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Saving is Not About Being Selfish

Saturday, January 18, 2014
I believe in the power of SAVING!!! Imagine at the start of this month i sticked to my monthly budget and though i have my payment for the final cut off of the month i still have money left with me!!! Enough for me to finish the month of January without even using the new money that was sent in my BPI account.

Saving doesn't mean you are depriving yourself. Saving means you are paying yourself first before anything else. You should actually save now, dear before emergency comes and regrets haunt you all along.

I met a friend last night while i was waiting for a jeepney ride home in Pasay Rotonda. We were talking and suddenly the topic went to me asking him, "Nag-iipon ka ba?" He genuinely replied na "Hinde eh, kasi ako half binibigay ko kay Mama." 

That my dear is OK. Paying your family and helping them after all these years that they sacrificed for your studies to get the career you have now. Pero naisip ko parang may mali. Though giving back to the family is good, BUT without saving even a tiny amount for yourself then everything will be put to waste. 

I replied "Hala, dapat nagse-save ka kahit papaano kasi paano pag ikaw naman nangailangan edi wala na." I really mean wahat i said. Saving is not being selfish but being prepared. "Kahit 500 per cut-off malaki na yan. Isipin if you save 1000 a month in 10 years my 120,000 ka na." (Pero syempre may iba pang paraan para lumago yan).

I am happy because this friend of mine realized the value of saving. And the value of starting as early as now. It all starts with learning and sharing what you know. Save Now and Buy Later. You need to pay yourself first. Para in the end you are ready for anything.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

2 comments on "Saving is Not About Being Selfish"
  1. Yah, you are right. Saving shouldn't mean being selfish but too much saving too, to the point of beating yourself up for a small wants, is not right. Tamang balance lang. :)

  2. I read this blog before nahihiya lang ako mag-comment, yan din iniisip ko noon. I do give half of my salary to my family but I do save also but when emergencies comes totally wipe out ang savings ko ,heheh. It was only last year that I discover the right way of saving & investing thru financial blogs. Sarap lang basahin ng mga blogs nyo :)