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My #iBlog11 2-Day Blogging Summit Experience

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It was my first time attending a iBlog Blogging Summit and I am literally so blessed with the experienced. For the longest time I've been praying for a legit workshop/conference that I could attend to and will enhance my knowledge. 

And not only have I found the perfect conference for me, as a matter of fact it is two days and it's free.

Before I start my post about my experience I'd like to extend my appreciation to the organization behind iBlog. Website : 

Hosting this annual blogging summit is a big help for bloggers to become better. It has been a great honor attending iBlog 11 and I am so excited for more iBlog experience along the way.

My Key Takeaways from the iBlog 11

  • Great content wins
    • Have fabulous pictures
    • Clear writing
    • Write for an audience
    • Commit and be consistent
  • Create a media kit if you want to document how much you charge
  • Podcasting is a possible next media to penetrate
    • It is a rich niche
    • Can make your blog achieve more
  • Tools to start a podcast
    Me with Ms. Liz of Project Vanity!
    • Laptop, headphone, mic, digital recorder, audio editor software
  • As a blogger calling yourself a journalist is like calling yourself beautiful
  • To be invited on events you should
    • Boost your social media
    • Do's and Dont's when you attend an event
      • Make sure to wear the proper dress code
      • Behave appropriately
      • Be conscious with time
      • Be professional
      • 1 week after the event blog about it 
  • Indirect income for bloggers
    Reunited with my college classmate on Day 2 of iBlog
    • Go for a niche and be unique
    • Study more about your niche and gain authority
    • Don't chase the money. It will find you.
    • Be patient
  • Bloggers need to L.I.E.
    • Level Up
      • Writing Style
      • Read more articles
      • Study other writing techniques
      • Have intriguing title
      • First paragraph is catchy
      • Call to action
      • Blog Design
      • Online presence
        • At least one post a day
        • Interact with your readers
        • Share your blogposts
    • Innovate
      Morning Speakers on Day 1
      • Blog presentation
        • Slideshare
        • Videos
        • Infographics
        • Create contents, giveaways
        • Create a community
        • Collaborate with fellow bloggers
    • Evolve
      • Become a news source
      • Online Lead Generation
      • Entrepreneur
  • Bloggers have the human touch in terms of marketing
    Ms. Ellen who's one of my fave speakers
  • Remember
    • Focus on your brand
    • Be engaging
    • Be collaborative
    • Be creative
  • On content
    • Use content marketing skills
    • Build relationships
    • Mention your sources
    • Comment strategically
      Reunited with another college classmate on Day 2
      • Diversify your content with Slideshare, Haro and Rich Pin
    • Every 3 months study your stats
  • Create a Blog Action Plan
  • Build Alliance and Core Audience
  • Create pillar contents 
  • Promote more
    With Ms. Apple
  • 8 Blogging Tools for Better Traffic
    • Buzzsumo
    • Click to Tweets
    • Buffer
    • Canva
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Pin It
    • Google Trends
  • About Twitter
    Of course I have to wear my comfy running shoes
    • Mind Your Twitter Bio
    • Twitter Links
    • Use Advance Search
    • Use Keyword Shortcuts
    • Visit Twitter Stats
      Commissionaire Javier on the role of bloggers on the coming National Election
The above is just a summarized list  of the the things I've learned out of my 2 Days iBlog experience. Beyond that bullet list is a much more confidence I gained in the world of blogging. It was a perfect way to end the year for I have a much more inspiration to create a perfect plan on how I will present SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino next year. All speakers, who are successful bloggers and digital media practitioners. I love the talk of Ms. Liz as she tackled Beauty and Fashion Blogging in the Philippines. I also enjoyed Ms. Ellen Tordesillas talk, Mr. Pocholo De LeonMr. Carlo Ople . On Day 2 my favorite had to be Ms. Apple.

I will treasure the experience I gained and the lessons from each and every speaker. Thank you again to iBlog for making this event happen.
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