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Building and Balancing your Personal Economy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
With all the negative things happening in the national economy - from news about corruption here and there, high prices on products in the market and etc, one should be able to stand firm and balance his/her personal finances.

Personal economy stands for the over all management and status of your own cash flow. It involves everything that you do and going to do with your money. Just like how the national economy goes, theres the personal budget, personal investments, personal savings, personal expenses and personal tracking of records involved.

As a 20-something, this idea may be far from what you are focusing now, BUT I would like to give you a friendly reminder - it is at this age that YOU should start balancing your personal economy so that whatever happens in the future YOU are prepared economically!!!

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Now How can you Build and Balance Your Personal Economy???

Learn the following basic and general knowledge about financial freedom: 

Savings- Saving is the number 1 and the most important aspect of personal economy. Your savings must cover up to six (6) months of your current expenses. Learn to save through the following related money saving links here in my blog that you can easily find. Having enough and/or more than enough savings is a good way so that when emergency happens you won't have to panic.

Be thrifty- This is the ultimate reason why budgeting is important for a person. When you know how much you earn, save and spend you will be able to live more frugal. It doesn't mean that when a huge amount comes in your way you have to spend it all the way. Learn the value of ants... They work hard ever day and live is simple and frugal so that when the rainy season comes they'll be firm and stable.

Stay Away from Debt- One thing that you should limit in your life is borrowing money. More than teh fact that it is a bit embarrassing, being always in debt means there is something wrong in how you manage your finances. Strive hard to get away from having debts for they may limit what your money power will be in the future. Debt should only be used when it is needed and there is no other option available and not because you need to buy those branded bags and/or treat your friends for your birthday. 

Invest- Investing is not something you delay for the future. As early as now you can have your first experience in investing. With only 5,000pesos you can easily open a FAMI mutual fund just like what I did. Find an investment that suits your personality. Have it for a long term and view it as a retirement fund. Investing will change your personal economy forever.

Value- Last but not the least, value the money you have earned and worked hard for. Always think about the effort you have made to be able to earn that certain amount. Find the value of everything that you do with your finances and you will be able to learn how to live life to fullest. Give back to your tithes and fulfill yourpersonal goals easily.

Hope you find this post helpful. If you want to learn more about FAMI then don't forget to read my blogsposts: How I Apply for FAMI Account (Step by Step w/ pictures), FAMI or COL (Beginners Alert) and How to Pay your FAMI account through Metrobank Direct.

Secrets To A Happy Life

Sunday, April 20, 2014
To find happiness in this modern world is a gift of God. I love that even with the turning of events, from the news full of bad and horrific incidents happening all around, the climate change bring a lot of unwanted catastrophe and the number of people who are turning into worse beings with wrong is truly a gift to find peace and equality.

Happy Life for me is a balanced life. It is filled with pure goals and inspiration, a continued humility and hard work, a dash of faith and hope, a seasoning of optimistic people that surrounds you and an overflow of love.

A happy life means being contented with the things that you are continually pursuing. It is being realistic and being active.

So what are the Secrets of achieving this Happy Life???

  • LOVE- Learn to love more. Learn the value of acceptance and forgiveness. When you love more you forget the hate and the sorrow. You become a renewed person. Love is not just about being in a relationship. Love is all around and if you truly want to find out what it is all about then better read the greatest book of all time-----------THE BIBLE. :)

  • CLEAR GOALS- Goals are good. they are motivation to the soul. They equip the mind with hope and perseverance. Having clear and attainable goals are important. Start having a planner or just a notebook wherein you can jot down your plans. Weak Goals means Weak Inner Self so make it a habit to create goals that are inspirational and make you move.

  • Find Time- Remember the old saying that the Best way to spell Love is Time??? True enough balancing your time can make you a happy person. Good and efficient time management will create a more organized life. Find time for yourself, for your family, for your hobbies, for your work, for running errands, for meditating and of course for God. It is important to give time to the most important ones. Know when, where and how you will do it. Focus on the priorities.

  • Start Small- Finding happiness is not an over night one. It takes time for a person to finally say that he or she is happy in his or her life. Just like the message of Will Smith's movie, Pursuit of Happiness, Happiness is something that you can only pursue but not achieved. You can only find true happiness in the eternal life. Happiness is the most glorious feeling thus, it is the hardest feeling to achieve.

At the end of the Holy Week, I pray that you will find the secret to your happiness. Never forget about the simple things that makes life worth living. Remember what Jesus did to the cross. He gave His life for our sins. The Secret to a Happy Life is believing in that Jesus died for YOU. 

If there is something that's bothering you right now. If you are feeling down. Always remember "God loves you!" :)

Happy Easter Sunday. 
Izza Glino

METROBANK WEEK: All about Metrobank Direct Onlien Banking

Friday, April 18, 2014
Metrobank Direct is Metrobanks official online banking system. It guarantees a No Line banking with cashless nad convenience for any Metrobank holder through a web based access.

I have been enjoying my Metrobank for almost 2 months now and I am happy with the servcie that they provide. With the Metrobank Direct, one can see the following:

  • All transactions and account logs
  • Send Money for Free
  • Pay Various Bills Online
  • Secure all Online Transactions
  • Add Funds to Mutual Fund like FAMI accounts
  • Start stock investing easily
  • Open another Metrobank accounts
I personally loved that I can add fund to my FAMI account without any hassle and I can also schedule it. If you want to read how I do it then read here. If you still haven't enrolled in the Metrobank Direct then click here for the process.

The online portal of Metrobank Direct gives a very clear and easy to understand mesaage. You need to enter your valid Username and Password to have an access. Take note that the password must be alphanumeric and includes capital letter/s for security purposes.

The Home Page gives all the provisions a Metrobank Direct member can access.

You can easily View Account Summary

Pay Bills. I already tried this one for my FAMI account and it works :) To read click here.

Transfer Fund. If you would want to transfer you r money to another Metrobank Account then you can easily do it here.

Re-order Checkbook.

Manage Accounts. This is the main settings page of the online account. You can easily provision how your account will work.

Open a New Account

Stock Trading. I still haven't tried this one because I already have my FAMI account but I will definitely research more about this.

Tax Payment. Another great advantage of having a Metrobank Direct account is paying your Taxes online. Metrobank can easily transact the said payment to BIR.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are enjoying my Metrobank Week series. :)

METROBANK WEEK: How to Enroll in Metrobank Direct Online Banking?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Banks offering online banking is one of the best that ever happened in our society. I often tell this on my blog posts how much I love how BPI created one of the first online banking system that lets cashless banking possible and for this week I will be focusing on Metrobank.

I got my Metrobank ATM because my current job uses it for payroll. I really wanted to have a Metrobank ATM because I recently invested in FAMI and I knew one can pay investments via Metrobank Direct. To know more about how you can pay your FAMI account through Metrobank Direct click here.


 You have to have an existing Metrobank ATM, checking account, passbook, OFW and Pensioners account, Fun Savers Club, Metro checking account other products of Metrobank before you can apply for the Online Banking.

2. Once on the web portal, click in Enroll Now in the Mobile Direct ad space.

 3. You will be redirected to a new web page. Fill in all the needed information. Click Continue.

 4. You will then receive an email activation from Metrobank. Read then instruction and follow carefully.

5. Congratulation! You can now enjoy the hassle-free experience of Metrobank Direct banking.

Hope this blog post helps. Happy Banking!!!

METROBANK WEEK: How to pay your FAMI account through Metrobank Direct

Monday, April 14, 2014
As i mentioned before in my blog I was able to have my first ever investment in FAMI. It is with the FAMI Save and Learcn Equity Fund. I could't contain my happiness knowing that at last I am able to practice what I preach. Save and Invest for the future all the way.

Since I alredy had my Metrobank ATM, I initially applied for a Metrobank Direct, Metrobank's online banking portal. I was able to ise my account fast and I believe that online banking is truly one of the greatest gift of all time. It's fast, efficient and accountable.

So How Are You Going To Pay for your FAMI additional investment via Metrobank Direct??

First, log in to your Metrobank Personal Account.

Next, click Pay Bills in the E-Banking solutions section

Select the FAMI account you enrolled in the Register New Bills section.

Select the amount you are going to pay. You add an investment from 1000.00 and above.

You will receive an email of your Successful Online Payment in just a few seconds.

This week on my blog will be all about the many things you can do with your Metrobank Direct account so be sue to stay tuned.