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SavingsPinay Series : Ayoko sa Utang! 5 Days to be Debt-Free At Last

Sunday, October 18, 2015
I am so excited to finally announce a blog series. The last one I did was way back May and I know it's time to create another one. To those who are visiting my blog for the first time, the SavingsPinay Series is created for in-depth look/thorough explanation of a particular subject or topic. 

Then I created the 14 Day Productive Living Series which has a summarized version HERE. I also did a Job Interview Series which surprised me with a lot of views from SavingsPinay Readers.

Getting feedback, email and even private messages in Facebook led me to pursue yet another SavingsPinay Series.  

Enter: Ayoko sa Utang! 5 Days to be Debt-Free At Last

What is this series anyway?

Ayoko sa Utang! 5 Days to be Debt-Free At Last is a five day-long series that will tackle the topic of Debt or Utang. Here I will give actionable items and key points on how you can finally manage to payoff your morgage and not be in a financial loop hole.

Who is this SavingsPinay Series for?

This Series is for
  • People who are struggling with their debt 
  • People who inherited unwanted debt from their parents or siblings 
  • People who have just gotten in financial debt
What Will You Learn?

Day 1 (Monday) : "Gaano Kalaki ang Utang Mo?" 

In Day 1 we will Identify How Much Your Debt is. We will evaluate your debt whether it is a "good" debt or a "bad" debt. Just as how I give emphasis on knowing your Financial Net Worth as a primer to building financial freedom, I know exactly how determining how much your real debt is the first step to becoming debt-free. I will also share a concept called Debt-to-income Ratio that I learned through website which assess the level of debt that is manageable for the income you have.

Day 2 (Tuesday) : " 25 na Paraan Para Makapagbayad Ka Sa Utang"

I understand people who will tell me that how desperate they are to get out of debt but just don't know where and how to start. I pray that this series will help you. For Day 2 I will give 25 Ways To Pay Off Your Debt. These are sure ways with added tips and tricks that will truly be of aid. 

Day 3 (Wednesday) : "Organisadong Pagbabayad ng Utang"

Almost everyday at work I have a list of To-Do's and I find it hard to work dahil sobrang daming kalat. Just like what I share in IzzaGlino, I am very disorganized. Gusto ko nakikita ko lahat ng dapat kong gawin. However, being disorganized as you pay debt is not good. Dapat well-planned lahat and well-organized even where your bills are and the visual representation of your strategy to be debt-free. I prepared a lot of templates for this day so better check it out. I will give them for FREE para sa lahat ng nasa mailing list ko. So better SIGN-UP!!!

Day 4 (Thursday) : "Tamang Pagkausap sa Pinagkaka-Utangan"

On Day 4 I will give tips and suggestions on how you can communicate to people you are in debt with. From what to say to your bank to what to your family member - lahat yan ituturo ko. Don't be afraid to communicate and negotiate with your creditor. May lakas ka ng loob na mangutang, dapat mas malakas ang loob mo na magbayad.

Day 5 (Friday) : "May Forever sa Pagiging Debt-Free"

Sa last na installment of this weekly series I will give lasting habits that will make you at peace and find financial stability. The goal is be debt-free at last and not just temporarily but forever. Living in "bad" debt is frustrating. You will continue to be "one-step-forward-two-steps-back" situation. 

So let's move forward together. Ok?


This weekly series will start on Monday, October 19 to Friday, October 23. On Saturday I will have a post-summary and will give links to more informative posts you can read para mas madami ang learning.

I hope you will look forward for this SavingsPinay Series. Comment below if you are excited!

WARNING: This series doesn't guarantee true success unless YOU ACT ON IT.

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