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The 2014 SavingsPinay Reader Survey

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Hi there!!!

Just last year I never even thought of hitting 5,000 views in SavingsPinay. I felt like finance blogs are not that accepted since here in the Philippines, financial literacy is not taught in younger years. I never even imagine being in the Top 50 Business and Finance blog for all I do is share the knowledge I get through personal experience, readings and research.

My posts got featured in Coffee Bean Tea Leaf's not just once but THRICE!!! And has been dubbed as a Featured Contributor. Yay!!! I also received blogger invitation from an Android social media app called and has been slowly posting some of my past posts there to share more to people.

Anyhow I just wanted to quickly post this to let you know how humbled I am for your support! And with that I decided to do my very first Reader Survey.

If you have time to answer please do so for it well help me to align my blog goals in SavingsPinay and plan the future posts, products and/or services. I wanted to create an eBook and to launch an eCourse very very soon!!!

A few minutes will do! Please answer honestly :)

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