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Things that I realized since my First Investment

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I can't believe that I am actually celebrating my first year as an investor. I remember how courageous and excited I was to open up my FAMI-SALEF. I was all alone searching and printing the documents and going to the bank as well as the courier to ship them. It was a sign of relief when I finally got hold of my statement of account. At that moment I knew everything is going to change.

I know that I am not the youngest person to ever have this great passion on financial freedom. I can proudly say that the generation today has becoming more aware of the realities in life. Maybe because the information is just one click away nowadays. If you 've read my recent Reader Question, an 18-year old asked me how he can start investing. That question made me so kilig and you can check out my detailed advice here. This means that indeed there are those that in spite of the innocence they possess, have this curiosity to stand up and be more active in facing the truths of life.

Financial education here in the Philippines is rare and only on personal experience can only be taught outside the school. Back in elementary high school and college, I never had a lesson involving money, creating a budget, saving for the future and investing on what matters most. That 20me who invested out of the blue, is the same 18 year old reader who just got curious and want to test the temperature of the water.

After a year, do I have any regrets?

I'll be honest that I do have regrets and here are the following:

1. It was such an impulsive move. I invested in FAMI-SALEF after I resigned in SEO Content Writer Position. Because the next job I got is paying me less than what I used to have, I failed to invest for the next two months. I didn't secure an emergency fund for the said situation but just insisted to carry on. (Anyways I got a major major salary increase on my regularization which is by far better than what my previous job pay me for).

2. Sometimes I feel like I should have chosen another investment vehicle. No, there's nothing wrong with FAMI-SALEF. And in my FAMI Update I detailed how good my investments are going but when I read other blogs and how they manage to secure different investments on different investment vehicles and detailed out the results they got, I feel like I should have opt for that said investment instead. I know that FAMI-SALEF will be a big big part and must have for my investment so for sure later in time I will also invest in here.

Of course I am done stressing on the above regrets. I believe that everything is in accordance to God's plan. I feel very blessed for the financial prosperity that God overflowed in 2014 and I know that with that I should have no room for regrets and sadness.

On things that I realized since my first investment

  • I want to invest more. It feels so addictive seeing your money grow and earn. Everytime I check how much my money is in the FAMI Portal, it makes me smile from ear to ear. I realized I just want to add more and more and truly diversify my investments,
  • It is important to invest in what you know. There are those that are victims of scam and other illegal pyramid investment because they lack knowledge. Invest in what you know and in what you understand. Always remember that every investment is a risk.
  • Choose your Investment method. I don't invest that big monthly as I do that method but I felt like consistency is key. I am very happy to have learned this investing method. Choose a method that works for you.
  • Invest NOW. I don't know the reasons why you procrastinate to invest. Maybe you are afraid. Maybe its because you don't have the initial money for the investment or may be it is not something that you are thinking right now of doing, but I tell you... INVEST NOW. Own the bank instead of the other way around. Your money will never grow if you store it in piggy banks or even in a savings account. Invest Now! The younger you are the better for you can take the risks much stronger
  • Age is our greatest advantage. When I conducted my Reader Survey, created my eBook Making 2015 Your Best Year and received comments and email from you guys, there's always this common notation that "you are happy for me that at a young age marunong na ko sa pera". And I thank you all for this positive note  (I guess earning at an early age has something to do with this mindset that I have) but I believe there are more things that I have to know of. But one things for sure. Investing made me realize that age is our greatest advantage. We should take advantage of our youth and start thinking of what the future lies ahead of us.
  • Invest in the Kingdom of God and Everything will be added upon you. Tithe and secure that you give back to God first as He is the reason for all the blessings in your life. In whatever form and way, tithe. Your money, your time, your energy even your talents and your efforts... God loves you and there far more important reason why you ought to love Him back.

Did you enjoy this post?! Have you invested before? What lessons have you learned over your courageous investments? Join the discussion on the comment section below!


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