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Rane Panaligan’s Law of Leverage Book Review

Sunday, June 28, 2015
When I got the invitation for Freedom Event early December last of 2014, I knew it was one of those occasion that I can’t just miss. I found myself looking forward for it like how I much I look forward for the New Year to start.

The whole story about my experience during the said event was published weeks ago and if you want to check then here is the link: MFT Group’s Freedom Event Experience. As promised today is the Part 2 where I will be focusing on the book more and give you a quick tour.

I Want to Meet Mr. Clarity

Lately I've been very moody when it comes to the people around me.

I am moody in the office especially if I know that there are a lot of things to do in a short period of time.
I am moody at home and keep some blaming other people for my shortcomings. I am especially moody when it is a weekend and because I have to be at our store and help I wasn't able to do the things that I was supposed to do that primarily concerns this blog and my other blog, IzzaGlino.

My mind is in beautiful mess. I always feel like I have to do a task but when it is time for me to do the task, I will procrastinate and do social media, watch Detective Conan on my Ipad and so on until I realize that I haven't anything at all.

I need to find Mr. Clarity.

Clarity means the quality or state of being clear, being easily understood and expressed. It could also mean a very exact way.

Areas of my life where I need clarity

1. Clarity on what I really want in my life. I have written and self-reflecting post about this but yes, finding out what I really want in my life has been a constant battle. It is as if every day my mind and my heart is changing.

2. Clarity in my commitment with God. I find it hard to spend quality time with Him for weeks now. I know how important it is to meditate in God's word as a Christian and I just really want to have this clear intentions over my faith and reassure that I put Him on top of my priorities.

3. Clarity in my goals. I have a whole lot of goals set for 2015. I even had a sudden change especially in my investment must haves thus my financial goals were hit too. There is nothing more important to me at the moment than to achieve them goal by goal by goal. Want to clear and on point on what goals must be achieved and those that are becoming more of a hindrance due to too much procrastination.

4. Clarity in my blogging. Both IzzaGlino and SavingsPinay are equally important to me. As much as I want SavingsPinay to succeed I will be more happy if I see the views on my other blog, IzzaGlino, become better too. I actually am thinking whether to put the beauty and lifestyle blog with this blog together but I don't want to ruin the identity of SavingsPinay as a personal finance blog. Anyhow I guess I just have to continue giving excellent posts on my other blog.

Here are 5 of my most recent blog posts:

5. Clarity on my finances. I've been overspending too much and I knew I have to stop. I also became too obsessed in buying books!!! I spent about 500pesos twice in my book shopping which is totally out of my monthly budget. I knew I need to focus more in dealing with sudden financial urges that could really ruin my budget big time.

6. Clarity on my morning and evening routines. I've discussed on my 14 Day Productive Living eCourse the value of a perfect routine. Mornings and evenings should be spent productively. I have written how I mostly want to spend my morning and evening in my Ideal Week Template but I'll probably write an updated one soon.

7. Clarity in what I do and what I do. I knew I have to be more intentional in my actions. No more procrastination and instead act right away in my to do's. I also have to plan before taking action so that everything that I do will just be according to my goals. I also have to think clearer and constant idea dumping really helps with this one.

Just clarity.

I need to find Mr. Clarity and I am all set and ready to find him. I just wish he'll show up sooner.

How about you?! Are there areas in your life that in need of Mr. Clarity?!

How to Handle Bill Payments like a Boss

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I admit how I sometimes forget to pay certain bills not because I don’t have money but because I forget that it is already the due date and/or I am too lazy to go to the bank and pay. (Considering that the bank is just an elevator ride away from our office.)

I lack the system to help me remember better when to pay my bills.

Again on my previous post I mentioned what stuffs I need to pay on a monthly basis. It helps that I don’t have that big responsibilities at the moment compared to others. I am blessed to have parents that plan for their future and inculcate basic financial knowledge to us, siblings. So a huge part of my bills are  personal expenses.

The Three Financial Stages of Our Life

Monday, June 15, 2015
Pursuing our financial goals and wants differ as we pass through the three primary stages of our life. If you want to change your life today, then you need to plan as early as possible before another stage of your life ends. You need to be ready as you enter the workforce, marry the love of your life, start a family, invest in your own home and of course retire.

Today I decided to include the different strategies you can do as you enter the three financial stages of life. Lucky are those who are just starting in stage one because there are plenty of room to improve. Hope you find this post helpful.

Saving Tips for Those who are Living from Paycheck to Paycheck

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Living from paycheck to paycheck is not something new for an ordinary employee. I experienced this back in my previous job due to uncontrollable expenses. You’ll have your sweldo by 15th and by 28th or 29th you need your next paycheck already or else you have no means to provide for your expenses needs anymore.

This experience had taught me valuable lessons that helped me to financially recover. On the current job that I have I became wiser and better in terms of money management. That I owe for the failure that I once suffered.

Below are actionable items that you can do today and will definitely reverse your current financial dilemma 101%.

Time Management Tips for Pinoy Students

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's been three years since I graduated in college and I sincerely miss being a student. I've found myself becoming nostalgic on student life. The student discount, the long summer breaks, the library and the being situated in a classroom filled with amazing friends/classmates.

But I will be very honest. I am not a good student during my time. I struggle a lot in terms of managing my time and end up sacrificing going to classes for my event hosting. I may have mentioned this before in my post My Life, My Job, My Career and 6 Things That Made Me Succeed, I almost dropped school because hosting weddings, debuts and birthdays just provided me enough money. 

SavingPinay May Quick Recap

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

And a new school year begins. I still can’t believe that it is already June!!! More than half of my personal and financial goals are still undone yet half of the year have already passed by. Today I’ll be sharing yet again my quick recap. I hope you are enjoying this installment for SavingsPinay.

May has been a very busy month for me in terms of work. I also had a lot of realizations that I am excited to share to you. So without further ado here’s SavinsgPinay’s May Quick Recap.

  1. We are over 50,000 pageviews. 

    I can't believe that we already passed the 50,000 mark pageviews for SavingsPinay!!! Thank you for supporting each and every post from this blog and really taking time to read each article. If you have extra time do follow me on Facebook, too. 

  2. I shared information about my job!!! 

    Before May ended I shared a career post in the field of Technical Writing. I’ve been a Technical Writer for a year and a half now and it is one of the wisest career  move that I’ve ever done. Read: How To Be A Technical Writer in the Philippines.

  3. New FAMI Portal.  

    As many of you know, I am a FAMI SALEF holder. I’ve been investing in a mutual fund for the a year and a half too. Just recently I checked my ROI via the FAMI Portal and found out that they had changed their website. It was a better looking website and I can easily navigate to every modules available.My ROI is really promising and not any other investment could give that for less than two years.

  4. FAMI Plan Holders Meet Up!  

    I believe I’ve mentioned on other blog posts before that I have workmates that also end up investing in FAMI-SALEF upon knowing that I have an account. Both of them resigned last year but they were still working along Makati so we ended up having a lunch near Rufino. We talked about life of course and I informed them about the new FAMI portal. 

  5. SEO Content Writing.  

    A big surprise on the month of May is that I ended up having a new sideline!!!! I am doing freelance SEO Content Writing and I honestly love the job. I write content based on keyword and make sure that to pass high quality articles only. So far I’ve done around 20 posts already and I am very excited for my fee!!! I’ll be adding the amount on my future fund.

How did your month went?! Did you enjoy May?! Hope you are pumped up for the coming month!

Be better in your finances. Save Now, Invest Now and walk your way to success. Sign up in my Email List and receive templates to get you started in your Financial Wealth. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for better updates. Godbless

10 Things You Can Do in Your 20’s that will Change your Financial Life Completely!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

If you remember last year I became open on how I have some 20-something panics. I became very worried on certain parts of my life. I guess this is about the whole “responsibilities” sinking in for I am now earning my own money and making some decisions that could possibly change my life in the future.

But you know what I realized? The identity crisis, career issues, familial responsibility and money management shouldn’t be cause of depression for all the 20-somethings rather should be a motivation to be financially independent.

How To Get Through the Day

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last week I devoted a post on productive things that one can do on the weekends.(Read: What To Do On The Weekends) It was one of the most viewed post for May and I realized that far more than becoming financially independent, most of SavingsPinay Readers sees productivity as a major need too. And for this matter I will commit to one productivity each week probably Tuesday.

Personally, managing time has been an everyday battle for me. I have days when I feel unmotivated. I feel so much loaded in terms of personal, work and special projects that I still have to do. No matter how others view me as the most productive person they’ve ever met, I will always fall short on what I do. I stumble and will again commit one step forward and two steps back.

How to Correctly Spend Your Money

Monday, June 1, 2015
Money is a strong resource for a man. It can buy a power, prestige and luxury. Unfortunately, money can also bring hatred, greed and dishonesty. That’s why learning how to correctly spend your money is important. You have to be equipped in how money works if you want to really develop your path to financial freedom. 

The art of financial planning is not only centered on budget, savings, investment and others. Proper spending should also be discussed. Once you’ve mastered how your money should be consumed, you will learn that all it takes is financial discipline to be the person you wanted to be.