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So I Entered the wrong BPI Pin THRICE!!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014
And i am telling you that the experience is so frusrating. I have no idea how come i got incorect pin and i keep on asking myself how did it happened to me. (Insert sad face here).

I am in the 5th and 20th day of the month pay-roll so since its January 5 i was in full smile early this morning to withdraw at the nearest BPI ATM but yeah, the worst happened to me and i got to the maximum try of pin that got my card disabled. I went home sad and empty-handed.

Anyways i immediately called the hotline of BPI which is 89-100 and pressed "0" to be directed to the phone banker. She then assisted me and went on straight with her set of verification questions after i explained what happened.

Two things to take note:

  1. You can choose to wait for 24hours or meaning the next day and try again. Every day you have three maximum trice.
  2. If you really can't remember your pin and you wonder why it became incorrect and you feel like you already tried all the possible pins you remembered then the phone banker will recommend for you to apply for a card replacement.
I choose option 2 because i don't want to try and try and try and feel the same frustration as to why i can't remember my PIN. She assited me very friendly with this one so i am really glad. Just like my tip in my recent post, call in the morning and be patient in waiting and answering. They are friendly, promise!!! 

Anyways here are the facts about the card replacement.

  • You will have the same account number and only the card will be replaced. You will be given a temporary pin and then change this to your desired PIN at the nearest BPI ATM.
  • You have to pick up the replacement card at the branch you nominated. As for me i chose the bank to where i applied the card because it is super near to where i work.
  • A replacement fee of 100pesos will be deducted to your account but please prepare cash too for the said amount just in case. 
  • You have to wait for three (3) banking days before you can get the replacement card at your nominated branch. The phone banker will give you the contact numbers though so you can verify if the card is ready for pick-up.
  • While waiting for your replacement card then you can withdraw over the counter at the nearest BPI bank to you. You need to show valid ID for this but no pin will be required for you.
So i feel lighter while i am blogging this because by Wednesday i can already have my new card. Yehey!!! I also am happy because i can withdraw over the counter tomorrow. Fortunately, i still have some amount left to use for transportation as i go to work. Yay!!!

PS. Share your story. Comment below your questions. Do you have a BPI account? Did the wrong PIN happened to you? 

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