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Reader Qustion: I'm 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hi John! I am very much happy reading this email from my Inbox the other day. I've always been open of how much I take age as human's greatest advantage. And reading your question make me feel so kilig. You are 18 and you feel that excitement (hopefully) to learn more about investing your money.

I made my first ever investment at 17 when I started my own event business. No money involved, yes, but through hard work and the belief that I have a God-given talent of being an emcee I became the youngest professional emcee to date.

At 20, I made my first investment on my portfolio income. It was through FAMI and I made tons of blog posts on this since then. It was a brave move since I don't know anything about investing. I even don't have any back up money then and I just lost my job.

Fortunately, 10 months from now my investments are doing good. My FAMI is good as well as my event business.

To answer your inquiry based on my mentioned investing story I believe there are three things that you could easily do to get started.

1. Earn. How will you invest if you don't have any money to spend too? If you are still a student then maybe you should focus first on studying. But if you are very eager to start earning and investing I suggest having income-generating sidelines. Find online jobs and gigs that will not ruin your studies. Proper time management could help with this one. You can sell to your school or have a part time work in a fast food. The idea is that you need to secure your means first before investing.

2. Do your homework. The risk I took a year ago is not something that I want to let people be inspired of. I know it turned out better but still if I can go back I won't invest in a rush and prepare more. I paid my opening balance on the month of January but was just able to pay for my monthly top up on the month of April!!! I was 2 months delayed because I just got a new work and I need time to adjust with a much lower salary.

3. Expand Your Financial Knowledge. Read books and/or follow financial blogs that could give you vital information on how it is to become an investor. There are so many products out there that you can try so it is very important to select one that will benefit you for long term. Remember that investment is not just about the bank and stock. Opening a business is a form of investment so is getting a real estate property for others to rent. You need to be open for more choices but selective enough on what to  invest.

2 comments on "Reader Qustion: I'm 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money"
  1. I admire young people being open about investing their money. I always wish I was like them during those age. Well, if you do not know much about investing, mutual fund is a great starter. It's indirect stocks, like, you are in the front seat of the car. If you teach yourself more about stock investing, then you can do the direct stocks. But it takes alot of knowledge.

    Congrats for your step to your financial freedom! :)

    1. Hi Lala! I agree with the Mutual Fund as a great starter. Though out of curiosity lang yung pag open ko ng FAMI-SALEF nuon, it gave me so much knowledge ngayon.

      Maraming maraming salamat! :)