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Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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I believe I've said this a million times already BUT let me say it once again, my dear sisters and brothers who are enjoying their 20-something life-------------------------BE SMART ENOUGH AND USE YOUR AGE AS YOUR GREATEST ADVANTAGE.

I know I may be sounding a bit offensive here but if that is the only way that I can caught your attention then I will. Now that you are in your 20's you have so much time and so much energy to spent to. You have the youth equipped with maturity that will empower you to be better. 

So I do believe this is the right time to share to you some Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something that can be useful as you strive for financial freedom. You might think that it is too early to think about being rich and/or investment... but think again, as the famous Filipino saying goes, "Daig ng Maaga ang Masikap".

 1. Make saving a habit- Do save on a regular basis no matter how much the amount is. It doesn’t matter how little or big your savings is as long as you do it on a continuously.

2. Aim to be Financially Educated- Nope, you don’t have to earn a degree/second degree and enrol on a financial school. What I am saying is try to take some time of your day researching. A lot of blogs, just like this one, SavingsPinay, offer FREE Financial Insights. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE J Email me your Name, Age and Gender at

3. Be Goal-Oriented- Goals makes a person motivated and it highly differentiates a person good investor from a successful one. Being goal-oriented creates a character to the person that can help in focusing to short term and long term goals for money matters. Once you have established specific goals you will become more motivated to save and to earn.

4. Take Advantage of Time- Your finances highly depends on time. The earlier you start saving and investing, the higher and the earlier the guarantee of financial freedom.

Do not let time pass you by. Sabi nga di ba “Walang masamang maging mahirap, ang masapa ay yong mamatay kang mahirap”. You have to take care of yoru finances and be better stewards of your money. This is God’s plan. He wants us to be prosperous. He laid down a lot of opportunities too… all you have to do is ACT NOW!

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4 comments on "Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something"
  1. Wish I am still on my twenties, this will really help :)

    1. Ngak! It's never too late naman! I am glad that you act on your finances Ms. Grace. Its better late than never nga di ba?! Hehe.

      Thanks for reading my blog.


    2. I'm turning 40 next year & I'm still single. Last year I've praying for directions & luckily I saw your blogs & pinasforgood blogs too.Since then I started reading your blogs. Very Inspiring talaga.
      I'll try to check that BPI Direct plus too. Thanks again & God Bless.

    3. Thank you so much Ms. Grace. You made me smile and feel like the happiest person ever because of your comment. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Age should be our greatest advantage po. I envy the wisdom that you have kasi ako I believe that experience is the best teacher. :)