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Top 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance- #8

Friday, October 24, 2014
I try to as always incorporate new things that can spice up this financial blog such as including webinars of past posts through my Youtube channel(If you want to subscribe click here) and creating posts based on Filipino financial terms such as paluwagan and 5/6.
In addition to the above I decided to create a series posts and as a premier I will be posting the Top 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance.
#8 Expand Your Knowledge
The reason why most oldies including our parents will say that we are a lucky generation is the fact that life is easier because of the technology compared before.

Without this so called advancement in the technology we would still be in the black and white season. No social media, no Google and no Wikipedia. Information will be so hard to find, to generate and to disseminate.

Living in the generation where almost everything can be done by the clicks of our fingers opens wide variety of knowledge. This then is the reason why continually expanding your financial knowledge is important.

Where can you find financial knowledge for LESS???

Books. Visit the leading bookstore near you and go to business/investment section and find new and fresh ideas on how to manage your money. (Just be sure you only read books that are already open and ok public reading policy)

Blogs. Financial Bloggers have truly changed the financial literacy nowadays. If its not for other financial blogs I will never have this much information about money matters. Best thing is that those knowledge comes from a personal side so its easier to understand for you can relate. 

Search Engines. Go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and find a lot of meaningful resources about finance.You may print, write on a piece of paper or memorize the results of your research. 

Around you. Talk to your Mom (or Dad) or observe how she (he) manages your household needs and for sure you’ll learn a lot of tips and tricks. You don’t even have to pay a single centavo plus it will be an added bonding between the family. The thing is experience is the best teacher so personal thoughts and habits will always be a great source of financial knowledge expansion. 

The more you learn the better you become but of course it takes action and commitment to truly kick off a habit. It is a tough journey attempting to be financially able but its all worth it.  


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