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How I Balance Life and Work?

Saturday, November 29, 2014
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So it's finally the last month of the year!!! I hope you can stay tune for this month as I will have my Holiday Series. It's everything that you want to know this holiday season concerning your finances. On my other blog, beauty and lifestyle, I am planning of publishing the best of 2014 series. :) Hope you'll support both blogs.

December more than being the last month of the year is also the peak season for events. Almost all of my weekends are fully booked from wedding to birthday and of course Christmas Parties.

There are also double the work in the office as there are projects needed to be settled before the year ends. I even have a pending of 13 documents so far! (whew!)

The blog is doing good so far and I don't want to miss a day without a blog post but sadly I do for the lack of time management. The eBook is done as well as the templates and they will be open for downloads this month. New series on the other hand will be welcomed in this humble platform of mine.

So I get asked often how do I achieve a Work-Life Balance?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
I know I've mentioned this either on this blog or on my other blog, but yes, my language of love is recognition. With that being said, I realized how an over-achiever I can be. I love starting something and most of the time I find it real hard to finish what I started.

One step forward, two steps back...
I always try to find another thing or stuff to add in my responsibility. For example, I have my daily job but I still do events and I did not just stop at being an event emcee I became an event planner/coordinator as well. Another scenario is this blog. Though from 8AM-6PM, my work will require to write, I still sign up a blog (two blogs by the way) that I have to update with contents.

I did an eBook and was inspired to follow up this with more early next year.  I also do Youtube videos as I was inspired by the likes of Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, BeyondBeautyStar and local gurus such as Say Tioco Artillero, Ana Patricia Victorino and Michelle Dy.

And aside from the above mentioned I do freelance writing for websites such as 
(You may read my first published post HERE)

Of course it's worth mentioning that I joggle all these roles along side my being a follower of God, daughter to my parents, a sibling to my brother and sisters, a family member to my relatives, a friend to my friends, a Marketing Assistant to my company and a whole lot more titles I find it hard to mention.

And yes I want MORE...
I have lined up a list of projects for next year both career-wise and personal-wise and I know starting something is very hard. I also fail. I once had this brilliant idea to sell makeup in a box (think of BDJ Box, Glamourbox and Saladbox) but I failed because of lack of knowledge, preparation and experience. I bought an LCD Projector for I thought I could let it be rented for events but the business is not good and the projector is at home and primarily used for at home movie watching.

But I still believe that in every failure comes the opportunity for success.

I still have a lot to try. My 21 and Better list is just waiting for my response. More Personal and Financial Goals needed to be achieved and of course I am entitled to be better in what I do.

Hope everything turns out well in God's perfect timing.  
How about you?! Have you experienced starting something and finding it hard to finish? Do you have goals and bucket lists waiting to be achieved?! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Don't Forget to Grab a Copy of Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook + Templates

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
You still have a chance to get the Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook together with the Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever Templates!!! All for FREE.

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What you'll get?!

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BDO Easy Investment Plan First Impression

My first savings account ever was from BDO. It was my Mama who made it possible for me to have one even though I only have Postal ID as an official identification. The account only lasted for a year and I got it closed because I was below the minimum balance. I don’t know how to save back then.I was sad that because of my bad attitude on money, I wasn’t able to properly take care of my first savings account but things surely happen for a reason.

The reason why I brought up that story is because today’s post will be about BDO’ Easy Investment Plan. If you’re new to the investing world I suggest reading first my post entitled How to Worry-Free Invest in the Philippines just to give you a little preparation checklist.
BDO Easy Investment Plan is a type of managed funds in the kind of UITF. To know more about UITF, kindly click HERE. Since its handled by a bank, and knowing that BDO has been in the business for years, trust is unquestionable.

Though I did not open my first investment in a UITF (as I invested in FAMI first) I will for sure make this part of my diversification list.

More Facts About BDO EIP

  1. UITFs you can invest are as follows:
    1. BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund (PFIF)
    2. BDO Peso Balanced Fund (PBAL)
    3. BDO Equity Fund (EQUITY)
(The idea is same as FAMI wherein you can choose to either invest in FAMI-Save and Learn Equity Fund, FAMI-Save and Learn Balanced Fund as well as FAMI- Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund)
  1. Minimum Investment is 10,000pesos
  2. Investment starts at 1,000pesos per month
  3. Contributions can be once a month or twice with frequency in accordance to 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th of the month
  4. For convenience, you can settle the account automatically in your BDO Savings / Checking / Payroll account maintained with any BDO branch
  5. A Confirmation of Participation (COP) will be given once  your investment reaches at least Php 10,000.00 on a contribution date
  6. There’s a non-completion fee of 0.50% of the original contribution amount
  7. Cut-off for the enrollment is at four (4) banking days before the desired first contribution date

Document Needed for Opening

One (1) EIP Application Form which includes the EIP Terms and Condition and Automatic Debit Arrangement Form
One (1) set of UITF Customer Account Record
One (1) set of Signature Card
Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ)
Client Investment Suitability (CIS)
Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS)
Declaration of Investor/s
Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement
One (1) 1 X 1 picture
Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs
Other EIP Forms

*Taken from BDO website

If you are having thoughts on opening a UITF account, this BDO EIP could be of a good choice though the amount that it takes to open an account is higher compared to others (like FAMI Mutual Fund), still this is worth the try. Investment is always a risk, but its better to take the risk than neglect the chance. Goodluck!

My 20-something panic!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

If you’ve been following my blog you know how much I change my themes often and I do apologize for the sudden change...AGAIN. I just felt like my theme earlier this month has been out of control considering the Adsense stuff that I would like to minimize.

I wanted this blog to be as sincere as possible. I want to broadcast financial knowledge and add value to my readers first, the money I get from this blogging things ought to be a bonus. So I do hope this new change is for the better.

Speaking of change, you all know that last November 9 I changed my age from 20 to 21. I even shared My 21 and Better list on my beauty and lifestyle blog that I virtually shared for you are part of my accountability partners now. Blogging for about a year now has truly made a big difference in my life.

And made me more human, too.

So I guess its just alright if I share to you the latest syndrome that I got called “20-something panic”. Have you had one?!

20-something panic is a modern term for those that creates anxiety and a whole lot of nerve-wracking thoughts for those living in their 20’s. I got one too early though and I hope releasing most of them will ease out my mind and my heart. If in any case you can relate, share it on the comment box below, ok?!

FROM GOALS TO WISH LISTS. In the #6 of my Most Important Financial Lessons in Personal Finance series I mentioned how my 2014 Personal and Financial Goal became an epic fail. I achieved very few for this year. You make a list of long goals but along the process you procrastinate in achieving. Its just sad that things don’t go the way you wanted. *sigh*

USAPANG SWELDO. Though I got a major major salary increase, its still annoying every time I budget and my expenses and my salary doesn’t match. There goes my event business (to which I’m thankful for) that had helped have the most of my income. And currently I have other business ideas I want to launch as soon as possible. I felt like sweldo is not just enough… you need more sources of income for your expenses are getting bigger and bigger.

LOVELIFE. Yes, I’m single and I know it. The world knows it and I know God too (for I’ve been praying for it *wink). Hindi ako nagmamadali. I believe its not my season yet fall in love and I’m still patiently waiting for God’s choice but of course, I’m human too. I still feel a little lonely not having a special someone. (Samahang Malamig ang Pasko,drama)

FAMILIAL RESPONSIBILITY. I fear for my parents health so much (like everyday). Nakakalungkot makitang tumatanda sila sa harap mo. More so I really want to help my family so much. I feel like there’s so much that they deserve (lalo na parents ko) and I want to do it for them so badly.

Me and my parents. Treated them on my first sweldo after I got the salary increase :)

THE “WHEN AND HOW I’LL ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM”. That’s why I told you earlier how this blog changed me living in my 20-something. I felt like as early as now I want to achieve financial freedom. I can’t stop thinking of ways that I can cut off on my expenses, save for my future and invest on long term stuff. I know I’m still young… but I don’t know why I over-achieve things.

I know I should deal with these panic attacks and I know too that I’ve got more to handle in the future. These panics make my 20’s extra amazing… Life is all about the challenge. It’s either you face them or you face them with face held high.
My first eBook, Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever is now out and ready for digital release. It’s a 25-page PDF eBook with minimalistic design filled with tips and tricks for a new and improved life. If you want a free copy just be part of my RSS Email list via this link:

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Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook

Friday, November 21, 2014
Yesterday I gave a nice introduction to this eBook, Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever, created out of love and passion for personal finance education. It's very simple, minimalistic design, less than 30 pages but filled with knowledge.

sample pages of what you will get :)
As a first attempt I believe in having this eBook as a form of tithe to God so I decided to make it FREE. But as a form of bond between us, I will appreciate if you become part of my email list so that all updates from this blog could be sent straight to your inbox and if and then I have surprise freebies...I can easily send it to you! Link: http:/

If you find it too much of a trouble... then just shoot me any message at I love receiving messages from you guys so I will be very very happy. :)

SavingsPinay's first eBook attempt is DONE, Register for a copy NOW!

Thursday, November 20, 2014
If you remember my 2014 SavingsPinay Reader Survey, I asked whether what topic of an eBook would you like to receive from yours truly. I got a favorable response for Tips and Tricks for A New and Improved Life so from then I slowly started drafting the contents.

The Welcome Page
As this is my first attempt to write something more than an ordinary blog post, I felt like it will be good to release a brief and manageable amount of information that one could read in a few minutes.

The downloadable eBook is just 25 pages. The design is minimalistic, photos only exists on the latter part of the eBook. The tone is conversational with even Tagalog sentences to further reach the Filipino readership. The Title is Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever (SavingsPinay's Tips and Tricks for a New and Improved Life).


Top 10 Things To Consider before making that Big Financial Decisions

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

As I may have told a lot of times before, I made the biggest financial decision of my life earlier this year, January 20 to be exact.

It was an unforgettable moment for me because one, it was right after I resigned to my job. (I got the opening fee of 5000pesos from my savings in the previous job) and two, I had long been planning about doing it.

Now after 9 months and counting (click: FAMI Update!!!) I have no regrets at all. The growth of my money in terms of my investments minus my current account status markup is now 3-digits. Truly, the peso-cost averaging method works for long term investors.

Today I decided to create these things that I did consider before making a leap in my financial preference and I hope will help you too if you are thinking about investing or maybe in doubt.

For any inquiries email me at Also subscribe via RSS for free updates.

1. Set financial goals. Almost 60% of those who formulate a goal in life succeeds. This is because creating goals help stimulating focus thus you became thorough in reaching your wants in life. You may need to create a short-term and long-term goal.

2. Assess your investment risk tolerance. Define as to what degree are you able to withstand or be unaffected even if the stock market is shaky most of the time. An individual should have an understanding of his or her ability to mood swings in the value of his or her investments as well as its returns.

3.  Be informed on the variables in line with your big financial decision. Examples of these will be your time horizon, you investment vehicle and your liquidity needs.

4. Know how your default asset allocation will be. For example a typical FAMI-Save and Learn Equity Fund will make have the asset allocation portfolio like the photo below.


*Now this thing is for those who will choose a mutual fund, for direct investment on the stock market you may opt to research as to where will you buy and sell the stocks that you own.

5. Take note of the risks and return. If you choose to invest in FAMI, you need to invest for not less than 1000pesos top up. Also when you redeem before 6 months of your investment, FAMI will have a percentage fee.

6. Have some expert advice. Do communicate with your financial advisor or if you don't have one then you may want to ask others who had experience already in investing. He/she can help you big time on what to do.

7. What your investment method? Research how you would want to invest. Are you going to top up monthly or weekly? Are you using the peso-cost averaging method?

8. Study your portfolio performance. Take note how many shares you own, what percentage are spent on what categories. These can be your metrics on whether you are doing good in your financial decision or not.

9. Take Action if problems arise. If your investments are slowly deteriorating then it may be the right time to reexamine the problem and take action. Do not let your hard earned money slip away.

10. Commit to your decision. I believe there's no right or wrong decision as long as one is committed enough. For example, when I opened my FAMI account I don't have any emergency fund and was just dependent to the upcoming events to live.But through commitment and discipline I was able to survive adding funds to my investments. You need to sustain the momentum of your financial decision.  

The Top 10 Things to Consider before Making that Big Financial Decision above had helped me big time in my investing journey. It’s true now that I have maintained one portfolio I just want to add and add and add more!!!

Hope this post inspired you!

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5 Sources of My Happiness

Hi everyone! If you’ve been watching my Youtube Videos you know that in my recent upload, I vlog about my updates, new haircut and e-book release for SavingsPinay. You can watch the video in this link:  or watch it here:

There are those who questioned my sudden hair change from medium length to short and partly shaved. It was such a courageous move for me as I always feel like my birthday should mark with a change and it starts with a new haircut. My theme for this year is 21 and Better and in a couple of week I will be releasing My Personal and Financial Goals for 2015. Hooray! 

Today I’d like to reveal to you the reasons of my happiness. My birth month is not yet over thus there's so much in life that I need to celebrate. I always find spending time with this blog part of that celebration.

Without further ado here are the 5 Sources of My Happiness.

  1. SavingsPinay Status. The pageviews went sky high come the month of October. It was funny because same month last year I only get 250 views in a month and now I get not less than 4,500 views!!! This means a lot have been seeing the need for financial literacy in today’s world. As announced in the video above, this Friday I am intending to release my first e-book. This is not fancy at all and just a PDF file which I will surely spread via email to my subscribers. If you still haven’t subscribed to me via RSS then here’s a quick link: SavingsPinay. Remember to activate your subscription, OK?!

  2. So You Want to be a Freelance Writer by Elizabeth Ong. I was at Recto the other day for an event need when I suddenly thought of going inside the big National Bookstore. I am not planning to buy a book but on the sales section I saw the book that I’ve been wanting for the longest time but I procrastinate at buying. I know how much this book could help me in jump starting my freelance writing skills better as the writer part of me is so much eager to release my creative side once again. The book is down to 57pesos only from 115pesos!!! And upon punching by the cashier the book became 35pesos!!! That’s so much savings and I got the book that I want!

  3. My Parents. I never felt so much close to my parents now that I am already working. They’ve been very supportive to me in every aspect of my life. I love having the time to bond with them when I don’t have work and help them out in our small balutan. Though they may feel guilty because even if its my day off I still have to work in the tindahan, I assure them that I do it out of love and because its my obligation as part of the family. Hope I can make more libre to them soon. 

  4. Ber Month Events. Ber Month is the best season for event business and I am very happy because I received tons of booking for November, December and early January. It’s nice that I am able to earn extra money since a lot of expenses show on the holiday seasons. I recently hosted a Debut of Twins and it was one of a kind hosting experience for me.

  5. Lyron Clyde. My brother’s son has as always been the reason why I am always happy when I go to home. I love him so much! He is my stress reliever and my shock absorber. This kid knows how to ease my tiredness from work.

I hope this list encourages you to see good things in life no matter how little or big they are. It is important to always find the balance in our current situation. Sabi nga di ba, ang buhay ay parang gulong, hindi porket nasa baba ka ngayon ay mananatili kang nasa baba.”
What Makes Your Happy Nowadays?! Let me know!!!

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Top 10 Most Important Lessons in Personal Finance- An Overview

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Last last week we finished a blog series on the Top 10 Most Important Lessons in Personal Finance. That’s 10 different blog posts published on 10 different days so I decided to create a quick recap on each post so all you have to do is click, read and enjoy.

These Important Lessons are created through my personal knowledge and experience as well as relative research. Hope that in a way or two I helped you kick start your financial freedom.

Here are the posts from 10-1.

10. Live Within Your Means- Remember to have clear knowledge as to how much you earn and learn to live accordingly within your income. I even gave 8 Simple and Practical Tips to Live Within Your Means. Read the rest here...

9. Pay Yourself First- You owe it to yourself to save even just a tiny portion of your income. Make sure that you do this religiously and for sure you will reap what you sow.  More here...

8. Expand Your Knowledge- The knowledge is power. The more that you know about something, the more that you will be able to live within it. You can acquire free financial knowledge specially in the modern world where everything can be searched via internet. More here... 

7. Every Piso Counts- Lahat nagsisimula sa PISO. Know how to value every piso that you have if you want it to be millions someday. More here...

6. Set Financial Goals- Creating goals are your motivational tools for success. Make sure to create SMART Goals or goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. More here...

5.  Invest Early- Take advantage of compound interest and start investing now! The younger you are the better your future's money will be if you know how to worry-free invest. More here...
4. Diversify and Aim High- Do not put all your money in just one investing vehicle. Your chances of becoming a successful investor will depends on your proper diversification. More here...

3. Plan- It all starts with proper planning. Remember to research and know as much information as possible on your financial decisions in life. You have the full responsibility on your money. More here...

2. Splurge Intelligently- Spoil yourself sometimes specially if you really made a great progress in your financial life. Just make it a point that you have your savings first and foremost. More here...

1. Give Back- Remember that all of your blessings comes from the greatest source of life. Give back to God, to the community and to the people whom made it possible for you to be capable in life. More here...
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