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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hurray for today is the last day of 2013. Remember my financial and personal goals update post? Well today i will be ending my Finanancial and Personal Goals before 2013 ends post because i am looking forward to a more detailed list that i will be putting on a separate page in this blog. So this will be my last update for you guys. Fortunately i was able to complete almost everything on my list! Yehey!!1

  • Convert my current BDO ATM Debit Card to a Passbook one so it can earn interest. This means i have to maintain 5,000pesos savings.  I have 5,435pesos in my savings account BUT i wasn't able to upgrade it to passbook because the teller said i will have to reapply again. I don't have time so i will convert it early next year.
  • Achieve a mutual fund investment. This is quiet not attainable now. I reserve this goal next year.
  • Grow my instagram shop @theashoppe. I released a beauty box!!! Yahoo!!! if you still have no idea i will post in a separate blog. But yeah, i was able to release a beauty box for my shop.

  • Have my SSS number and Philhealth card. Will continue the process this Saturday. I already have my Philhealth PIN. YES!!! Got last Saturday my SSS number and i also had my Philihealth ID. :)
  • A post a day in this blog site. Another thing i wasn't able to accomplish.
  • Attend one financial seminar. Too busy to do so.
  • Buy a new Ipad case. Still wasn't able YES!!! It is a clear Ipad case which is super perfect!!! :)
  • Help one church missionaryI am helping one missionary from Victory Laguna for just 500pesos a month.
  • Be consistent in my tithes. Yes!!!
  • Have my laptop's lcd fixed. Still wasn't able to. I have the money now but the repair shop is closed so i will be able to do this by first week of next year.
  • Invest more financial related book.  I will before the month ends. YES!!! Bought one which i will do a review very very soon.
  • One Travel or out-of-town trip. Probably not. Reserve for next year.
  • Start my emergency fund. Probably not. Reserve for next year. 
I also would like to announce something that i am very proud about. Last Sunday i bought a sala set and aparador for the house!!!! I feel so proud because that's two-weeks of saving all of my event gig money. Yay!!!

So that's it for my goals. I am very proud that i have achieved so much though i only have too little time. Thank you for being with me and thank you too because even if i am just starting you have put my blog on top 150 financial blogs of 2013 from THANK YOU!!!

My 2014 Planner

Monday, December 30, 2013
Of course as someone who has been new in the financial management field there is one important thing that i have to master and that is time management. Last year i wasn't able to buy a proper planner to assist me all year around so i promise that in the coming new year i will invest in a good 2014 planner.

The planner that i bought is from National Bookstore and it is the My 2014 Balanced Planner
The price for this one is 345pesos and is available with different colors that suits your need.
Once you open there is a profile page wherein you can list down basic information about yourself so in case you lost the planner somebody will know how to contact you.
It has a page for My Dreams which is awesome because you can just jot down all your dreams.
And then there is the page for the explanation of how the planner should be used and what is it for. This planner appeals to me because of its simplicity and the fact that it doesn't have too much advertisement unlike other planners available in the market.
There is also a sample page of how you should use the planner and then on the bottom is a birthday list for you to remember.
I also love the fact that there is a separate page where in you can put your yearly planner. It will also remind you of the things that is needed to accomplish every month of the year.
An overview of the month with a one full page monthly calendar.
And then a more detailed one for the categories of spiritual, physical, mental, personal, relationship, studies or work and financial. This means you can easily set goals and plans for each category of your life to make it balanced. Cool right :)
On the last page i found what truly sold this planner for me. Everyone, this planner has a cash flow tracker at the back wherei you can budget you money monthly!!! There is the expenses breakdown that appeals for Filipinos and made for Filipinos because the categories on the expenses are reliable. I also love that there is a highlighted tithes and savings right after the income which made is awesome because as alsways these categories should be much importance first before anything else. 
Also on the back is a contact list where you can write down names, contact numbers as well as email address of the people you meet or you have come to know. 
Available also in this planner is the Philippine Holidays for 2014 as well as the different traditional anniversary gifts.
Last but not the least is the 2015 calendar. :)

I am really loving this planner of mine and i do feel i made the right choice of choocing this over the others. The price is amazing and budget-friendly. Its simple and direct planner. Hope that this will truly give me the best time management that i know i will be needing for 2014. I am so much pumped up and i am seizing the coming year in every field of my life.

God bless everyone and happy new year. :)

The Three Types of Income

Thursday, December 26, 2013
     Today is a bit formal and informative post for you guys. I recently bumped bumped into a post regarding the three types of income a person will get on his entire lifetime that i wanted to share to you all. On the end prt is my own notes and i will also share what type of income i am getting now.

      The first type of income is the ACTIVE INCOMEActive income refers to income that a person works for. It is the salary one gets for working in an office, doing a freelance job or creative a paid service for others. One earns an active income based on the amount of time worked for and the quality of work delivered. You may increase your active income by getting a second job or a sideline as well as increasing the quality of work you provide to your boss. Active income for business owners will mean the money that the business is getting. It is the profits of the company and shall then serve as your capital for your nest business ventures.

PORTFOLIO INCOME is the income that you get when you invest on something that brings a higher amount than the price you paid for. These are the type of income you get when you invest in stock markets, mutual funds, insurances and other kinds of investments that gives a higher profit for you.  Getting a stable portfolio income requires accurate financial management being hands on to how you value your money.

The third type of income is the PASSIVE INCOME which defines the money you get even without you working for it. Examples of passive income includes the rental income you get from a establishment you own, the advertisement earnings that your blog generates or the amount you get when you buy and sell a product. Passive income are higher forms of income for it acts in a multi-level way meaning it is the money that is working for you and not you working for the money.

Out of the three types of income I do believe that I am still in the ACTIVE INCOME mark. I work on my daily job as well as my hosting sidelines as part of what I earn for a living. The online business I own won’t function without further capital invested so I do know it is still not counted as a PASSIVE INCOME. Meanwhile, I failed to invest in a mutual fund which is something I have been aiming to do so over the past years that I’ve been financially educated so I still have no PORTFOLIO INCOME.
         Knowing this three types of income enable one to determine the things that he or she must commit to do so that there will be a higher money or profit to be gained. It is also nice to know these types to serve as inspiration as an ordinary citizen. 

          I am hoping you learned something. Please do follow me by email located in the top right section of my blog so you will be updated and you can freely receive emails from me regarding financial management.

My Robinsons Rewards Card

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
I have an addiction i would like to confess. I am an addict when it comes to membership cards. I don't know why but i love signing in forms and having the physicsl card inside my wallet. I also feel like i get more out of what i buy or what i shop everytime i use my card.

Do you have this addiction too???

Anyways, while i was having my Christmas shopping last week i bumped in Robinsons department store to purchase a top for my Mom and a sweat pants for my eldest sister. As i approach the cashier area, the lady introduced me to Robinsons Reward. I see a lot of potential of me using the card since a new Robinsons mall is being put near our area. 

So without further ado here's my take on the Robinsons Rewards card.

Membership Fee: 150pesos upon opening. If you opened as part of your shopping cart or what you bought in the store, the total amount of your purchase and the membership fee will be counted as your first earning points.

How To: As you pay your merchandise the cashier will ask you if you own one. If not you will have the option either to buy or not to buy. If you will buy, the cashier will hand you one form to be filled up and then you will receive an envelope.

Inside the envelope is your card and two phamplets about the how-to's of your Robinson's Reward card. Hand in then your 150pesos membership fee and viola you have you own reward card.
                                                   Guides about the card
                                           How the card looks like. Sorry its blurred

The reward card is just like any other mall rewards card wherein the total amount of items you purchased in the participating store will be equal to special points and can be used to pay for your next transactions.

The card is valid for 2years. Lost card as well damge of card is subject to 100pesos or its equivalent rewards points.

You can earn points through Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Department and ToysRus. It will also be accepted in soon in Saizen Daiso which is amazing by the way, Howards storage world and True Value which has a branch in Glorietta near my work. 

Robinsons Supermarket: Every 400pesos transaction is equal to 1 points which has cash conversion of 1 pesos.

Robinsons Department Store:  Every 200pesos transaction is equal to 1 points which has cash conversion of 1 pesos.

ToysRus:  Every 200pesos transaction is equal to 1 points which has cash conversion of 1 pesos.

If you have garnered enough points for the purchase that you would like to buy just simple ask the cashier of your intent and then present a valid ID to redeem. You can easily trackdown your points by emailing them at

Have you applied for a Robinsons Rewards card already???

How Luxurious Investments are Good Investments

Sunday, December 22, 2013
There are two kinds of investment i believe so, the first one is the talents that we have that came from God and teh second one are the physical things that are available around us.

For me, my talents is a given investment. The fact that God blessed me with the ability to host events. That He blessed me with confidence to do Youtube videos and have tutorials online. And all the gifts that He thankfully gave me.

Another investment for me is the physical things like the so called financial investments and the luxurious investments.

Financial Investments
              Mutual Funds, Savings, Time deposits etc. or anything in accordance to investing your money to yield something in return.

Luxurious Investments
              New car, branded bag, smart phone etc. or buying something that will make you happy in return.

Just before the year end i was fortunate to achieve some luxurioua investments that i am very much thankful for. Things that makes you happy are good investments for you work hard for them and they are the ones who will motivate you in return. These things cannot be called wasted investments for they are the very things that helped me or that will help you personally.

For 2013 i was able to own:
                 LCD Projector 
              IPad Mini
              Blackberry 8520
              Longchamp Taupe color
              Sala set

As what i have said i am always thankful for luxurious investments for they serve as motivations for me to work more. These things also are investments for when the time comes (and hopefully will never ever come) that i don't have money or in debt i can sell them accordingly. So for me luxurious investments are good investments as long as they won't be a disadvantage to your life and won't rule your life. 

Hope you love my post everyone and thank you for reading.          

How I applied for SSS Number in Robinson's Pinoy Lingkod Center

Saturday, December 21, 2013
Good day everyone!!! Here's a post regarding how i applied for my SSS number in Robinson's Galleria Pinoy Lingkod Center.

Open every Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am-6pm. 
Not open on December 24 and December 25,2013.

Notes: On the tarp below are the services that SSS helpdesk in Pinoy Lingkod Center offers:

Strictly NO ID application and release
Strictly NO Contribution or Payments

Things to Bring

             1 Valid ID ( I presented my TIN ID )
             Original Birth Certificate, bring the original with you but they will ask you to photocopy it. But please bring still the oroginal for they might ask for it.
                 If you don't have the original birth certificate, you may present your original baptismal certificate and same thing have a phitocopy with you.

How to Apply

Go to Robinson's Galleria Pinoy Lingkod Center located in Level 1 beside the DQ Ice Cream shop. The SSS helpdesk is beside the Philhealth Express.

Log in your name and signature in the log book. They will be asking you to log in whether you are there to simply ask a question or process anything.

If you are going to get you SSS Number proceed to the receptionist and the receptionist will immedietly ask for your valid ID. After that she will hand you the E-1 Form

Fill in the E-1 Personal Record form. And then after that there is stamp where you have to place in your left and right thumbmark. Hand in the photocopy of your birth certificate or baptismal. After this present to the receptionist and she will then record your account in the SSS portal. Note: There are times when the sytem is down or offline and the receptionist will ask you to wait. 

Once the personnel is done with your application in their system computer, the pink copy of the E-1 form will be yours and the SSS Number is already encoded. Also take note to ask for your ID back.

                                               Yehey for my SSS Number!!!!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you learn something. 

How I Opened My BPI Express Teller Account

Friday, December 20, 2013
Just this afternoon i was able to get my BPI Express Teller ATM. I felt so happy because first, i accomplished one requirement of my new job (our payroll will be delivered via bank) and second, it has been my longest plan to open an account with BPI and finally i was able to do so. Yay!

I actually just spent my whole lunch time in the application of my express teller. I commend BPI for the fast transaction process. I opened mine in BPI Gamboa because it is just in front of the office building where i work.


  • 2 Valid ID's. I presented my company ID and my Postal ID.
  • Picture. The requirement is 1x1 but i only have 2x2. Fortunately they accepted it.
  • 250 pesos. 200 pesos for initial depost and 50 pesos for the payment of the ATM card.


Upon arrival in the BPI office i talked to the desk where inquiries are being done. The teller explained to me the difference of BPI Express Teller account. Unlike other accounts, all transactions whether balance inquiry or withdrawal will have a deduction of 5 pesos. On the other hand,the BPI Express Teller account has no maintaining balance.

The teller gave me three documents that i have filled out. It was very fast arrangement. I gave my 2x2 pic and my two ID's. After the third paper, i prepared my 250pesos and handed it to the teller. She then gave me the deposit slip that i will present the following day as i get my physical ATM card.

The teller told me that the transaction is done and now all i have to do is to keep this deposit slip and go back the following day to claim my ATM. 

I went again during my lunch time and approached the teller. He then handed me a letter form. I was actually surprised that there is an envelop because when i opened my BDO account i didn't have one. Anyways, i have to sign another paper similar to one paper i filled in yesterday. Then the teller told me that my account is now ready and i just have to change my temporary PIN to my personal PIN of choice.

The envelop contains a letter from BPI Easy Saver, the card and two pamphlets that contains an on-going promo for BPI card holders and also the process on how to enroll my account online.  I initially changed my PIN and i was able to see the balance and deposit an amount enough for this week.


  • No maintaining balance.
  • Low initial deposit. You will only prepare 250pesos.
  • Access in all Expressnet, Bancnet and Megalink ATMs nationwide.
  • The withdrawal limit is 50,000pesos a day.
  • Easy application to BPI online which will enable to maximize the use of your card in the comfort of your home. 
  • You can go cashless and pay through the express teller in accredited stores.
  • Owning one will automatically qualify you for a BPI SaveUp Automatic Savings plus Insurance which i will tackle more in a different post.
So that's it for my post everyone. Hope you will also open an account like this so that your money will earn interest. If you have your Christmas bonus or 13th month save it in a savings account so it won't be useless. Thank you for taking time to read my post!

Financial and Personal Goals 2013 UPDATE!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back when i started doing this blog i shared to you a financial and personal goal i would want to achieve before 2013 ends. Hmmm.. I will be honest and it's the middle week of December and still i've got a lot to do. But since i don't know what to actually post today i decided to give you an update. :)

  • Convert my current BDO ATM Debit Card to a Passbook one so it can earn interest. This means i have to maintain 5,000pesos savings.  I have 5,435pesos in my savings account BUT i wasn't able to upgrade it to passbook because the teller said i will have to reapply again. I don't have time so i will convert it early next year.
  • Achieve a mutual fund investment. This is quiet not attainable now. I reserve this goal next year.
  • Grow my instagram shop @theashoppe. I released a beauty box!!! Yahoo!!! if you still have no idea i will post in a separate blog. But yeah, i was able to release a beauty box for my shop.

  • Have my SSS number and Philhealth card. Will continue the process this Saturday. I already have my Philhealth PIN.
  • A post a day in this blog site. Another thing i wasn't able to accomplish.
  • Attend one financial seminar. Too busy to do so.
  • Buy a new Ipad case. Still wasn't able
  • Help one church missionary. I am helping one missionary from Victory Laguna for just 500pesos a month.
  • Be consistent in my tithes. Yes!!!
  • Have my laptop's lcd fixed. Still wasn't able to.
  • Invest more financial related book.  I will before the month ends.
  • One Travel or out-of-town trip. Probably not. Reserve for next year.
  • Start my emergency fund. Probably not. Reserve for next year.
I also would like to announce something that i am very proud about. Last Sunday i bought a sala set and aparador for the house!!!! I feel so proud because that's two-weeks of saving all of my event gig money. Yay!!!
So by the end of this month i will update again!!! :) Thank you for reading my post.

New Job, New Life

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Hi everyone!!! I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts this month of December. For those who are first time visitors, you may want to be informed that i recently resigned in my previous job to give way to a better opportunity in a company that supports my degree.

Writing has always been my passion. It is given for me that i like to write things and that i love to passionately review, compose and view stuff for others to see and to read. I know what i did is a risk because one, it's already December so my bonus and other positive things from the previous job is something that i can't have now. And second, i only spent four months on the previous work. But an opportunity know my way so i know i have to grab it before it passes by.


  • I am now under the supervision of Sir Dave and i truly and sincerely love his approach to his employees. He comes to work early and he greets his employees. I remember on my first day as actual employee he greeted me with "Good morning, how are you?" which means a lot for me. I like that you can feel more like part of a family and that the boss is like part of the team other than the boss himself.
  • My new job is in Gamboa St., Makati and i live in Bagong Tanyag, Taguig so the adjustment is quiet challenging. I have to research a new way to go to Ayala that i will not be stocked in the traffic at EDSA. Fortunately, my sister who is also working in Makati PBCom taught me how to ride through SM Bicutan terminal. 
  • Work time is one hour earlier than the previous job but it ends one hour advance so it is basically the same thing. The adjustment is more on waking up earlier than usual.
  • Full adjustments should be made on this matter since the workmates that i have now are all professional and degree holders. The age range in the workplace is also diverse unlike in the previous work where we are all in our 20's. 
I am giving myself two weeks to fully adjust. I know that this new job will mean new experience and new life for me. As i said on my previous post the reason why i quit my job i am hoping that this new job will bring out the fullest side of myself. 

Hope you can join me in my new adventures!!!

Reasons Why I Quit My Job

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Yesterday i rendered my last service to my previous job. I wanted to take the opportunity to work in a company thatw ill allow me to use my degree and allow me to have my benefits as an employee and I thank God that a great opportunity came to my way. I believe everything is in God's perfect timing. I believe and i trust His plans.

This post is a bit personal but i do feel the need to let those readers know certain reasons why someone will actually leave his/her job. These pointers were the thigs that i considered before filing my resignation letter a d before pursuing another job.

            - "I am not happy anymore"

I remember someone who says to me that when you are happy with what you do it will never work for you. And these past few weeks i am becoming a sadder employee. The sadness lies witht he managment and the treatment tow hich i would want to be confidential. At some point havingg a foreigner boss means you have toa djustw ith the culture differences and the adjustments were also a bit hard and it took me three months to fully understand why things in the office happens. I also don't feel anymore working in a company that lives in fear. When the boss is there everybody became in panick and personally, i do feel it is not healthy to continue with that said situation.

            - "I am not fit for the job itself"

This past few weeks since one of the staff where pulled out i actually handled most of his works. This means i am not becoming a writer anymore but more of an office staff. I finished Journalism and i wanted to use my degree and take the opportunity to find a job that will allow me to use what i learned. I do feel that someone with a business administration background is what really fits the said position and to that i know that as an individual i will not grow in the company anymore. I am doing a job that i am not fit for and that i feel degraded rather than awarded. This is again my personal thoughts.

            - "I am not an employee"

I know this confuses you but this is what my situation is becoming. I don't have a contract, a company ID, SSS benefits, Philhealth and so on. We also don't do payrolls and honestly the minimum wage is quiet depressing for a graduate like me (personal feeling again) and there are times that wages were delayed. You get paid when you come to work and you don't get paid on Philippine holidays. The work is six times a week and nine hours a day and imagine doing it weekly and knowing that what you do is not what you are actually meant to do. 

So when an offer came to me i immediately grab it for no matterw what these reasons are more reasonable than the one that makes me doubt and stay which is the coworkers who means family to me. 

I know we all have to learn to let go and let God and i am thankful for the experience. It is a roller coaster ride and i enjoyed riding the ride BUT A BETTER ROLLER COASTER came and now i must see what tomorrow will bring to me. 

Thank you for readingt this post and i will update everyone in this journey. I might also do work related blog entries and how to apply and so on. I will give you insights.

PS. My new job is a content writer in a BPO company in Makati City. And the offer is above minimum. It is actually double to what i earn in the previous office job.

I thank God for everything and i trust God for this new journey.