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Why an Emergency Fund Should be in Your 2015 Must-Haves And 6 Ways to Build One

Monday, September 28, 2015

I consider building an emergency fund as one of the most important foundation of financial success. 

Once unforeseen expenses arise, your emergency fund can cover the expenses. Thus, you won't have any difficulty finding ways to get out of the emergency situation. Your emergency fund must be a reliable source. It must be stored in a place where you can easily withdraw or pull-out but still secured enough for you to keep. 

Why An Emergency Fund Should Be in Your Must-Haves?

I'm Just 21 Do I Seriously Need a Life Plan?

Monday, September 14, 2015
August has been an okey kind of month for me. You can read more of what happened to me last month in my other blog post entitled Goodbye August, Hello September. 

One big move for me will most probably be getting a life plan through St. Peter. Read: St. Peter Life Plan: Is it Worth the Investment. 

"I'm just 21, do I seriously need a life plan?"

More Proven Ways You Can Diversify Your Income

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I've been a long believer that one should never be satisfied with just one source of income. So I learned to work my butt off just to earn a living at a young age. Read: My Life, My Job, My Career and the 6 Success Tips that Helped Me). 

I realized how much of a blessing it is that God provided me with means to diversify my income. He gave me the talent to host and the skills to write that allows me to really earn more than the usual. Having back up income streams gave me financial peace

Learning how to effectively diversify your income will give you endless possibilities in life. So today I decided to reveal more proven ways you can diversify your income. 

SavingsPinay's August Quick Recap + Join Our Facebook Forum Group!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Just Search: SavingsPinay

I skipped not just one but two SavingsPinay Quick Recap. I'm so sorry for I got too busy working as a freelance content writer by night and weekends. I tried to balance everything but somehow there is something that will really suffer.

So to cut the long story/explanation short, I decided to limit my freelance writing gigs to just 3 clients and still do event hostings on the weekends. I also develop this massive content writing thing from Friday night to the wee hours of Saturday to come up with at least one week worth of content. 

My productivity system is not yet in its perfect state but I am slowly but surely getting there. So please bear with me if ever I lack post sometimes here and on my other blogs, IzzaGlino and PinayOnlineRakitera.

Without further ado here's SavingsPinay August Quick Recap!

1. We hit 70,000 Pageviews!!! 

WOW!!! I can't believe that we will hit this mark ever. On my last recap I told you guys that we hit 50,000 mark and now we are in 70,000 already!!! I guess it would be a great Christmas gift if ever we hit 100,000 before 2015 ends. (We can do this right?!!!) Thank you so much for visiting my blog often and reading my posts. 

2. Freelance Content Writing Update. 
As I mentioned on last recap I've been doing some freelance content writing as an addition to my multiple income stream. For the last two months, June and July, I was managing five different clients/projects which was so hard for me knowing I have my daily job and I also maintain two blogs. 
I slowly gave up the other two accounts and decided to just focus with the top three clients that make me happy and that pays well (wink!) If you wanted to start a career in online then make sure to check out my new blog, PinayOnlineRakitera. I give valuable information on freelance writing, blogging, becoming a virtual assistant and more. 

3. I got a St. Peter Life Plan. 
I know this is a surprise but yes, I did it. When I heard that my parents is done with their St. Peter Life Plan I was totally convinced to get one. It is a cheap investment and something that I know will be a great help for my family and my future family. Read: St. Peter Life Plan: Is it Worth the Investment?

4. Sponsored Posts and Blog Opportunities. 
For the past months I was able to receive sponsored posts and blog opportunities which I will always treasure. As always whenever I have an sponored post I try to give my full views and opinions. You can check out my post Store Spotted: Heart Press Philippines and Finding the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type for samples.

I finally decided to create a dedicated page/group for SavingsPinay's readers. I wanted to create a community where every member can see the posts, asks questions and give valuable information about savings, budgets, investments, business and more. I just started the FB Group so you can also see a free downloadables album of some of SavingsPinay's Infographic. But I do encourage you to join.






How did your month went?! Did you enjoy AUGUST?! Hope you are pumped up for the coming month!

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8 Things I Love About Windows 10 Upgrade

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
One awesome thing that happened to me during the last week of August is my free update to Windows 10 in my work laptop. The awesomeness of this new Windows version makes me cringe.

For the record, I am not a fan of the Windows 8.1. I hate the tiles thing and how it makes it hard for you to search for your documents and all. So when the invitation to upgrade suddenly popped out in my work PC, I immediately upgraded.

Today I will be sharing to you the 8 Things I Love About Windows 10!!! I hope you will enjoy this post and you please feel free to share to others as well.

1. The New Start Menu