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SavingsPinay May Quick Recap

Monday, May 30, 2016

I can't believe that we are now half past 2016. I still have a lot to achieve on my goals but I'm very happy that most of the big rocks for this year have been already been done. The blog also had a lot going on for May and I love to give a quick recap on things here and there. Let's begin.

We reached 130,000++ Pageviews
On last month's quick recap I mentioned that the goal for May is to reach 130,000 pageviews. And thanks to you, we reached our goal. For June, let's try to surpass 140,000 pageviews together.
Launch of SavingsPinay Facebook Group
After putting this action for quiet a long time, the SavingsPinay Group is now launched. The soft opening happened in the week of May 23. Still low in the engagement side for I guess members are quiet shy to talk but for sure as time goes by the group will be busy. If you want to know more about the SavingsPinay Facebook Group CLICK HERE.
SavingsPinay Money Makeover is Back 
If your part of the SavingsPinay Mailing List I hope you have already read, downloaded and printed the February, March, April and May SavingsPinay Money Makeover gifts. I also want to mention that I put registration widgets at the top, bottom and side of the blog for the mailing list. All you have to do is submit your email address.
SavingsPinay Weekly Notes
Another thing we launched in May is the Weekly Notes wherein I give you a collection of personal finance posts, news and tips I found from other bloggers as well. I am done with the first and second installment already and it appears every Saturday. 


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