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Introduction: 3 Envelopes of Your New Life

Thursday, December 18, 2014

In my blog post, How To Stop Living from Sweldo to Sweldo I explained the importance of slowly building 3 Envelopes of Your New Life.

This has been a technique that I did that led me find relief on my cash flow. With this in mind, I learned to better allocate your money. I make sure to include a portion of my income with these three envelopes before I spend on my other needs and most specially my wants.

These 3 Envelopes became an essential part of my 2014 Financial Journey.

And I want to share this knowledge to everyone! So I decided to create a mini series of the 3 Envelopes of Your New Life wherein each Friday I will further discuss an envelope, give examples, tips and even free PDFs!!! :)
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The 3 Envelopes of Your New Life is an ideal read that you shouldn't miss as it's very timely now that a new year will soon begin. Plus, this might be the very answer you've been waiting for if and then you suffer from any financial issues such as:

1. Debt
2. No Savings
3. Impulse buying
4. Lack of Financial Goals
5. Recreation Tips on a Budget

Tomorrow, December 19 the first and second post will be up so be sure to check out my blog, ok?!

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