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Things to Look Forward to This November

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Hi everyone!

It is as always nice finding time to blog for you guys. I have been quiet busy with events outside and even events at the office as the Admin had requested me for help on program for the Anniversary and the Halloween Party. Both of which I will discuss on a separate posts on my Beauty and Lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino. I thought it would be very nice to share to guys party ideas that may be helpful if you are planning your wedding, your debut or maybe your birthday celebration. :) The perks of being an Event Specialist for three years and counting. :)

For this post I just wanted to give you a round of things to look forward to this November. You may be asking why?! Well, I since the invitation of the 2015 Giving Journal of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf came last last Saturday, (read what happened to the said event HERE) I realized that I need to amplify the effort and the time that I give to my blogging/virtual world. I have to step up and continuously look for topics that could be helpful and that could add value to YOU, My Readers :)

So I decided to have a BLOG PLAN. To those who answered my 2014 Reader Survey (you can still answer by clicking the PAGE on the Header or on the SIDEBAR) I found out a lot of your needs and your expectations for this finance blog. When I created that 2014 Reader Survey I thought no one will answer but thankfully, A LOT of you showed your support and had helped me clear out the vision for SavingsPinay.

For this month of November I will try to slowly but surely keep this blog as a great source of Personal Finance Information, Inspiration and Innovation. :) Topic ideas will fall on these:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Career and Productivity
  3. Investment
  4. For 20-something
  5. Savings and Budget
Every now and then I'll post Infographics just like what I did here and here as well as the Reader's Question and other requests that might arise.

November is also my birth month!!! (I am turning 21 this November 9) so expect posts in regards to ME for I believe I haven't shared enough of myself in this blog unlike my other blog. Aside from "ME-Topics" I will also upload videos on my Youtube Channel for in-depth web lecture so please do subscribe and check out

I hope November will be very good to all of us. I just can't believe how fast 2014 came. Celebrating my 21st birthday with you guys will as always be amazing! Happy Weekends :)

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