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Top 10 Most Important Financial Lessons in Personal Finance- #2

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I try to as always incorporate new things that can spice up this financial blog such as including webinars of past posts through my Youtube channel. If you want to subscribe click here) and creating posts based on Filipino financial terms such as paluwagan and 5/6.

In addition to the above I decided to create a series posts and as a premier I will be posting the Top 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance.

#2 Splurge Intelligently

Once in awhile, we are entitled to splurge. This is not to let our finances suffer but rather to motivate us in achieving our financial goals.

We need to satisfy our cravings especially if we were able to become very disciplined in saving. Now that the holiday season is fast approaching it will be very nice to gratify your hardwork justr make sure that you are splurging intelligently.

How does Splurging Intelligently goes?

1. You splurge on things that appreciates in value. Splurge in real estates and/or jewelries that will have a higher amount of value after. You may also try branded items for they still have competitive market value even after some years.

2. You splurge on moments that could lead to precious memories. Invest not just your money but your time on people you value. Be present at times when you are needed and try to  stay closer to your family, relatives, friends and others that are close to you. Remember the saying, "No one is an Island".

3. You splurge on your health. I remember wactching a Youtube video about the behind the scene in YG Family Concert where Sandara Park belongs to (part of 2NE1). On the said video members Sandara and CL will drink their vitamins and CL said how health is important for them. I feel reminded on how important it is to be healthy. My dad always reminds me to be extra cautious when it comes to our health and say if and then we feel something wrong because once we get older for sure things will manifest more and it might be harder to heal. Remember health is wealth.

4. Splurge on your tools. If you are a blogger you need to find tolls such as laptop, USB, external hard drive and even camera in order to completely do your thing. If you settle for equipments that doesn't add value on what you do then you will surely loose yoru productivity not to mention how you will find yourself spending more money than what you should have done.

5. Splurge on your passion. What's that one thing you are passionate about? My theme for 2015 is to experience a lot of betterment in my life. I even have a list that I posted on my beauty and lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino entitled, 21 and Better.

You will find it easier to splurge especially if you know  you have worked hard to have an overflow. But always have a proper outlook in life. Think about tomorrow as part of today.

Be better in your finances. Save Now, Invest Now and walk your way to success. Sign up in my Email List and receive templates to get you started in your Financial Wealth. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for better updates. Godbless.
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