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How to be Financially Blessed?

Sunday, June 22, 2014
I am following this plan in my Bible all called How to be Rich Devotinal by Adam Stanley and it teaches the different biblical perspective of wealth. It is good having biblical perspective in terms if managing your finances because you are sure to be in the right path.

I believe the Bible has the answer for everything and it is a very good book to invest with first and foremost for your financial freedom.Notice how a lot of Filipino financial books are written side by side with Biblical verses?? It is because the Bible will never lie. It is the word of God written in it.

Anyhow, today's post is all about Becoming Financially Blessed. Being blessed with your finances is a true gift from God. Once you realize that you are doing well with keeping track of your investments, expenses and/or savings you are surely to become a happy one.

I'd like to share to you these tips on how to be financially blessed and hope that it makes you truly blessed.

1. Tithe- When you tithe, you are giving back what's due to God. It is in the Bible and it has always been in what we are taught about. 10% of your wealth for a month should be given back to the Temple of God (Church). I first Tithe back in college days when I became a Christian and at first it is very hard to commit. I would always have doubts whether my money will be enough if I tithe. But when you make it a habit of yours you will eventually realize how good in the heart it is. And how happy you become. And the more you give, the more your receive.

2. Help- Help others to be financially well. For me, starting this blog is my way of sharing blessings. I love to share what my thoughts are and what I am glad to talk about. M main goal is to be able to create a young generation of financially blessed persons.

3. Take Opportunity- When God opens new opportunity, take it. If a new job comes along, if a sideline opens up and/or a scholarship and so on - TAKE IT!!! New opportunities will help you widen your horizon this making you make use of your talents and possibly earn from it. May be you are already having a good time taking pictures of others then why not try being an event photographer?! Or you really love writing then why not become a freelance writer?? For me, God opened an opportunity in hosting weddings and events and I am glad that I said yes. Now I have earnings aside from my monthly income. Isn't that great?! 

Have you read my post on Business Ideas you can start with low capital?? Then read it now and learn more about how opportunities ahead matters.

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