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Top 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance- #7

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I try to as always incorporate new things that can spice up this financial blog such as including webinars of past posts through my Youtube channel. If you want to subscribe click here) and creating posts based on Filipino financial terms such as paluwagan and 5/6.
In addition to the above I decided to create a series posts and as a premier I will be posting the Top 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance.

#7 Every Piso Counts

I own this tall alkansya in our house. I tried so many times to fill it with coins but I fail. The farthest I did was almost half-way. With that I tried the plastic piggy bank which is the most common type.

You know what I love most about having alkansya? Its the sound of the coins when you shake it. Its just fulfilling to know that slowly your savings are getting bigger and bigger. (and heavier and heavier too!)

It also made me realize that every piso counts! I saved almost 2,768 pesos just by the coins that I have everyday from loose change! That can buy you new clothes, new makeup, a grocery for a week or initial investment!!!

When you have this sense of value to every piso that you earn you become better in spending it. You are aware of how many piso will cost you in buying that branded bag or that studded heels. You know that your piso today can be thousands later so why spend it in not that needed items.

Owning an alkansya is a very good habit for it purposely give you motivations to save. I suggest saving only coins such as loose change through it. Bigger money should be saved in bank so that it earns interest. If you have enough savings already then its time for you to try investing to stock, mutual funds or even your own business.

Sabi nga di ba, lahat naman nagsimula sa piso! Stop the Piso lang Naman mentality and start saying Piso Din Yan! This way you won't let go easily in your impulse buying!


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