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Why I am working on my Retirement Fund at the age of 20

Sunday, July 27, 2014
When I told my parents that I invested in a Mutual Fund they thought I was joking. I’m only 20 and I am thinking about my retirement already (since I decided to make my FAMI account my Retirement Fund).

Read how I applied for FAMI ACCOUNTT HERE.

I know even an ordinary someone especially one who still have no idea about Financial Freedom will raise an eyebrow with this decision. But behold. I am 20 and I started accumulating my paper asset already. I guess this eagerness to live a wealthy life started because of a story I read. It says a story about two fathers who got old and how their life turned out to be.


I don't want to feel unwelcome by my own children and even grandchildren just because of MONEY. I believe it is a must to plan for the future. You owe it to yourself to be responsible enough and be financially blessed. I want to be a well-made woman before I enter a relationship because I want to be a blessing rather than a curse for my future husband. Also, I would love to give back to my family first more than anything.

How about YOU?

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How to Compute for your FAMI Investment

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
As many of you may know now, I am currently working on my portfolio income as a 2014 goal. I invested in a FAMISALEF Mutual Fund and continuously invest monthly as my Retirement Fund. Since I am using a personal investment method to which I will share in a future post, I decided to just write a short blog on How to compute your FAMI Investments.

          Once you had a FAMI account you will receive a letter from FAMI office per investment made. The letter contains information about your recent investment or mainly the variables needed to compute for your FAMI investments as well as ROI as follows:

Number of Shares bought
Amount Invested

Take note of these information and let’s start to do the math. Tip #1: Buy a folder and/or any envelop wherein you can collect the mails sent to you by FAMI for future reference


Number of Shares x Value of NAVPS = Investment

         Let’s have a working sample. Say, you invested 5,000pesos in June and the current NAVPS is 5.304. The value of your shares as per the FAMI receipt is a total of 1,112 shares.

                Number of Shares x Value of NAVPS = Investment
                1,112 shares x 5.3024= 5,896.2688

          This means that you have a gain of 896.2688pesos for your investment.
          Now take note that this a sample only. Your investment depends a lot on the value of NAVPS and the number of shares you bought. Also take note that this co-depends too on the terms and condition in your FAMI investment of choice. In FAMI, if you withdraw your funds within 6 months you have an exit fee of 1.5% which will be deducted to your ROI.

          Is this post helful? If you have further questions on How to Start Investing in FAMI or on How to Invest itself then be sure to leave your questions on my contact form above and/or simply email me at


How To Save within Your Salary?

Monday, July 21, 2014
Ever wonder how you’ll save with the salary you are earning? Then this post is just for you!

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As a 20year old fresh graduate who just started her career in Makati I am not embarrassed to announce that I earn less than 15,000pesos a month. Hey, I’m just new and I’m only living the “Makati Girl” peg for just 5 months and counting. I can also proudly say that what I earn from my sidelines like events is even more than what I earn in the job I have chosen.

Imagine this... (modesty aside) the half of my salary I earn that for just mere 4hours of hosting or other event related gigs.

But this post is not about my salary or my job or my whatsoever. This post is about HOW YOU CAN SAVE WITHIN YOUR SALARY. From those earning 10,000pesos to those who have as high as 20,000pesos a month. Let’s start.


As someone who is starting out it would mean to do the SLOWLY BUT SURELY SAVING.
It shouldn't be forgotten that you are getting an amount that may be lesser than your expenses. Make sure to follow these three tips.
  1. Live Less- Do not be bounded by the pa-sosyal society. Try to live simply but still in the alignment of your goals. Instead of buying drinks in the cafeteria, bring your own bottle and you will save a lot of pesos. Eat in the pantry together with your new-found work buddies instead of going alone to fast food because it might cause you to order more.
  2. Start Learning- Stock up on knowledge for it will make you be better in handling your finances. Try to buy books about saving up and/or if you are saving do this trick that I did before, I go to the bookstore and find books that are opened and read there. I love National Bookstore Glorietta and also Powerbooks Greenbelt for the wide variety of book selection!
  3. Save 1000/month- 1000 a month is big enough for a newbie. Try the 50-30-20 Rule of Budgeting to truly maximize the potential of your starting salary.
As someone who got his/her first rise it would mean to do the MAINTAIN AND SUSTAIN YOUR CASHFLOW
These three tricks will help you sustain your cash flow with your first raise. The idea is to level up your goals and objectives in your finances.

  1. Build an Emergency Fund- Since you were able to live with your newbie salary it would be nice to have any portion of your raise as part of your Emergency Fund. Make sure to build your emergency fund in account that you can’t easily withdraw.
  2. Live Simpler- Don’t rely on your raise and just act as if nothing happened. Top up your investment from 1000 a month to 3,000 a month or more. This way you will save a lot at the end of the year.
  3. Reward yourself- Once in a while try to reward yourself to be able feel more inspired. Just make sure to do it ONCE-in-a-while.
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As someone who got rewarded with major promotion it would mean to TAKE RISK AND INVEST.
Follow the tricks below to amplify the growth of your money and work your way towards financial freedom.
  1. Take Every Opportunity- Do not just stay with your job and instead find some sidelines or other opportunities that will make you grow your finances. Sell online or tutor someone or maybe start blogging and accommodating advertisements from other.
  2. Work out your Portfolio Income- Remember my post on 3 Types of Income??? Now that you are on a major promotion it will be timely to start working out on your portfolio income by finding means to invest of either mutual fund, stock market or VUL accounts. Start as early as possible for it your money will mature better that way.
  3. Commit- Make saving a habit. Be sure to save and invest on a regular basis. Once it became part if your routine you’ll be able to handle every financial battle that might come your way.
YOU hold the key to your success and there’s always a way on everything in the world. No matter how much your income is, there’s always a WAY TO SAVE!

Happy Saving!

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5 Steps to become a 20-something Millionaire

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire at a tender age of 20-29 years old??? Not unless you were born with “Gintong Kutsara”, becoming a rich at an early age is something we all would like to be. I remember when I’m still young I always envy those who have great life... those artists I see on the TV and even the beautiful lady in the magazine.

Now, I am 20 years old, working plus doing a lot of sidelines and had known God, I realized that we are all equal no matter what. Life is never unfair and there's always an opportunity to be better every day of our lives.

I’d love to be a millionaire soon and I know today in my financial status is so so far from that aim, I still caught these 5 Steps that will eventually make one a 20-something Millionaire.

The 50-20-30 Rule of Budgeting

Monday, July 14, 2014
It’s payday again and I can feel your excitement holding that payslip of yours more so the money that you will withdraw in the ATM Machine. I wonder how you budget your cut-off payment. I know a lot of us have different budget techniques. I blogged about some HERE and HERE. No matter how you use your work pay I’d like to invite you to know The 50-30-20 Rule that will change how you use your paycheck.

Are you ready?

Things that RUIN my BUDGET (And Maybe YOURS Too)

Sunday, July 13, 2014
SAVING... I think saving is one thing that is really hard to do. It’s like a work in progress. There will be that moment that you are doing it and then those moments wherein you stumble and fall out of your budget. In this post I list down the TOP THINGS that RUIN my goal to Save and if one or more of the items appeals to you then comment below so I will know and together let’s share our instances about the matter!!! Ok?!

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1. The “Minsan Lang Naman” Drama- I know, I know... this is a very common thing but YES... I have said this before and truly sweep an amount out of my wallet. I’ll say “Minsan lang naman ako bibili” or “Minsan lang ako makakakita nito” and then I will spend... and spend and spend. This is something I still have to work on with. Count on this category the Sales stores that you visit only to find yourself buying for something you won’t even use or wear. 

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2. “Libre ko na to”- Being a Filipino, we inherit this trait of being generous especially to others. But sometimes I tend to be over generous to the point that even though I have this budget thing that I need to accomplish, I find myself telling people that’s “It’s my treat”. Not to brag or show-off but mainly because I always have this feeling that I can still earn that amount anyways. 

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3. “Sweldo Naman eh” moments- This is a big threat especially to those who are employees and used to money in their ATMs during the half and the end of the month. Not because it’s sweldo does it mean that you have the access to buy what you want... Be reminded that it will always be needs and necessities first after all.

Those are just some of the moments that greatly ruin my budget. Is there anything from the list that you also do too??? Them make sure to MESSAGE me via my Contact-Form above or just email me at Or Comment below!!!

Thank's for reading.

Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
photo from Google

I believe I've said this a million times already BUT let me say it once again, my dear sisters and brothers who are enjoying their 20-something life-------------------------BE SMART ENOUGH AND USE YOUR AGE AS YOUR GREATEST ADVANTAGE.

I know I may be sounding a bit offensive here but if that is the only way that I can caught your attention then I will. Now that you are in your 20's you have so much time and so much energy to spent to. You have the youth equipped with maturity that will empower you to be better. 

So I do believe this is the right time to share to you some Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something that can be useful as you strive for financial freedom. You might think that it is too early to think about being rich and/or investment... but think again, as the famous Filipino saying goes, "Daig ng Maaga ang Masikap".

 1. Make saving a habit- Do save on a regular basis no matter how much the amount is. It doesn’t matter how little or big your savings is as long as you do it on a continuously.

2. Aim to be Financially Educated- Nope, you don’t have to earn a degree/second degree and enrol on a financial school. What I am saying is try to take some time of your day researching. A lot of blogs, just like this one, SavingsPinay, offer FREE Financial Insights. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE J Email me your Name, Age and Gender at

3. Be Goal-Oriented- Goals makes a person motivated and it highly differentiates a person good investor from a successful one. Being goal-oriented creates a character to the person that can help in focusing to short term and long term goals for money matters. Once you have established specific goals you will become more motivated to save and to earn.

4. Take Advantage of Time- Your finances highly depends on time. The earlier you start saving and investing, the higher and the earlier the guarantee of financial freedom.

Do not let time pass you by. Sabi nga di ba “Walang masamang maging mahirap, ang masapa ay yong mamatay kang mahirap”. You have to take care of yoru finances and be better stewards of your money. This is God’s plan. He wants us to be prosperous. He laid down a lot of opportunities too… all you have to do is ACT NOW!

Thank you for reading my post. To receive a FREE BUDGET TEMPLATE then Email me your Name, Age and Gender at

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Saturday, July 5, 2014
This year will be the year that I will be turning 21 and its actually part of my birthday wish to finally have my own Credit card. My reason for wanting to own one is the fact that I believe it will teach a lot of lessons in regards with my finances if and then I will have a credit card.

I am actually in a hunt of what bank offers the best Credit Card and for this Credit Card hunt series I will be posting first about Unionbank.

As you may know, I have opened my EON Cyber Account Unionbank last month and I also found myself intrigued with their Credit Card products.


The Unionbank Credit Cards are divided into two types, Branded Cards and Specialty Card.

Branded Cards are Unionbank's basic credit card types that includes the following:

      • Enjoy cash rebate, free gas, free plan ticket, free dining and shopping all in one card. 
      • Simple to spend and earn reward Points that can be redeemed to whatever the owner fancies.
      • Travel for free when Reward Points are converted to Philippine Airline' Mabuhay Mile Frequent Flyer Program or redeem directly for Cebu Pacific and SEAIR plane tickets.
      • Enjoy relaxing stay and gourmet food for FREE at Club Manila lounge before departure.
      • When abroad, count on Global Travel and Emergency Assistance for a wide range of referral services.
Specialty Cards are additional Unionbank Credit Cards that targets specific goals of a creditor. 

      • Earn miles and Travel rewards on air, land and sea
      • Redeem your points for airline tickets via airfare of choice
      • Transfer your Travel Points to Philippine Airline's Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program for a free plane ticket or redeem directly for Cebu Pacific and SEAIR plane tickets
      • Enjoy sail away cruise when you travel by sea aboard Superferry
      • Travel by land chauffeur-driven or rush to your flight with an airport transfer from Avis
      • Redeem your Travel Points or free local and international Travel Packages
      • Fast track your Travel Rewards with a combination of Travel Points and Cash or simply change and entire reward to your card and enjoy one of the lowest package rates in the country
      • Free access to Club Manila Lounge
      • Earn cellphone load from your combined spending and revolving outside balance. Load automatically credited to your enrolled cellphone number or as bills payment to your post-paid cellphone account
      • Enjoy as mus as 5% rebate when you charge your e-load purchase to your Shop & Talk Card
      • Enjoy the being a true-blue Cebuano from special discounts at selected home-grown restaurants, clubs, shops, and department stores in Cebu exclusive installments
Any Unionbank credit Card will give you the following advantage:

  1. Installment program from 3-36months
  2. Auto-charcge facility wherein auto-charge for bills to the Unionbank credit card is avaialable
  3. Auto-Insurance Installment plan that let's you have auto-insurance coverage in 10 easy installments at 0% interest
  4. Rewards Program through reward points for every use
  5. Discount Program with freebies in shopping and dining
  6. Credit Life Insurance which covers up to 400,000pesos of the outstanding balance for untimely death
  7. Unlimited number of Supplementary Cards for family and friends
  8. Worlwide Acceptance
  9. Payment Convenience with Flexible payment, Pay in Peso for intenational transactions, Longer Credit Limit and numerous ways to pay
  10. Cash Advance Facility
  11. 24x7 Customer Service
  12. Mobile Banking and
  13. Email Statement of Account
Seeing these numbers of advantage, one will not regret applying for a Unionbank credit Card. I see the Classic Credit Card as one of the chosen one for me. I love how it gives a lot of freebies and other highly related products and services for someone like me who is looking for a powerful credit card.

It is also nice that the Specialty Credit Card selection truly gives way for a creditor's personal choice. Omnipass is good for those who are travelers while Shop&Talk is for those who loves to shop and to call. 

Hope you guys like this post.

PS. I am in no connection with Unionbank and this post is created solely for the purpose of blogging.

Thank you so much.