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Introduction to New SavingsPinay Pages!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014
Wow. I still can't believe how I manage to stay in the Top 50 Business and Finance blogs of the site. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting to my humble financial platform. I hope in some way or another I am adding value in your life.
For this quick post I'd like to still introduce you to New SavingsPinay Pages! These are quick links that will make your browsing experience better. I also quickly apologize if some functionality I did blog before in SavingPinay Six New Features are missing. I out-the-blue changed my template and didn't realize that most of the said features will be gone. Process to resolve these are on-going! :)

To start with the new pages on my blog includes All Articles, Contact Me and Watch Me In Youtube. The Financial and Personal Goals 2014 page as well as the quick link to my Beauty blog is still present.

All Articles

 All Articles is like a table of contents of ALL my blog posts based on categories. I actually did that static page for like 2 hours because I really wanted to sort each blog post to its proper parent category. As of now I have the following categories:
  1. ALL ABOUT FAMI- All about my experience in my major financial investing with FAMI-SALEF
  2. INVESTMENT VEHICLES- All about the different investment vehicles you can try
  3. BUDGETING SERIES- All about the different types of Budgeting you can easily do  
  4. SAVINGS AND PERSONAL FINANCE- All about how to save effectively and other personal financial know-how
  5. FINANCIAL TIPS AND TRICKS- All about financial tips and tricks that will guide you on your financial life
  6. FOR 20-SOMETHING- All about thought dedicated to 20-somethings
  7. HOW-TO- All about how to do this and how to do that
  8. READER'S QUESTION- All about your answered questions

Contact Me

Contact Me is just a quick list of ways that you can support my blog and contact me too for your inquiries. There's the link for my Facebook page and Twitter page. I also gave a quick instruction in how to follow me through RSS. :)

Watch Me in Youtube

Watch Me in Youtube is a redirect link for my Youtube channel wherein I included videos on financial management. First two videos are Paano ako Mag-Budget (Two Types of Budgeting  You Can Easily Do) and Things that Ruin My Budget.
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