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3 Business Ideas You can Easily Start- Philippines

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hi everyone!!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am in love with the idea of business and being an entrepreneur at a young age. For me, talent is a beautiful investment and it could even earn you more than a 9-5pm job will give.

I started earning with zero capital when i entered the world of event hosting.
Do you see me? 
If you have good communication skills and you are confident enough to speak in public then you can do this too. The job is based per event and an event will only take you 3-4hours. The basic pay is 2500pesos per event. See? Isn't that a pleasing amount?!
After i became equipped in hosting i also did hair and makeup alongside. I am happy with this because i can share again my talent. The investment in makeup and hairstyling will be 5,000-10,000pesos depending on the type of tools you will use. The basic page here is 1,500per person.
Next is event coordination. This is another zero-capital business idea. If you love events and you have a team with you who love assisting and has good communication skills then this is a great business to start. You will have to work with the bride and groom during the preparation, ceremony andon the   reception. My fee for this is 8,500pesos for on the day with free event hosting from yours truly. 

The above business ideas are tried and tested. If you have the capabilities then why not try, right?? Goodluck!

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