the Hiring Officer within a week or two. 

This is the second best choice for Filipinos to search jobs online. JobsDB offers almost the same user experience with Jobstreet. You can only apply for a job once you have created your free account. You will also receive notification for new job openings available straight to your email. 

This is a little more complicated to use than Jobstreet and JobsDB but another great search engine site available in the country today. 

Other Effective Ways You Can Search for Jobs


Of course the traditional way of walk-in to the desired company and leaving a copy of your resume works too. This is also nice to have a feel on the company and see how the office looks.


If you haven't created a LinkedIn profile then you better do now. This is a great way to find a job that fits to your career vision. You'll love LinkedIn because it acts as a professional social media that links you to people connected to job that suits your area of interest. A lot of hiring officers nowadays use a business LinkedIn profile to connect with potential candidates.

Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram

Did you know that social media sites such as the big three Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also help you land a job? These social media sites are powerful because brands and companies use them as marketing tool. They even have career opportunities announcement as their status update.

Winning Strategies for Your Next Job Search

  1. Make sure that you have a well-built resume. Take time building and creating your resume especially if its your first one. Make sure that your resume speaks well for who you are. 
  2. Set Time on Your Job Research.  Set aside some time to go on your job searching. It takes effort going opening after opening to push through with your application. Tip is to apply on weekends so you can spend more time without interruption plus there's not much people applying on Saturdays and Sundays. 
  3. Apply Immediately. If you found a job that matches your needs and wants then apply immediately. Don't wait for too long before clicking the apply button.
  4. Have a professional email address. If your email address still has weird and funny names then please for goodness sake CHANGE IT!!! Your email address should only contain your name and surname as much as possible. 
  5. Check you email every now and then. Once you start applying for jobs you'll surely need to check the messages in your inbox more frequently. Don't forget to go on Spam box too just in case. 

How I Found My Current Job

I consider my current job as my first serious one. It is the only job where I stayed long and where I manage to undergo the actual application process. Now there are two job search engine that I use and still use up to today. Jobstreet and JobsDB though it is only Jobstreet that I have much luck. 

I make sure that my resume looks good though I believe my first one is written fresh out of college. It doesn't look as good as what my resume today. I love including few summary on what I do highlighting the things that relate most on the job I am applying. I also don't forget to write down complete contact information. READ: Becoming a Technical Writer in the Philippines

Now whenever I search for a job I usually just apply here and there. I submit just to whatever and whoever as long as it falls under my criteria. Then I wait about a day or three for a reply. Most contact you through phone instead. I believe my first job sent me a text message for interview invitation rather than email. READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and the 6 Success Tips that Helped Me

How fast you'll become accepted in a company depends on their hiring process. In Jobstreet you can see the estimated processing period of the company. Some are within 5 days while others are as fast as 1 day process. Mine took a month of pabalik-balik before I finally got the job.

How Hard It Is to Search Job in the Philippines

Searching jobs nowadays again is much convenient compared before. There are a lot of job search engine online that makes the process easier. Once you found a job you like you can have a quick glance of the company website for information. If you are not satisfied with the details found you can find company review on the internet too. Make sure that you are committed in the process and you have a plan before you do. 

Hope this post helps. 

Share your experience when it comes to searching jobs in the Philippines


A Break Down of My Financial Goals for 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Before 2015 ended I shared my Personal and Financial Goals in a blog post. You can also quickly go to the link at my SavingsPinay's footer to read it. Now that it's March already I thought it would be nice to share a breakdown of my financial goals. In this post I'll also share the steps that I am doing and will be doing to achieve them all on or before the end of the year. 

I hope you love this post. Please go to my personal blog, IzzaGlino for my 2016 Bucket List.

More Career Lessons for New Graduates

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My biggest congratulations to Batch 2016 Graduates! In the next 1-3 years you will find yourself in the challenging journey of transitioning from university to work. I've been in that situation and still facing big financial and career decisions up until today. Funny how sometimes I want to go back to school when before I have always wanted to work in an office. 

Now that I am on my second year working in Makati I have experienced, gathered and learned more important lessons that can be valuable to new graduates. READ: 6 Career Lessons for New Graduates. I hope after your graduation day, once all the celebration is done, you read this post and ponder upon the following things:

Your Diploma, Award and/or Grades will be worthless

As ruthless as it may sound, your diploma will be just a piece of paper mounted, framed and displayed in your living room. The medal you earned as top of the class will just become a good reminder of your achievement while the high grades you have accomplished will soon be forgotten. 
Once you start working your attitude will be the number one thing that people will value for. You need to work with your relationships. You will become part of a team and if you can't work together with your other co-employees you will surely find yourself caught in a big problem. Forget about the diploma, award or the good grades you have and focus on how you can manifest a good character at work.

Take Charge of Your Finances. 

It will be your full-responsibility to budget your money and manage your income. This is both exciting and daunting because it means taking a big responsibility that may affect your future. The earlier you learn to take charge of your finances, the better your journey to financial will be.

Below are some posts that can help you:
Saving automatically a portion of your income is as important as budgeting. I have always regretted overspending and not saving earlier. If only I saved money as soon as my first paycheck arrived, I will have a better financial status today. 

There are those who will earn more than you for doing the same job --- even less of the same job

This is a reality that you need to prepare for once you become part of a company. There will always be a people around you who will earn better even though you feel like working more. These people have long-earned experience that make them worthy for a bigger salary and no matter how much you hate this reality.

Sometimes it's all about finding a good manager

You are lucky if in your fist job you are blessed with a good manager. Managers are the first person who will shape a new graduate on how and what it is to be an employee. The manager should oversee and inspire you to become a better part of the team. He clears what is and what is not your responsibility. He sets you in the direction you need to go. A manager can also be the factor why you will quit or hate your job someday. READ: 5 Reasons to Find Enjoyment in Your Daily Job

Build a Network

Networking is important if you want growth in your career. You need to learn how to build a relationship with individuals whom you share similar interest, values and goals. A good network will gear you towards advancement. Opportunities will open up easily and you will learn a lot from these people. 

Quit for the Right Reasons

There will come a time that you will be too burdened maybe or find yourself in a tough decision whether to quit or not to quit. Whether you are still in the career path that you wish to follow. It is important not to quit just because of hard work or challenge that you experience. Quit because your heart tells you so and I know it sounds cheesy but I mean it. Quit because it is clear in your heart and mind that you don't see anymore satisfaction in the current work situation.  READ: When To Quit Your Job and How to Do It

Hope this post helps.

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Becoming a Freelance Content Writer in the Philippines

Friday, March 18, 2016

Freelance content writing is a good example of a work-at-home job anyone can easily start. If you have good grammar and research skills then all you have to do is practice how you write. As a Freelance Writer your goal is to deliver quality content to your clients. The online community is filled with freelance writing jobs for beginners that all you need is apply, send a proposal and wait for your interview. Freelance Content Writers must be able to do any type of written documents. From a simple letter, a product description to SEO contents and eBooks, freelance writers can just select any job they want to do. 

The Job 

Freelance content writing is a popular job for those finding means to earn extra income even at home. Businesses and even private individuals hire a freelance content writer to deliver the content that can make them rank higher in Google. Remember that freelance content writing falls in different expertise (technical writing, service page writing, SEO article writing etc.) which I will soon disclose to you. 

The Skills You Need

You need to be well-rounded as a content writer so remember to develop your skills more often. The skills you have will separate you from the rest of aspiring freelance content writers. Below are the top skills a writer should possess:
  • Writing Skills
  • Research Skills 
  • Computer Skills
  • Content Management Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Ability to Work Under Tight Deadline

How It All Began for Me

Even at a young age I knew that writing is what I want to do in life. I became a campus journalist during elementary and high school then decided to take up BS Journalism for college. There is something about writing content that gives me happiness and inspiration in life.

So I transition it as a career after college. I was hired as a Marketing Staff in a milk tea company in Pasay City wherein my main job is to create posts on social media and words for marketing materials such as brochures, fliers and even website. READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and 6 Success Tips That Helped Me

Then an offer as a SEO Content Writer came to me. I wrote contents for the web such as About Page, Guarantee Page, Service Page and more. I have also written keyword based articles that aims to encourage online readers to turn as potential customers.

Fast forward to today, content writing has been my career. I blog and I do freelance work though my main job has been writing technical stuffs for an IT Company already. It was tough. Content writing is tough... But the everyday practice made me better.

READ: Becoming a Technical Writer in the Philippines
7 Steps to Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career

Becoming a freelance writer requires commitment. It is necessary that you know exactly what you are getting into. You may suffer from lack of sleep, you may encounter random writer's block and you may undergo a series of rejection before a client finally entrust you with  more projects.

But freelance content writing as a career is worth it. You have the ability to earn more with the freedom of working in your 

Below are the seven easy steps that will help you get started in freelance content writing. 

1. Assess Your Writing Specialization. 

As mentioned earlier content writing comes in different forms. Choosing the perfect niche that matches your skills as a writer is highly important. If you are fond of blogging then it is best to offer your services as a ghost blogger or blog contributor. 

2. Create a List of Your Service Offering. 

The best thing about freelance content writing is the fact that you can easily offer different services. Soon I will disclose a whole list of writing services you can do as a freelance content writer. 

My freelance content writing story started by offering my SEO writing service. I got clients who will pitch me topic and keyword that I need to strategically write. After some time I had clients wanted me to do blog posts, product descriptions and others. 

The key is to focus on one to two services first before moving to more. This is to avoid burn out and also to ensure that all your output is of the highest quality. Remember that freelance content writing also involves research, actual writing and more. 

3. Choose Your Rates

If you are just beginning to go freelance then it will be best to ask for a minimal fee per number of words. Your goal is to build a portfolio and generate related experience to  the service you are offering. I started with $1 per 150-200 words then went higher and higher depending on the difficulty of the job and the total number of words.

4. Build Your Portfolio.

Since you are going online, it is very important to create a portfolio. Freelance writers can opt for a blog or an official website where you can upload your recent projects and promote your other services. 

If you don't have enough time or you don't really see yourself creating a blog then you can easily create a sample for each writing services you offer. You can choose any topic and just layout to a PDF file for clients to access.

5. Find Your First Client. 

If you really want to have clients then you need to sell your services to people. You can post a status that you are now ready to accept content writing or try to email companies about your services. You have get known so that people will remember what you do.

6. Learn From Each Writing Experience. 

The journey to freelance world is full of lessons. You will learn on a daily basis because of the research you do and the different topics and clients you will encounter. Make sure that you learn from each writing experience. Develop your writing skills by acquiring more projects and clients.

7. Just Do It.  

If freelance writing is something you see yourself doing then why limit yourself just because you lack experience. All it takes is courage and action to really do it. 

How to Succeed in the Freelance Content Writing Field?

Your success as a freelance content writer depends solely on the time and effort you spend. If you are hard working enough and really put  your heart and soul for the job then you will be sure to be a success.

Read a lot of books and blogs in accordance to the writing niche you chose and learn the ways of the successful people. Take note of every mistake, failure and reject you get and count into it as something that will make your foundation stronger.

Success in freelance content writing doesn't happen overnight. You need to be very intentional if you really want to earn thousands of extra income with what you do. Continue learning new skills, new tools and new writing styles that will make you original. 

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