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What is NAVPS?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

NAVPS or Net Asset Per Share is one of the key term you ought to know once you start investing especially in Mutual Funds. At first I have no idea what this five-letter acronym means but through time I discovered that it is essential to know its ins and outs.

NAVPS is the value of a single unit or share of a fund. For Mutual Fund, NAVPS refers to the price at which the shares are bought and sold. Since you are not buying nor selling on a personal basis but instead you let the financial institution take charge of everything.
NAVPS can be calculated by dividing the Total Net Value of the fund or company by the number of shares outstanding.
NAVPS= Mutual Fund’s Net Asset Value
                # of Shares Outstanding

PS: I will be blogging on how to compute your FAMI Investment before the month ends so stay tuned! J

Thank you for reading my post. 

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How to Apply for Unionbank EON Bank Account

Thursday, June 26, 2014
The EON Debit Card will most probably be the best product of Unionbank for me. I have no credit card so I find it hard to apply for Paypal but thanks to this product, now I can!

My application for the EON Card actually took me just hours! It’s fast, convenient and efficient!
Tip: Apply Online!!! Do not attempt to go to the Unionbank and Apply there for it will take you 1 week before you can claim your EON Card!!!

Step 1: Fill up the Online Application. This can be easily done in the Unionbank Website, Just click the EON Apply Online Link.

Step 2. Once you have fill up the online application you will be getting an email confirmation that contains your reference number and preferred branch for claiming. Have a copy of this by simply writing it on a note pad or print screen the email on your phone.

Step 3. Go to the Unionbank Branch of your choice. You can immediately do this once you have received you have received your email confirmation. Just make sure that you go the branch that you indicated.

The email you will receive from EON Team.
Make sure to copy your reference number and
 present it to the Unionbank teller.
Step 4. Prepare 2 Valid IDs. The list of Valid IDs are located here. And 350pesos as an annual fee and initial account opening fee.

Tip: If you are employed, prepare an ID that contains the same address within the branch of your choice. Example: I work along Rufino Plaza, Makati so the branch I enrolled is in Unionbank Rufino. The teller herself requires me to present an ID that has the address of the company within Makati. She insisted that it is regulation of Unionbank for EON Cards. Beware because they will not release your EON Card without this ID, again based on my experience.

Step 5. Go personally to the Unionbank branch of choice. Ask the guard who is the best person to talk to about EON release. Once talking to the Sir or Lady, present your Reference Number and your 2 IDs as well as your company ID.

Tip: No need to photocopy your IDs for the Unionbank will be glad to photocopy your identification cards. J But for your peace of mind you can prepare so.

Step 6. Wait for the further instructions given by the Unionbank teller. It should take you not more than 20mins for the whole process. That is the good thing when you apply online for they already have your application in their system’s database. All you have to do is wait.

Step 7. Sign on the paper and hand in your 350pesos initial annual payment. Your physical card will be yours at that time. They will also give you your initial PIN.

Step 8. Congratulations! You are now an EON Card Holder! J

PS. The teller told me that it is important to give the correct address for your online application for there will be a thank you mail that will be sent via certain courier. If you are unable to receive this mail then your application will have major problem.

PSS: If you are from Taguig City, Taguig will not appear in entry of your address for the post code verification. Type Bicutan instead for it has Bicutan/Taguig.

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FAMI Update!

Monday, June 23, 2014
So from this post I have mentioned that I enrolled a FAMI Mutual Fund. The truth is, I wasn’t able to have my initial investment a month after I have received via mail my confirmation receipt. I enrolled the account on the month of February but was only able to top up my investment by the month of April.

Anyhow, for the update on my FAMI account I am doing the Peso-Cost Averaging method of investment. I treat my FAMI account as a regular savings account wherein I invest monthly and don’t miss a single month. This way I know that my money is growing.  Thank God I have my Metrobank Direct so it’s easier for me to pay bills. 

I also receive a monthly mail straight to my home from FAMI. They give me idea on the Number of Shares that I currently own and the Amount I paid. I collect these mails for future references.

Just for 2months I was able to gain 350pesos to my account. More on how to compute your FAMI investments in my future blog posts. That is almost 5% of my total investment.

 I know 350pesos seems so little but knowing the fact that I actually didn’t do anything for my money to grow that much is awesome. No bank can give a 5% gain in just 2 months!

Slowly I am learning my way into the FAMI Portal. I still have a lot of terms to absorb. Stocks has been very new for me but I am believing that it will be all worth it in the end.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014
Hello everyone! After a month long of rest I am now back to blogging about my financial and lifestyle tips and rants.

The month of May has a very hard one for I have to finish a lot of pending projects at work. But now I’m back – FOR GOOD!

Thank you first and foremost for making me 
stay as one of the Top 100 blogs Business and Finance Blog although I came from a long hiatus.

As a comeback I will be introducing a lot of new concepts here in my blog. I will also continue with the Series and Tips. I will also share some personal experiences and updates from the things that I learn towards financial freedom.

I know the road is still far but I am taking everything one step at a time with the value of slowly but surely.

Thank you for reading my post. For further inquiries you may email me here:

7 Advantages of Mutual Fund

Quick update everyone!!! I just received my final email for my FAMI account opening and my mutual fund is now working. HURRAY!!!

I still can't believe that i was able to apply a mutual fund account. This is actually part of my long term goal and has always been just a dream. But now i know everything will be in reality. The years of investing will be worth it for sure. Thank you God for the financial freedom. :)

In today's post i will be sharing the different advantages of investing in mutual fund over direct stock market. For those who have zero idea, there are two type of stock investment you can actually do. One, indirectly or through investing in mutual funds and second, directly wherein you will open your own account through COL Financial for example. What i chose to do first is the mutual fund in FAMI because i have lesser experience in stock investing.

Through my research i listed down the different advantages of investing in mutual fund that you might want to check out. I hope this will give you a positive response why you should start investing now.

  1. Low Initial Investment- Starting a mutual fund account will only cost 5,000pesos which is a very fair amount whether you are working in a minimum wage or above minimum. All you have to do is start saving that said initial investment and for additional investment you can just give 1,000 pesos a month!!!
  2. Diversification- When you open your mutual fund account, all the money you invest will be diversified to different corporations intelligently picked by experts. FAMI actually uploaded a wheel of partition as to where your investment will be sent you can easily glance at their website.
  3. Convenience and Cost Efficiency- In mutual fund you are  free of stress in buying or selling or any other key terms and what abouts in the stock market. The firm where you opened your account will do everything for you. All you have to do is give additional investment every month. This will save you time, effort and additional money for transportation too. 
  4. Principle of Compounding- If you are starting your researches about financial management then you have already heard of the term compounding. Compounding is the best friend of your investment. The more time your money is in the stock market the higher it will gain interest. Even if you stop investing after five years as long as your money is the mutual fund account it will still gain interest and will still make you a millionaire. This principle is present in every mutual fund accounts.
  5. No more Tax- Now this is the true reason why mutual fund is advantageous. There is no tax applicable for this one. All your investment will be with you without any tax deduction. What you see in your paper asset will be the same when you out it to cash.
  6. Regulated by SEC- It is actually a good thing to have a back up in every investment that you make. Fortunately, investing in mutual fund is regulated by Security and Exchange Commission so you will have no worries that your investment will be put to waste. Just be sure to invest in true and regulated mutual fund firms.
  7. Liquid Statement- Liquidity is easier in mutual fund because the company will really let you see what is happening to your investment. The breakdown of everything is present that gives you an edge over other investments. There is also easy access to information in mutual fund because they are just a call or an email away and they send information to your email address real time.
Hope you liked this post and i do hope you will start investing now. Don't let your money slip away. 

How to be Financially Blessed?

I am following this plan in my Bible all called How to be Rich Devotinal by Adam Stanley and it teaches the different biblical perspective of wealth. It is good having biblical perspective in terms if managing your finances because you are sure to be in the right path.

I believe the Bible has the answer for everything and it is a very good book to invest with first and foremost for your financial freedom.Notice how a lot of Filipino financial books are written side by side with Biblical verses?? It is because the Bible will never lie. It is the word of God written in it.

Anyhow, today's post is all about Becoming Financially Blessed. Being blessed with your finances is a true gift from God. Once you realize that you are doing well with keeping track of your investments, expenses and/or savings you are surely to become a happy one.

I'd like to share to you these tips on how to be financially blessed and hope that it makes you truly blessed.

1. Tithe- When you tithe, you are giving back what's due to God. It is in the Bible and it has always been in what we are taught about. 10% of your wealth for a month should be given back to the Temple of God (Church). I first Tithe back in college days when I became a Christian and at first it is very hard to commit. I would always have doubts whether my money will be enough if I tithe. But when you make it a habit of yours you will eventually realize how good in the heart it is. And how happy you become. And the more you give, the more your receive.

2. Help- Help others to be financially well. For me, starting this blog is my way of sharing blessings. I love to share what my thoughts are and what I am glad to talk about. M main goal is to be able to create a young generation of financially blessed persons.

3. Take Opportunity- When God opens new opportunity, take it. If a new job comes along, if a sideline opens up and/or a scholarship and so on - TAKE IT!!! New opportunities will help you widen your horizon this making you make use of your talents and possibly earn from it. May be you are already having a good time taking pictures of others then why not try being an event photographer?! Or you really love writing then why not become a freelance writer?? For me, God opened an opportunity in hosting weddings and events and I am glad that I said yes. Now I have earnings aside from my monthly income. Isn't that great?! 

Have you read my post on Business Ideas you can start with low capital?? Then read it now and learn more about how opportunities ahead matters.