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Hi I’m Izza and welcome to SavingsPinay.

SavingsPinay started as a personal blog where I share my financial goals, struggles and experience. After a year I fell in love about the idea of financial freedom and helping others (especially those in their 20’s) take advantage of their age and achieve their dreams.

I am not a financial expert and I say this with all honesty that most of my posts are written out of personal experience, research and reading other books.

With over 280 posts and counting I know you might have struggle on where to start. And so, I decided to create this dedicated page touring you on how you can get started!

Get a Copy on My First e-Book

The downloadable eBook is just 25 pages. The design is minimalistic, photos only exists on the latter part of the eBook. The tone is conversational with even Tagalog sentences to further reach the Filipino readership. The Title is Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever (SavingsPinay's Tips and Tricks for a New and Improved Life).

Table of Contents

1.       Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever
2.       Let Go and Let God
3.       State of Your Personal Financial Asset [S.O.F.A]
4.       On Budgeting and beyond
5.       The beauty of Saving
6.       You and your income
7.       To Pay or Not to Pay: Debt is the Question
8.       Appendices
9.       I created these Infographics for You
10.   Top 5 All-Time Most Viewed SavingsPinay Posts
11.   Final Thoughts

Learn a Lot with The SavingsPinay Series

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14 Day Productive Living Program

This is how the 14 Day Productive Living Program went. Please feel free to click any lesson that you like to review.

I started this blog way back October 2013 and since then I am truly impressed with all of the positive remarks from people who have trusted in my vision! I hope you still continue to Like on FACEBOOK and Follow on TWITTER. If you want more convenience you may also add SavingsPinay on your reading list via RSS. Just don't forget to confirm the link that will be sent to your email to activate your engagement.