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Introduction to Career and Productivity Posts

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I am a believer of how Time and Money relates to each other. If you can’t manage your time I am pretty sure that you can’t manage your finances too. We often hear people complaining that they don’t have enough time and accompanied by “I don’t have enough money”. I’ve been through that phase every now and then. Not having the ability to commit to a schedule and to a budget. And I know how it feel! I know!

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So with the goal of letting people know that age can be our greatest advantage, I thought of sharing a space in this blog for Career and Productivity Posts!!! Anything that you want to know to excel in your chosen career (or even if you are just starting!!!) as well as managing your time!

If you received my Making Your 2015 The Best Year Ever Templates you’ll know how the templates aims to help you become more efficient and effective. So I bet you’ll love all the other posts that will fall in this category!!!

So far here are the posts already published:

My lineup this December includes the basics of Time Management. I’ll talk about Mastering Your Time, 7 Time Management for Busy People and a lot more. Hope you can stay tune. :)

That’s it for this quick post everyone! Thank you for reading and spending time here in my blog.

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