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The Ultimate Secret to Save Money

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Though I may be a financial blogger I will be very honest to say that I am not perfect when it comes to my finances. If you remember my two posts about the things that ruin my budget like here and more here I have these moments when I really over spend. I feel guilty right away and will promise once again that I won’t do it anymore and will stick to my budget truthfully so that I can save more.

But on one morning ritual I realized one ultimate secret to save money and its very simple and doable too. For now I am exercising of mastering this skill and I know this will save my finances so much.

The Secret is : AWARENESS. Awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. It is being conscious, being able to recognize and to realize  things. When we become more aware we become more wise in money matters.
Examples on how Awareness will teach you to Save your Money:
  • Be aware that you have debt.
  • Be aware that you need to work in order to live.
  • Be aware that you are overspending.
  • Be aware of inflation
  • Be aware that credit cards are not replacement for cash.
  • Be aware that you need to invest NOW if you want to be financially secured for tomorrow
  • Be aware that everyday is a blessing, whatever the situation may be… you are still blessed to be alive.

Becoming aware of the situation will definitely lead you to act wiser than the usual. The more that you open yourself to the truth and accept the facts of what is happening the more you’ll learn the value of money. The more you will be eager to save and the more you will be encouraged to do a budget.

Just be AWARE of the things in your life now. Think what parts needs a genuine realization and you’ll have clearer financial goals for sure. I hope this post helped you. Don’t forget to watch me in my Youtube channel and also to Like my Facebook page. :)

100pesos and Below SULIT Product Finds

Monday, September 29, 2014
Hi everyone! I notice how fast this blog audience has grown and I couldn't thank you enough for browsing each and every post I have. You might not notice though but on my pages above you can see the Beauty link. This actually brings you my other blog,, that focuses on beauty hauls, product reviews and other lifestyle posts.

Lazada Philippines Now I know a lot of my readers here are Pinay and I know at some point there are those who love makeup too like me so I thought it will be nice to post here my Best of 100 Pesos and Below Sulit Product finds.

I started posting products that are 100pesos and below because I am really "barat" and "kuripot" when it comes to makeup. But I am a makeup collector (naks!) so I have to make a way to buy the things that I need and I want within my budget.

Fortunately there are still products that are worthy for less and cheap price. Kaya kung kulang ka sa budget sa pampaganda, this list if for you!

Presenting my Best of 100 Pesos and Below Sulit Product Finds!!!

On Makeups:


On Non-makeups


I really do hope this post helps.  I am a big fan of sulit items and kung saan talagang makakatipid. If you are part of my Facebook family, you may have seen the photo I posted about my makeup organization. You'll see a lot of sulit products there too from local makeup lines like Nichido, San-San, Ever Bilena, Careline and many more!

Thank you for your time reading my post!

My Ideal Week! (Applying Michael Hyatt's Ideal Week Template)

Friday, September 26, 2014

 I also posted this same blogpost in my Beauty Blog :)

Recently I've been stalking the blog of Michael Hyatt. He is a well-known blogger entrepreneur that focuses in intentional leadership. I stumble upon his blogpost on creating an ideal week. That post truly motivated me to create mine.

The idea of creating an ideal week is allowing yourself to plan how you would like your week to be if and then you have 100% of your time. It was the very thing that I needed since as you may know I an filled with ideas that will soon be commitments thus occupying a space in my daily time expenditure.
Mr. Hyatt is very generous to have the template free to download so you can do it here directly. Do read too his blog post  for premier understanding about creating your ideal week. I also used his template as a basis in creating mine so I assure to you the importance of reading that said post.

So here's screen shot of what my ideal week is. This is purely based on Sir Michael's Ideal Week template.

So to explain I've got three main columns in my template.  

  • The first column is for my main theme. I've written self and work as the main theme categories of my daily life. Notice how Self is in the morning or the earliest time of my day. This is setting a priority of hierarchy towards my intentions.

  • The second column is for my time. I set it mainly as how I overview it to be and thankfully it matched what my routine is. I wake up at 4am and end my day at 10:30pm. The intervals are mostly 1 hour to 1 and a half hour per activity.

  • The last column is composed of the days of the week. You have the choice to which day you will start. Mine is Monday and ends in Sunday just like a normal calendar.

On the top row I included the focus of my day. This is important because I set what I do on that day and accomplish the tasks mostly related to my focus. This way I get more things done.

For example on Mondays my focus is my beauty blog, Izza Glino therefore my blog post, marketing blog ideas, content marketing and just every decision that I do during that day is working on my beauty blog and also my Youtube videos

You can also notice that in my weekdays I purposely included 30 mins for blog ideas and content writing. This is my form of break during work. Too much technical writing can be very stressful for me so I take a time off but I see to it that it is for productivity only so what I do is try to relax and compose ideas on what to write next. I can also finish an outline for an article. This is also my way of creating a work-life balance.

Urgent tasks and pending tasks are both work related. If the work is really busy, I go back to my first column as says in my main theme is work and use the time I reserved for blogging to working on documents and system manuals.

My Saturday is reserved for Events which is my hosting gigs. If I don't have a gig on a particular date, I then do exactly on what’s written on my ideal week that you see which in this case is going to our store (family business) to help. I also do all of the facebook marketing, video editing and blog posting (I schedule all contents I created during the weekdays) on this day.

My Sunday is Church and other personal engagements and family quality time. I also reserve some time for blog activities too.


When you have a template on what your day is, it is very natural for you to live by that standard. Before I created this ideal week I procrastinate at work and really devote all of my time and energy to time-wasters. I feel so unproductive that I don't finish anything that I started. But with this ideal week I realized that I can balance my life, my work and my hobby if only I give my 100% attention one item at a time. I learned the value of morning routines and how to wait productively. This is a primary tool to be a master of time and to live by your purpose.

I hope this post helped you. Comment below what do you think of this creating your ideal week method. Also share to me what your ideal week is. Thanks and God bless.

PS. UPDATE!!! As of early September 2014 I deleted my JourneytoSinglehood blog to focus on Izza Glino and SavingsPinay. That day is now reserved for my Online Business which I will definitely make a post for you guys. Hint: Makeup Sale! :)

Ang Wallet Kong Di Nauubusan ng Laman!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yes, I own a wallet na di nauubusan ng laman (a wallet that has never ending cash). No, I am not owning a Seiko leather wallet. More so, I bought this wallet almost six (6) years ago in Landmark Makati for just 129pesos. And honest to goodness since I bought it, I never ever had an experience of losing money. It always has something inside.

Others will tell me that the reason behind this will probably because I always put something inside it. I mean there are cash or coins because I put them in the wallet. But I dare to disagree. The reason I say that I own a wallet na di nauubusan ng laman is because I believe I was able to come up with a financial  management that allows me to maximize my earnings. I am not anak-mayaman but I always find new and amazing ways to save, to budget and to earn.

How Come I Have a Wallet na Di Nauubusan ng Laman

Below are the things I did and you can do too to master your financial management. It is still an ongoing process and I wanted to Paluwagan payment really improve more. I am glad to have you in this journey.

  1. Learn from your parents. I have a strong belief that how we think about money is highly influenced by how our parents. Whatever values they passed unto us will remain forever. My parents had worked hard not to let us (five children) experience going to a neighbor to borrow money or to a sari-sari store to enlist 1 kilo or rice and a sardines. Whenever there’s money problem they make it a point not to involve us not unless really needed. This on other hand taught us to be responsible with our finances and not be in debt. 

  2. Lazada PhilippinesBe a Risk-Taker. If I doubted posting an event host advertisement in the old page way back 2012, I may have never been who am I today financially. My events business has been my source of income while studying and though I have a regular job now and even if I got an unexpected salary increase I still accept clients for weddings and debuts hosting. Take a risk in that idea in your mind. Don’t get discourage if ever you fail rather make it a lesson that will initially change your financial statement.

  3. Find Other Sources of Income. In line with Number 2 always be open for new sources of income. Now that you are still young and active you have to use your creativity and diskarte to earn more. Find ways in how you can increase your paycheck whether it will be offering your services to others or selling stuff you don’t use anymore. 

  4. Have a Budget. Not having a concrete money spending plan is like living a life without direction. You need to know where your money will go. I love creating budgets and sticking to it. Though there are things that ruin my budget I still see to it that I make up for lost earnings by sacrificing my monthly wants. The last time I shop was when I received my Paluwagan payment last August 15. :)

  5. Change your Money Principles. How you view your money will definitely manifest in the financial blessings that you receive. Money earned in an instant will definitely loose in an instant too. The more you fill in negative thoughts in your mind like, “Walang na nga kong pera” and “Di na ko aasenso”, the more you’ll likely to be money stressed thus making you suffer financially. Create a positive mantra that will make you feel less doubtful of your financial wheel.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Again its not about the wallet you own but how well you take charge of your finances. What is your Financial Management trick? And are you ready to master one?

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My 7-Eleven Every Day! Rewards Card

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You know my love for rewards card as have shared to you my Robinsons card and my Coffee Bean Swirl Card. I love special things that add value to my purchase. Last week while it rained very hard I decided to drop by at 7-Eleven to have some korean cup noodles and added snack. While paying the cashier introduced me to Everyday Rewards Card of 7-Eleven so I decided to buy one.

Opening a card is only 10pesos. It is a rewards point system but not reimbursable to cash. 50pesos worth of purchase is equal to 1 point and even if the card is not yet activated all you purchase can be converted to rewards point.

How to Activate Your Card?

Once you have the card there is an intruction at the back. You may activate the card through text but if you find difficulties with this one just go to any 7-11 branch and they will be happy to freely activate your card.

What are the benefits?

Based on my question and answer portion with the attendant these are the benefits:
  • Having the card will automatically qualify you to their rewards session once you have enough points. 
For example you can get free Lipton 500ml drink for 22 points. But I do suggest that just like Globe Rewards point (if you are familiar) don't use your points not until it becomes big enough for high-priced items that you may avail.
  • They have a promo for Free Monopod if you but 10 Magnums and you are an Everyday Rewards Card holder. Too bad when we did it (me and my circle of friends at work) we were only 8 so we weren't able to get the monopod.
  • Also you can have Free WiFi at their store just present your rewards card to the cashier. This is for branches that offers WiFi. 
  • Any on going promo (if you activated your card) will be sent to you via text message. They also have a website where you can see their existing promos and other great deals.

I believe the 10pesos opening for this Everyday Rewards Card is very nice. This may be available only for  Philippine branches and not internationally though. All 7-11 attendants will surely ask if you have a card once you pay for your item and if you still haven't had then why not try?! Wala namang mawawala.

Hope this blog post helps. Please subscribe via RSS and continue to support by liking my Facebook page. :)

23 Motivational Hacks For Young Achievers

Monday, September 22, 2014

I am an advocate of the famous saying that "Age doesn't matter"  but not in terms of love but in the proposition if success. I always tell to the people I engage with that age is our greatest advantage. We can never be too young or too old to dream.We may have different measures of success but what matters is owning the journey and working towards that fruitful destination.

I hope the following motivation hacks will inspire you to have the heart of being anyoung achiever. That you may do things that matters now and not procrastinate or delay for tomorrow.

1. Finish your studies. A degree is important as it will be your passport to success. Trust me in this, the corporate world is like a jungle, if you go without any protection with you, lions of the animal kingdom will snatch your dreams away. Don't give up and finish that degree.

2. Map your life. Learn to create goals whether short-time or long-time. Goals are the number one motivational tool that us human owns. Ask yourself who you want to be in 5-10 years.

3. Leave no room for regrets. Regrets will only emotionally pain you. Rather than obsessing yourself with regrets why not see the many blessings that life has to offer.

4. Be a Doer not a Nagger. Do what you have to do and stop complaining. Don't be a nagger who loves to make noise but never act do the stuff.

5. Stop living the blame game. You have the dominion over your life. Stop pointing others as the reason why you can't be successful.

6. Love your parents. Value your family. One day you'll realize how fortunate you are to have your parents and your family by your side. If they try to stop you from your dreams, take into consideration their opinion. They are the one who are closest to you so they may have a point. And also, if it turns out as a failure remember that your family will be the very persons who will accept you.

7. Start learning a productivity system. Early expirement on different productivity system and find out help what best suit you. Being productive is essential especially once you enter the career world.

8. Be passionate in your craft. If you work with something you are not 100% passionte with, the tendency is you'll end up surrendering in the middle of the journey. Have the passion and compassion you need.

9. Learn the value of being greatful. Find time to be thankful with what you have for it will a lot of difference in your perspective in life.

10. Never Stop Learning. Have a positive attitude towards knowledge. Always strive to expand what you know. Read books, listen to helpful podcats and keep learning something new.

Introduction to New SavingsPinay Pages!!!

Wow. I still can't believe how I manage to stay in the Top 50 Business and Finance blogs of the site. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting to my humble financial platform. I hope in some way or another I am adding value in your life.
For this quick post I'd like to still introduce you to New SavingsPinay Pages! These are quick links that will make your browsing experience better. I also quickly apologize if some functionality I did blog before in SavingPinay Six New Features are missing. I out-the-blue changed my template and didn't realize that most of the said features will be gone. Process to resolve these are on-going! :)

To start with the new pages on my blog includes All Articles, Contact Me and Watch Me In Youtube. The Financial and Personal Goals 2014 page as well as the quick link to my Beauty blog is still present.

All Articles

 All Articles is like a table of contents of ALL my blog posts based on categories. I actually did that static page for like 2 hours because I really wanted to sort each blog post to its proper parent category. As of now I have the following categories:
  1. ALL ABOUT FAMI- All about my experience in my major financial investing with FAMI-SALEF
  2. INVESTMENT VEHICLES- All about the different investment vehicles you can try
  3. BUDGETING SERIES- All about the different types of Budgeting you can easily do  
  4. SAVINGS AND PERSONAL FINANCE- All about how to save effectively and other personal financial know-how
  5. FINANCIAL TIPS AND TRICKS- All about financial tips and tricks that will guide you on your financial life
  6. FOR 20-SOMETHING- All about thought dedicated to 20-somethings
  7. HOW-TO- All about how to do this and how to do that
  8. READER'S QUESTION- All about your answered questions

Contact Me

Contact Me is just a quick list of ways that you can support my blog and contact me too for your inquiries. There's the link for my Facebook page and Twitter page. I also gave a quick instruction in how to follow me through RSS. :)

Watch Me in Youtube

Watch Me in Youtube is a redirect link for my Youtube channel wherein I included videos on financial management. First two videos are Paano ako Mag-Budget (Two Types of Budgeting  You Can Easily Do) and Things that Ruin My Budget.

READER'S QUESTION: How does FAMI work???

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello everyone! If in case you are new in my blog, make sure to click the image on the top right and become My September Commenter of the Month!!! I am giving away 300pesos worth of Sedexo Gift Certificates and 500pesos worth of Ever Bilena and Careline Products. It is my pa-ber month treat for everyone! Again, click the image on the top right.

Last July I received this reader’s question through my contact form. I wasn't able to create a blogpost though I did answer her inquiry through a private reply. But I believe that there may be some who has the same question as her so I here am I broadcasting the answer I sent to her!

Hi Lala!

FAMI is a trusted Mutual Fund corporation here in the Philippines. It is actually tied up with Metrobank so you’ll be sure that your money is in good hands.

A mutual fund is a type of investment wherein you let a financial institution manage how your investment goes. Basically, the FAMI will do everything for you unlike having a personal investment in stock market like COL (if you're familiar) wherein you manually buy and sell stocks.

Upon opening of your account, FAMI will diversify your money to different market pools. You'll receive monthly letter about the NAVPS and the amount of your purchase and so on.

For more information make sure to read the following FAMI posts up on my blog: