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SavingsPinay January Quick Recap

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's time to wrap up the highlights of the month through a quick post. Welcome to SavingsPinay's January Quick Recap.

We hit 100,000++ Pageviews. 

Though it's a little sad that we didn't hit the goal before 2015 ends I still would like to extend my huge thank you for making my dream come true. We are now a hundred thousand pageviews in SavingsPinay!!! This means a lot especially to me because I didn't expected the site to receive this kind of support. Know that I will continue to improve the content in this humble blog. READ: What to Expect in SavingsPinay this 2016 

First SavingsPinay Series in 2016

I am so happy that many supported the very first SavingsPinay Series was a success. I made a series of blog posts about Financial Planning 101 which I hope gave you an idea on how to plan for your finances this New Year. Below are the links for the posts:

  1. SERIES | Day 3 Financial Planning 101 : Personal Finance Tips + Free Infographic - New!
  2. SERIES | Financial Planning 101 : Day 4 Personal Finance Moves You Ought to be Doing - New!
  3. SERIES | Financial Planning 101: Day 1 Top 5 Personal Finance Basics - New!
  4. SERIES | Financial Planning 101: Day 2 Elements of a Solid Financial Plan - New!
  5. SERIES | Overview of January SavingsPinay Series Financial Planning 101 - New!
My New Budget and Spending Tracker

My new system in tracking my spending and budgeting my money is doing great. It's nice to finally see how much I spend on items. Actually for the I've been extra thrifty this month because whenever I review my spending there were fewer fast food lunch out ever since Nica and I discovered the best jolly jeeps in Ayala (will soon blog about this). I also am not taking pedicap anymore which saved me 16pesos everyday. I am still in the hunt of better ways that I could save money since I have a lot of travel plans for this year. 

Freelance Writing again

I opened myself again for some easy writing gigs and I am very much fortunate to have the best clients ever. I am happy have extra income through one of my passions. I still have a lot of plans regarding my content writing thing since its something that worked as a source of extra income for me last year.

Event Hosting 

Another great plan for 2016 is to go back hosting events for added income. I miss being an event emcee to weddings, debuts, birthdays and corporate events. I also want to market my hosting skills more and make myself known in the industry. 


How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
It's given that saving money is one of the fundamental step towards financial freedom. Nobody can be called financially free without his or her savings. Your savings could affect how you'll achieve your goals, live your life and prepare for the future. So on today's post we will be getting real with our SAVINGS

How Much of Your Income Should You Save Every Month?

Perhaps that question has been on your mind for quiet some time. We were always taught that saving money is important but we weren't aware of how much it should really be. Of course not all of our income can be put in our reserve money. It all depends on certain circumstance that I will unveil in a moment.

What's Your Age?

Your idea of perfect savings depend on your age . People in their 20's will have plenty of time to worry on their retirement so most of their saving goals are short-term. They may be thinking on a car, a condo, a gadget or a branded handbag. Thus, how much you save each will be lower.

Once you hit your 30's your priorities will differ. You start to build a family of your own and will have to take care of your aging parents too. Your savings will long-term now. You start to think about retirement, your kids education and your health. This will require a bigger amount to save each month.

Your age surely plays a vital role in know how much you should save.

What's Your Goal?

Goals are just permanent part of every financial move a person should do. They are the reason why you are doing the things you do. More goal-related blog post HERE and HERE.

  • Short-Term Goals are things achievable in less than a year. This could be the vacation abroad you've always wanted, a special gift to your loved ones or a debt you've wanted to pay off.
  • Mid-Term Goals are things are achievable in 5-10 years time. This could be a house, payment for your wedding and/or start a business. 
  • Long-Term Goals are the ultimate things you want to achieve. Retirement is a solid example of a long-term goal you want to think deeply. 
Have you listed your goals yet? Once you manage to specify your objectives you will be surprised on how quick you are in coming up with the next actions. 

What's Your Income?

Your income has a lot to with how much you'll be able to save. Maybe you are thinking a saving goal that's too much that what you're being paid. If you want a better savings you need to increase you income, find other sources of extra money you can put in your kaban

Given the three circumstance above, this is how we will approach the whole "How Much Should I Save" question.
     Save depending on your age, goal and income
As your age increases, your goal materializes into even better and bigger one, thus your income will increase too then you can save more. Treat it as a never-ending cycle of wealth. Save in accordance to your span, your reach and your means. The more your income grows, the more your savings should be and not the other way around. 

Two Things Worth Sharing

1. It's a must that you save on a regular basis.

Saving money should be more than just a task but a rather a habit for everyone. And you can never develop a habit if you are not doing it regularly. Once the paycheck comes automatically save a portion. Live with the rest for your everyday expenses. Again, treat it as a payment you will give to yourself. You deserve it because of your hard work. READ: Personal Financial Habits that will Make You Become Richer.

2. It's a must that budget.

I know, I know I sound too pushy in the whole budget thing here in SavingsPinay but it's just how things work. You can never save without a budget. You need that spending plan to give you an idea whether you are over spending your money or to track down where your money goes. 

Stuff Worth Saving For

If you will have a savings goals what would they be? Well, I already had mine but to give you examples you can contemplate here are a few things that you ought to save first and foremost. Start small until it grows as a habit.

1. Emergency Fund

Again this is the amount equal to 3-6 months worth of your income. For more explanation you can check out the following links:

2. Major Expenses

There are goals in your life that you need to save up for. That includes your wedding, your dream car and/or your dream house. You need to slowly save for these things if its part of your goal. 

3. Retirement

You want to grow up happy and still be able to live in the lifestyle you've wanted. If that's the case then you need to start prioritizing your retirement savings. 


I hope with this new saving approach you will find financial peace as to how much you need to save in a month. It's actually not about the exact amount... what matters most is you set an intention to do so. I have a lot on my plate right now in terms of saving money but instead of discouraging/limiting me... I see these numbers as a motivation to work hard, be ambitious and strive more. 
You owe it to yourself to save.

My Personal Finance Books Collection

Monday, January 25, 2016

I am still in the whole Financial Planning 101 series with today's post. I thought it will be nice to show you the personal finance books I've collected ever time. My love for books is evident on my personal blog, IzzaGlino when almost every week I try to include a blog-related post. 

I have been fascinated to the topic of personal finance since I started SavingsPinay. Thus, I've accumulated a number of books already. 

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin by Ardy O. Roberto, Jr.

This was the book that started it all for me. It is written in Tagalog which is nice because the terms can be easily understood. The author also has  away of explaining things by providing concrete examples and applications. I also love the humor that he brought in the book. It's available for 50pesos only and a very easy-to-read and practical book to invest. Sometimes I still reread this book especially if I need to review how I must manage my money.

Kontento ka na ba sa Kaparehan Mo? by Vic and Avelynn Garcia

This book will ultimately unleash the highest potential of your money. It doesn't just give you the basics of a solid personal finance but provide actionable items. I love the stories that the authors provided to teach each valuable money lessons. I particularly like the Two Kinds of Old Age and the Kurot Principle. Click THIS LINK for my review of this book.

You Can Be Rich by David King

Ever since I'm in High School I always see this book by David King. Finally I was able to purchase it. You Can Be Rich teaches the seven steps in obtaining wealth. Each steps also has good explanation that everyone, even those who are beginners, will understand. I love how the author ended the book by teaching the true meaning of wealth. Wealth is an instrument that can help us enjoy life. As said in the book, it's best to be rich in all aspects and use your affluence to promote greater good. READ : Paano ba Yumaman?

High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan, Teach Yourself Investing in 24 Hours by Ken Little and God is a Salesman by Mark Stevens

I bought these books in a bunch before for 500pesos I believe. It was a steal because they come in a set of six though I couldn't find the other 2 in my book shelves. One will be mentioned next to this.

God is a Salesman and High Trust Selling work for salespeople and who want to start a business while Teach Yourself to Invest is as the title says, about investing. These books actually became my reference to some of my posts here in SavingsPinay.

Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Personal Finance by Efren Ll. Cruz

This book teaches personal finance in a textbook style. It is a reliable for definitions, instructions and steps to have a solid personal finance. From explaining the road to financial security to smart use of debt and investing 101 --- this book is definitely a one-stop shop.

Law of Leverage by Rane Panaligan

This book is close to my heart because it opened an opportunity to me to join the Law of Leverage Freedom Event and work together with MFT Group with Regina Online Investing Launch. Law of Leverage give another level of personal finance lessons to everyone. It includes basic to advance knowledge with stories you will most likely relate. 

Organize Yourself by Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly

This isn't a typical personal finance book but still give valuable information on how you can organize your life. It has a section about finances which I follow as I live an intentional life this 2016. I am also a believer that an organize life can lead you to a much better success rate in terms of finances. Once everything is in place you will easily find the motivation to do things well. 

So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer by Elizabeth Ong

This book inspired me to pursue my interest in freelance writing. It opened a lot of opportunities for me to earn extra income in 2015. It's very encouraging especially for someone like me who writes for a living. Funny story about this book is it retails for 115pesos but I bought it on a 50% off sale for 57pesos. When I was already in the cashier it was scanned for 38pesos only. Lucky me. 

Keri Mo Yan Series! Keri Mong Maging Financially Free and Debt Free by Chinkee Tan

This is the latest personal finance book in my collection. It was actually the inspiration for my Ayoko sa Utang series last October. This is the first book of a series and I plan to collect all. The author explains with complete authority and really knows what he preach. It's an easy read you can finish with just one hour. 

That's it for my Personal Finance Book Collection. I hope you like this post. Please check out any of the book mentioned above. 

SERIES | Overview of January SavingsPinay Series Financial Planning 101

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hooray for finishing January SavingsPinay Series! Thank you for spending your time reading the posts and supporting this blog.

We have arrived finally on the overview of the series and at the end of this post I will be giving a free infographic on the A to Z of Personal Finance you can download and share to anyone. 

Let's a review for a second

A financial plan starts from a vision. A goal, a dream and an statement of who and what you'll be one year, five years, 10 years from now.

We've talked countless times on how to set goals but how do you achieve them anyway? 

1. You need to write them down. 

Don't stuck your dreams in your mind. Make a list...lots of lists. Put those ideas in a paper you can see every minute of the day that you can go back to from time to time. 

Once you have written them down then you must ensure that you put it on a place you can easily see. I've written my goals in my Master Bullet Journal and publicized it on my blogs later. This way I have set my mind that no matter what I'll strive to achieve my goals especially now that everyone can see them.

2. You need to prioritize them

Here's one thing that made a big difference in my life starting this year. I learned that if I want to achieve my goals I should --- I must make them part of my priorities. All my next actions should be in aligned to my goals. 

For example, one of my work goal is to not be late anymore at work. And so I put going out of the house by 6:30am as a my next action. I knew that if I start my commute time by 6:30am I can avoid the morning rush and arrive at work early. The result? For 3 consecutive weeks I was early at work. 

If you want to achieve your goals you need to set all your next actions in accordance to that goal. 

3. You need to entrust them with God

God's plan is way better than your plans. His priority is to make you prosper. Remember that planning your finances is a spiritual command. We are all obligated and mandated to take care of the resources that God had entrusted us with. We have to make sure that we don't waste our talent, our time and our money for nothing. 

Allow God to speak with you in your visions. Be ready to listen to His instructions for He will be the only one who's in total control. 

Once you have submit everything to God, you can now establish a better understanding on how your finances work.

Remember the BASICS

On Day 1 I have shared the Top 5 Personal Finance Basics. This list includes Budget, Savings, Spending, Investment and Retirement. These five are the very five things that you need to learn and to master in terms of financial planning.

  • You need to make a budget and make it work for you. 
  • You need to save first before anything else. Again, Income - Savings = Expenses
  • You need to correctly spend your money
  • You need to invest and let your money grow
  • You need to get serious about retirement. 


On Day 2 I gave seven elements that will make you create a solid financial plan. 

  1. A Vision
  2. Current Financial Net Worth
  3. Budget
  4. Emergency Fund
  5. Debt Payment
  6. Income 
  7. Insurance

Follow A Massive List of Personal Finance Tips

On Day 3 we were able to include a massive list of personal finance tips everyone ought to follow. 

I gave the Top of the List which was taken on my Top 10 Most Important Lessons in Personal Finance. I also gave tips in increasing your income, managing your money and becoming rich. I also included 40 more tips from my 40 Financial Habits for Life.

Personal Finance Moves You Ought to be Doing

On Day 4 which happen to be the last installment of January SavingsPinay Series I have compiled the best and smartest financial moves one should do in their 20's, 30's-40's and 50's to 60's. 

Planning for your finances takes a lot of courage. There are days you will feel discouraged when you fail a goal or a habit. However you need to conquer your fears and strive harder than yesterday. Visualize your dream life and enumerate the next actions that will make that dream come true. 

Thank you again for being part of this month's SavingsPinay Series. 

Here's the A to Z to Personal Finance Infographic