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SavingsPinay’s March Quick Recap

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
 I still can’t believe that  March is over. It still feels like yesterday that I had my February Quick Recap. March has been very good as it opened a whole new opportunities and learning for me. Though the month also has a bit of sadness since my beloved OJTs were done spending time in the office I still can’t contain my happiness with the celebrations of the month.

March Quick Recap!

1. It is Women’s Month!!! I love March for it gives a way for the world to recognize Women Power. March 8 is the official date but the whole month is prepared for the said international occasion. I got a post dedicated form the Juana this month called Women and Money…and everything that comes in between. 

How to Actually be Good in Money

Monday, March 30, 2015

As a career woman, staying good in terms of my finances is something that I am constantly working on. I will have days when I save and days when all I do is spend. I am not perfect and though I have a whole lot of posts talking about money management I still stumble in terms of owning my budget, committing on my financial goals and so on.

The idea of being good with money is a gift. In Christian we have the term called Financial Stewardship that simply explains that God gave us the anointing to take care of the wealth that He had blessed us. He is the one and only source of our prosperity and He gave us the ability to get wealthy. I believe that the topic on financial stewardship deserves  its thorough explanation in another blog post or series.

How to be Good with Money in 9 Easy Steps

Step 1. Be aware of your current status. 

If you want to be good with money then you need to be aware of your current financial status. Have you undergo a financial net worth yet? If not then maybe this is the right time to do so. Check whether your current status is a positive (you have more assets than your liabilities), negative (you have more liabilities than assets) and/or equals to (you have the same assets and liabilities).

On Investments Gone Wrong

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Save and Invest.

These are the three words that I am currently living with. Save money and automatically add in to the investments. It is hard especially for someone like me that’s in my 20’s and just on my first few years of earning without that much responsibility. Whenever I talk to someone and they ask why and how  I became so passionate about financial management I always answer that I have no idea. I guess its just that I earned my own money at an early age so I understood the value right then.

I am the kind of investor who thinks of long term jut because I got into the investing world really early. I can take big risks on my money for again my money principles just dictate every financial decision that I make. But  I know that not all investing story ends with a happy ending. 

Budget Categories: A Basic Guide for Your Next Spending Plan!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
We all are aware of what a Budget. I believe over almost a year and a half that I’ve been blogging under the finance category I’ve tackled this topic time and time again. I call Budgeting as a timeless personal finance tool. Once you know how to budget you’ll sure is on your right track to financial freedom. 

The very first post that I published is the 50-20-30 Rule of Budgeting. This budgeting technique is good for beginners. All you have to do is to simply allocate your income in different percentage such as 50% essential, 20% savings and 30% lifestyle. This by the way is less tithe. I believe that no matter what religion you are in, tithing is important. Give God what is due to Him.

I also featured two budget series which can be done by almost anyone. The Notebook Style and The Envelop Style. I remember when I was in college and starting to earn through hosting I use the above methods because I need to track the money that goes to my account manually. I don’t have any savings account back then so the notebook and the envelope helped me a lot.

Things that Ruin my Money is a blog post I created to remind myself of my the things that I need to stop doing in order to stick with my budget. These are common things that I believe a lot can relate to. Because of its success I even created a Part 2 entitled More Things That Ruin My Money.

What To Expect on Your First Seminar on IMG Wealth Academy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Every Tuesday I will try to update you on my IMG Wealth Academy Journey. I also invite you to sign up in the form below if you want to attend one of their financial seminars too
IMG Wealth Academy has been in the business for years. The mission is clear, no families will be left behind. They conduct free financial seminar to be able to spread financial knowledge to those who really needed them. And by “those” I mean us… I mean YOU.

When Sir David Sagarit emailed me for a possible partnership of SavingsPinay and IMG Wealth Academy I felt so excited. Finally, an institution that’s core value is to spread Financial Literacy to fellow Filipinos here and abroad. I knew this is needed. I get a lot of emails from people who are confused on what to do with their money… they can read the concepts on financial blogs but they don’t know how to start applying the concepts.

The truth is, I am very thankful to Sir David for introducing IMG Wealth Academy to me. I have a new motivation to blog more and to spread more personal finance thoughts.

If you’ve been invited by a Financial Educator in IMG Wealth Academy (like what happened to me) then don’t freak out. Relax… you are one step closer to building your financial foundation.

All About Philhealth

Monday, March 23, 2015

Health is Wealth and so does the saying goes. I am a firm believer that healthcare should be available to everyone on all walks of life. I never paid much attention to the deductions un my salary not until I came to understand the benefits that these will give in the future. If you've read my past post entitled Studying Your Payslip you'll know the basics of why we, as employees, is mandated to have a Philhealth.

The Facts

  • Philhealth was created in 1995 to create a universal health coverage for our country.
  • It is a tax-excempt, government owned and government-controlled corporation.
  • It is attached to the Department of Health.
  • It states its goal as insuring a sustainable national health insurance program for all.
  • It is mandated by ct 7875 otherwise known as "National Health Insurance Program"7875

5 Reasons To Find Enjoyment in Your Daily Job

Friday, March 20, 2015

I guess one good thing that choosing to have a job rather than pursuing hosting as my main source of income is being with different people or different age groups and of different thinking in almost every day of my life. I learn from the people around and in return I try to be of help too for things that I know like beauty, finances and life in general.

One main concern that I got for the past year has been “ENJOYMENT”. What you are not happy anymore in your job?! How do you find happiness in your daily job?! How do you stay happy in what you do?!

Everyone faces a stage in their life that things seems to be out of place. Again I’ll go back with my post, Finding What You Want In Life. I hope you can spend time to read. Once we go to our productive years let’s say 20s to 40s we are much bombarded by the doubts whether we made the right decision in choosing our career path, in pursuing our passion or in how we’ll overcome the problems we are currently facing. I guess it is something inevitable. The questions… and the constant search for answers.

I belong to the 8-5 people… I work from 8pm to 5pm (actually 6pm but less 1 hour lunch time). There are even those who belong in 9-5 jobs and so on. Imagine how emotionally and mentally dissatisfying it is spending almost 30-45 hours a week doing the work and the extra 10 hours just to go back and forth to the company location.

UPDATE on my 2015 Investment Plans and Nice to Haves

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remember when I posted My 2015 Investing Plans and Nice to Haves?!

2015 Investment Plans (BIG CHANGES)

Investing in Stocks.

Back then I shared to you guys that my #1 must have is to Open a COL Easy Investment Plan. I even expressed how I see diversification as my top priority in terms of finances.

Women and Money (…and everything that comes in between)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Women’s Month!

Though not dubbed as a National Holiday, every March 8 is International Women’s day. It is the day reserved to recognized the role of the women in the society. It is traditionally celebrated for the whole month and different institutions make way to create an event or gathering that will further increase awareness of the special day.

I am proud to be a woman.
I guess one field that I am eager to emphasize women power will be in the field of business and finance. There is a need to further share the basics, explain the concepts and guide the application.


Expand Your Knowledge! Attend the FREE Financial Seminar from IMG Wealth Academy NOW!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
I never thought that this amazing opportunities will happen to SavingsPinay. Looking back from the month and year that I started this blog, I never ever imagined closing to 5,000 pageviews. Financial Literacy or shall I say Business and Finance niche has been very foreign for Filipinos, including me.

SavingsPinay's vision has always been empowering people to take advantage of their age. I believe that we are never too young or to old to dream, to have a goal and to take an action. As a 21 year old I feel blessed that I learned valuable financial concepts early. I was able to earn my income at an early age , I knew how to budget, I had dedicated a growing emergency fund and I started to invest for my future.

Studying Your Payslip

Monday, March 16, 2015
When I first started working I never really paid much attention on my paycheck. I felt like it is not that important and what matters most is that I can have the physical money or payment for the job that I did. But when I started having financial literacy I learned that I need to study my paycheck. 
I need to know where my money goes.

Why Study Your Payslip?!

It is your payslip first and foremost. You have the right to know how much you earn and how much are deducted to you.

How to Dress Up for a Job Interview like a Pro

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi there! I hope you are enjoying this week’s Job Interview Series. Make sure to check the past blog posts as follows:
  1. Introducing: SavingsPinay's Job Interview Series
  2. What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How my Job Interview Went
  3. How to answer “So Tell Me About Yourself” and More Common Job Interview Questions with Answer 
Today I’ll talk about How to dress during a Job Interview and as a bonus I will be linking a Job Interview makeup tutorial that I did before in my Youtube Channel. 

Job interviews are not just boring question and answer portion… it is an opportunity to impress and network with people that could be beneficial for your career goals. First impression lasts in landing a job so you better dress well and proper so success will just shine on your side. 

When I had my job interview I believe I wore the classic white tee, brown jeggings and black blazer. I love these trio combination for they are casual yet gives attitude. But others prefer cocktail dress or for men a polo and slacks. Whatever your choice is remember that the most important thing is to look professional. To look like you are ready to work. 

Timeless Job Interview Tips

Thursday, March 12, 2015
On the first part of this Job Interview Series I of course told you how to prepare for a job interview. Thank you for those who appreciated the post and  see it as a reference if and then an invitation from a job interview comes.

Today the focus of the blog post will be Timeless Tips and Tricks in Handling a Job Interview. My goal is to release you from the agony of dealing with interviews and let you focus on the positive side and the bigger opportunity that awaits once you become a master of the said specific hiring process.

Interviews far more than an examination is like a “make it or break it”. Most applicants go through 2-3 interviews during the duration of their application. First the initial screening, next is the interview with the hiring officer and last but not the least the final interview with the President or CEO. If you don’t have proper preparation then you might feel like “ginigisa” or in the hot seat and that is the least feeling you want to feel.

How to answer “So Tell Me About Yourself” and More Common Job Interview Questions with Answer

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I believe one of the most common job interview question will be “So tell me something about yourself”. It is like the greeting that the Hiring Officer will tell you on the day of the interview. Though the question might seem simple… most job applicants including me find this hard to answer.

What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How my Job Interview Went

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Hi and welcome to this week's Job Interview Series. I believe that March is a great month for job hunting as a lot of graduates will sure feel the pressure of the working world. If you have an upcoming interview or you just want to have an idea on what to expect during a job interview then this Job Interview Series is for you!

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. I guess it is the feeling of uncertainty. You don't know what to expect when that moment comes. Who your gonna talk to and what question will be asked. If you are a shy type person and find it hard to express yourself with people then interviews will surely be extra hard for you, so to help you prepare I have here as first part of our Job Interview Series week the tricks that will make you feel better before, during and after a job interview.

Introducing: SavingsPinay's Job Interview Series

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hi everyone! This week I will be introducing a Job Interview Series. It will be for the whole week so if you either find it hard dealing with job interviews or you have an upcoming job interview then you better check my SavingsPinay this week.

Here are the topics that I will be blogging about.

1. Preparing for a Job Interview.

This is a before, during and after job interview blog topic where I will just give preparation tips based on research and experience on dealing with job interview. I might also share how my job interview went for my current work.

2. How to answer “So Tell Me About Yourself” and other Common Interview Questions.

Finding Out What You Want in Life

Thursday, March 5, 2015

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
This question has been thrown once when we were young probably by our Mom, Dad or a close relative. Do you still remember the answer that you gave?! When I was still young I actually have no idea what I want in to be in the future. 

All I knew is that I am fond of writing and I always have this desire to get what I want in life. taking up Journalism was something that I didn’t plan but it was the only course I felt suited for my intellectual capacity back then. I was the Editor in Chief of our High School Newspaper and was really into writing also I knew there will be less Mathematics subject since BS Journalism in Polytechnic University of the Philippines is under the Mass Communication category.  

Even after graduation I still have no idea what I want in life like whether to pursue becoming a journalist or stick with my new found talent, hosting special events. I guess its also safe to say that as of this time that I am writing this blog post I knew I am still far from the state that I want to be though I hardly have any idea what I want in life. 

Different ways you can apply the 52-Week Money Challenge in Your Life

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
When I first heard of the 52-week Money Challenge I was so ecstatic. Finally another saving system to add in my list. I was have a big fan of the 50-20-30 method wherein 20% of my take home pay is reserved for my monthly savings or the

Before the year started I knew I want to start a new envelope called Future Fund which is more of a fund that I can use for the future plans such as if I want to study again, or my wedding or for my future kids. So that's why I am using the 52 Week Money Challenge to build my Future Fund this 2015.  

I know you might find this a little off considering the fact that I am too young to think too much of the future but I can’t help it. Also at the moment I am single and with no  financial obligation so why not continue saving as many money as possible rather than wasting everything to nothing. 

SavingsPinay's February Quick Recap!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello there! I hope you all are doing fine. The shortest month of the year is now over and we are all saving hello to March! March is one of the busiest month for me and my family for we will be celebrating not just one but four important occasions this year. My brother and his son will be celebrating their birthdays (they were both born on March 30), March 12 is the wedding anniversary of my beloved parents and we still don’t have the exact date yet but by brother’s son, Lyron, will be graduating in Kinder 1 too in March.

Anyhow, since last month I gave the January Recap on half-month of January I thought I need to prioritize this February Recap so I made this as the first blog post for March.
Here’s a list of what happened this month on SavingsPinay!