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What is NAVPS?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

NAVPS or Net Asset Per Share is one of the key term you ought to know once you start investing especially in Mutual Funds. At first I have no idea what this five-letter acronym means but through time I discovered that it is essential to know its ins and outs.

NAVPS is the value of a single unit or share of a fund. For Mutual Fund, NAVPS refers to the price at which the shares are bought and sold. Since you are not buying nor selling on a personal basis but instead you let the financial institution take charge of everything.
NAVPS can be calculated by dividing the Total Net Value of the fund or company by the number of shares outstanding.
NAVPS= Mutual Fund’s Net Asset Value
                # of Shares Outstanding

PS: I will be blogging on how to compute your FAMI Investment before the month ends so stay tuned! J

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