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FAMI or COL Financial??? (Beginner's Alert!!!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Good day! As of this writing i just had accomplished one of my biggest decision so far in my financial life. I also crossed out one item from my Personal Goals linked here.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, i applied for my very first portfolio account, the FAMI Save and Learn Equity Fund! Yehey!!! I just feel so happy for the fact that i was able to do this decision at a young age. Financial education is really something everyone should learn. Save and Invest. I am hoping that my decision will be great though.

Anyways there's a reason for my title. I have been battling whether to choose to invest on FAMI or COL Financial when i first reached the initial amount needed to open an account. It is a choice between Mutual Fund or Stocks.

FAMI won over for the past week that i have been researching and asking other financial experts around.

  1. I don't have any investment background so for a NEWBIE like me, i have to go with a lesser risk.
  2. There are minimal requirements. 2 valid ID's and initial deposit and your good to go. Whereas, in COL Financial aside from ID i have to give a billing statement. 
  3. No need for personal application on the office. I will write next the blogpost on how i opened my account in ONE-DAY PROCESSING!!! YAHOO!!!
I have nothing against COL Financial. Opening an account to them will be my next target. It is just that for beginners i highly recommend to open a mutual fund first especially if you don't have any experience in investing.

Hope you'll check out my blog post in how to open a FAMI account! Submit your email so you can receive FREE UPDATES on my BLOG. COMMENT BELOW and tell me your experience with FAMI and if you think i made the right decision.

God bless!!!

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