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FAMI Update!

Monday, June 23, 2014
So from this post I have mentioned that I enrolled a FAMI Mutual Fund. The truth is, I wasn’t able to have my initial investment a month after I have received via mail my confirmation receipt. I enrolled the account on the month of February but was only able to top up my investment by the month of April.

Anyhow, for the update on my FAMI account I am doing the Peso-Cost Averaging method of investment. I treat my FAMI account as a regular savings account wherein I invest monthly and don’t miss a single month. This way I know that my money is growing.  Thank God I have my Metrobank Direct so it’s easier for me to pay bills. 

I also receive a monthly mail straight to my home from FAMI. They give me idea on the Number of Shares that I currently own and the Amount I paid. I collect these mails for future references.

Just for 2months I was able to gain 350pesos to my account. More on how to compute your FAMI investments in my future blog posts. That is almost 5% of my total investment.

 I know 350pesos seems so little but knowing the fact that I actually didn’t do anything for my money to grow that much is awesome. No bank can give a 5% gain in just 2 months!

Slowly I am learning my way into the FAMI Portal. I still have a lot of terms to absorb. Stocks has been very new for me but I am believing that it will be all worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading my post. For further inquiries you may email me here:
8 comments on "FAMI Update!"
  1. Thanks for the informations, I've been reading your blogs. Hope to open an account this July :)

    1. Hi Grace. Thank you for checking my blog :) Your blog is very good too. Had it bookmarked and I am back reading a lot of your posts.

      Make sure to check out How I applied my FAMI, it is filled with pictures too..


    2. Wow, thanks for reading my blogs but I'm still a work in progress. You're actually one of my inspiration why I put my own personal blog to monitor myself (medyo madali kc ako madiscourage). Bilib ako sa iyo bata pa ma-diskarte ka na.Thank you for sharing I love reading your blogs & I'll be reading more of your blogs. God bless.

    3. Maraming salamat Ma'am. Together let's go for the gold towards Financial Freedom hehe. It's ok ma'am there are a lot of things na talagang nakakapag discourage... pero once you see your money growing parang nakaka adik na siya hehe. :)


    4. Yes, hopefully magtuloy tuloy towards financial freedom, Nakapag-open na ko ng FAMI-Save & Learn Balanced Fund muna. I'm just waiting for the confirmation :)

    5. WOW! So happy for you Ms. Grace!!! Ako naman next goal ko is either COL or VUL na.... I'm still praying for it eh. hehe.


  2. Hope to apply soon!! :) love your blog